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Most Googled New Year’s Resolutions

We’re a few weeks into 2020—how are your New Year’s resolutions coming? We won’t judge you if it’s been hard to get off the couch and into the cold (even if that means just a quick drive to the gym). The end-of-year holidays include an onslaught of sugary treats and lethargy, and we don’t mind [...] Continue Reading

Safe crossing: Top 10 Safest Cities for Pedestrians

In the era of the car, where everyone competes for the closest parking spots to avoid a longer trek, where people hop in their SUV and drive half a mile to the store, a new movement is starting—people are learning how to walk. Many Americans are trading their commute on wheels for treading on foot [...] Continue Reading

States with the Most and Least Drug Overdose Deaths

Drug overdose has become a dangerous and deadly problem across the United States. Since 1999, overdose deaths increased from 6.1 per 100,000 people to 21.7, and much of that growth has occurred since 2014.1 The problem is more prevalent in some states than in others. Overdose rates vary widely among states—from fewer than 7 to [...] Continue Reading

We Asked 500 People, “Do You Lie to Your Doctor?”

Our findings, correlations, and fun facts. Doctor-patient confidentiality laws: we all know they exist, and they carry steep penalties if broken. But even with confidentiality laws protecting them, many patients still feel the need to keep things from their doctors—or lie to them outright. We surveyed 500 people to find out if they’ve ever lied [...] Continue Reading

Most Googled Financial Questions

There are three topics you’re not supposed to discuss in polite conversation: religion, politics, and money. Luckily, this isn’t a conversation, and we’re not super strict on politeness either. So while there’s plenty to be said about all three topics, we're particularly interested in money—more specifically, what people are googling about money. After all, if [...] Continue Reading

The Ultimate Financial Guide for College Grads

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 72% of 2018 college grads with bachelor’s degrees were employed by October of last year.1 If that trend continues this year, nearly 1.4 million new graduates like you will join the workforce in the next few months.2 Unfortunately, 65% of new graduates will have student loans, little to [...] Continue Reading

What Mental Health Concerns Does Your State Google Most?

Today’s nonstop lifestyle of constant stimulation, overtime, and keeping up with the Joneses are challenges to mental health these days. And as we become more aware of these challenges, we try to tackle them the best way we know how: by Googling what we’re worried about. Conditions, symptoms, and solutions: you name it, we ask [...] Continue Reading

The Most Googled Diseases by State

Of all the conditions endured by humanity, nothing puts us at dis-ease like disease. Thinking about it, worrying about it, changing habits to avoid it, and doing everything we can to reduce the symptoms of it, disease can easily take over our lives. And nothing reflects that idea quite like Google: the cheapest, most accessible [...] Continue Reading

How Much Would It Cost to Insure the Avengers?

*SNAP* The gauntlet-clad Titan Thanos achieved his mission with a snap of his fingers. In one moment, half of the universe ceased to exist—along with half of our beloved Avengers. And after watching their friends turn into dust, the remaining Avengers suddenly realized…it might finally be time to buy life insurance. We’ve compiled a list [...] Continue Reading

Do You Live in One of the Most Adventurous States?

According to Intrepid Travel’s Adventure Travel Index, more than 50% of people who take adventurous trips do so to recharge their batteries.1 Others go on adventures because they’re curious about new places and experiences, or because they want to feel younger or challenge themselves. Of course, everyone has their own definition of “adventurous.” You may [...] Continue Reading