Disclosure & Methodology

How We Make Money

Here at TermLife2Go.com, our biggest goal is to help you find the life insurance policy that works for you. We do in-depth research and pay our experienced writers to provide candid feedback about the insurance policies that they review. But ultimately, which policy you choose depends on your individual needs.

To keep our services free for you, we provide phone numbers and links to sign up for some of the insurance policies we review. When you click on these links, we may receive compensation. But the results of our editorial reviews are based on objective assessments. While our affiliate relationships may influence the policies we review, whether policies appear on our site, and where they’re placed, they do not affect the analysis and opinions of our writers.

How We Review Insurance Policies

TermLife2Go’s overall reviews for insurance policies consider several categories: premiums, claims, financial strength, time in business, customer service, and bundling options.

If you want to see a review for a certain company or policy we haven’t looked at yet, just let us know, and we will consider it. We want our site to be as comprehensive and helpful as possible and we’ll review as many companies and policies as we can – even if we don’t make money from that brand.