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Why Trust TermLife2Go?

When shopping for life insurance, you have a lot of options. You could talk to your cousin Jill who just bought a policy. Or you could call the number you saw in an insurance commercial last week.

So why make us part of your search?

Because we'll help you find the right life insurance for your situation, not just a policy that checks the box. We combine insurance expertise with rigorous research and a balanced perspective. We’ll help you understand your coverage needs, find the right company and policy, and point you toward an agent or online application.

Here, you'll find everything you need to make solid choices to buy the best coverage for you.

Our editorial process

Look, insurance isn't sexy. It's not the latest iPhone or a trip to Tahiti. But it is smart. Responsible. Adult. Still, no one wants to spend their Saturday afternoon learning about the difference between term life and whole life, but you're here anyway because it's essential to your financial well-being.

We get it. And we won’t waste your time with irrelevant, confusing, or poorly written articles. We have a rigorous editorial process that ensures your time with us is always well spent, never wasted, and—dare we hope?—enjoyable. Here’s a little bit about that process.

Dedicated expertise

We’re licensed insurance agents, writers, editors, designers, and data analysts who ensure our information is accurate, up to date, and easy to find. Our team of life insurance experts creates only quality, useful content so you can find the info you need, choose your life insurance policy, and then get back to your life.

In-depth research

We carefully research every company, policy, and concept we discuss using several sources, including government websites, industry publications, and independent agents. If a company tells us they have the most choices, we don’t publish that and call it a day. We compare that company to other insurers ourselves so you get balanced, fact-checked info you can trust.

Robust review

Our team doesn’t just create great content and go home. Before any content ever sees the light of Google, it goes through a rigorous review process. That goes for every article, video, Facebook post, infographic—you name it. This process ensures you get balanced analyses, fact-based explanations, and diverse perspectives on the right coverage for your needs.

How we review insurers

We believe buying the right life insurance coverage should be easy. To that end, every TermLife2Go review includes a few key company stats designed to help you quickly understand if a company may be the right choice for you.

First, we use proprietary star ratings to help you quickly see which companies are sound choices all around, and which may fall short. We also consider companies if they stand out for shoppers who have specific health conditions or other unique situations. Finally, we lean on industry-accepted financial ratings and complaint history to round out the picture.

In addition to quick company stats, our reviews include an in-depth breakdown of what we think of each company, along with their policies, pricing, service, and more.

TermLife2Go’s rating system

There’s no one-size-fits-all life insurance policy, and the best life insurance for someone else might be just so-so for you. Choosing the right coverage means considering a lot of factors: from financial ratings to policy options to customer experience to your individual needs.

Our star ratings combine ratings from three trusted agencies to give you a quick, easy way to gauge a company’s overall quality. These ratings include:

Two financial ratings (75%): We prefer ratings from AM Best and Standard & Poors, but not all insurers have ratings from these entities. So we’ll use Moody’s or Fitch if necessary. If only one agency has rated a particular company, we’ll just use that single rating.

Complaints ratios (25%): The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) reports on every officially filed complaint against insurers. The NAIC pits those complaints against the amount of insurance premiums earned and compares that ratio to other companies. The result is a single number that shows how many complaints each company has received relative to its peers.

Financial Ratings

Longevity and stability are super important for life insurance. You’ll want to rest easy knowing the company you choose will be around and able to pay your beneficiaries for decades to come. The rating entities we use in our reviews are:

Complaint ratings

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) tracks all officially filed complaints against insurance companies. These complaints might be about anything from slow response times to claims refusals. Nearly every company has a few disgruntled customers, so we also look at complaint trends and how much life insurance a company sells each year to put it all into perspective.

How we make money

With review sites, it’s always important to ask, So who's really in charge here? It's a legit question, so we'll be straight with you.

If you click on a link or fill out a form, we may make some money. TermLife2Go works with several partners to keep the lights on and the reviews flowing.

These partners can include insurers, insurance agencies, financial services providers, and others, but we don't let any of our partners interfere with our recommendations. If an insurer or its products miss the mark, we're going to spill the beans because our mission is to help you find the right policy. Because putting you first is simply the right thing to do.

Our promise to you

We  promise to always put our readers first. We’ll dig deeper, work later, and turn down partnerships we believe aren’t in your best interest if that’s what it takes to publish our best life insurance content. You deserve honest, balanced, time-saving information, so that’s what we’ll give you. It’s what we’d want from a life insurance website.

Want to learn more about us? Check out the real people behind TermLife2Go.

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