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No Medical Exam vs. Taking an Exam [Best Tips and Strategies]

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June 01, 2017

At TermLife2Go we understand that you have a busy schedule and that fitting in a medical exam to qualify for life insurance simply does not work. Our group of independent agents will run the quotes for you and let you know what you will pay for both a no medical policy and a fully underwritten policy. After all, we work with the top exam life insurance companies and top no medical exam life insurance companies in the United States.

Did you know:

  • in some cases, no medical exam term life insurance costs about the same as  life insurance with a medical exam?
  • in certain situations, no medical exam can actually provide you with the lowest life insurance rates if you have a latent health condition?

If you can qualify for a term life insurance policy with no medical exam for the same price or a little more than a term policy with an exam, wouldn't it make sense to go with the policy that does not require a medical exam? Still not convinced? Please read on.

Exam vs. No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

Which Policy Is Best For You?

Many times the cost between the two policies will be small and life insurance with no medical exam does not require a blood draw or urine sample. If you are concerned about your blood work then paying a few additional dollars might very well save you money once your lab results come back. And a term life insurance policy with no medical exam approval is fast, with some approvals in 15 minutes!

The best reason for going with a no medical exam term life insurance policy is that it might bypass four out of the top reasons for being declined for life insurance!

So you may be asking, what is the difference is between fully underwritten term life insurance and no medical exam term life insurance. Here is a breakdown:

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A Fully Underwritten Life Insurance Policy

A fully underwritten life insurance policy requires a life insurance medical exam. The examiner typically pays you a visit at home (on the carrier's dime) and checks your height and weight and takes a small blood and urine sample. Your lab results are then processed and the life insurance carrier offers you a policy based on your lab results, among other factors. And a physician’s statement may be collected if the carrier feels more information is needed.

For healthy individuals the typical time it takes for the life insurance carrier to make an offer can be as fast as 48 hours. However, the normal time for a healthy individual is 2-4 weeks. For someone not as healthy it can take 4-6 weeks or longer. The one advantage with a fully underwritten policy is that for those who are healthy the savings can be substantial over the course of a 20 or 30 year term.

No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Policy

Our Recommendation

At TermLife2Go, we recommend certain clients buy term life insurance with no medical exam first. Clients who know that their blood work is going to come back with absolutely no issues need not go this route.

However, if you are not sure or think your blood pressure, blood cholesterol, or blood sugar levels might be elevated, then going the safe route of a no physical life insurance policy makes good financial sense.

No medical exam life insurance shoppers need to take this into consideration: If you have not had a physical in the last 3 years or more, why take a chance of having blood work done only to discover that you have a pre-exisitng condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol?

Instead, take the no physical exam term life insurance policy and secure coverage. Then, if you are inclined, pursue a term policy with an exam in order to find out if you can qualify for a better rate class. But if you take the medical exam first and find out something is amiss with your health, you cannot go back and choose the life insurance with no medical exam, because the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) will now have a record of your health history. And once your info is on the MIB it is available to all the insurance carriers.

Here is the scenario:

First, apply for a no medical term life insurance policy. The advantage is, there is no blood draw, blood pressure reading, or urine sample. If you have not been previously diagnosed with high cholesterol or high blood pressure, the underwriter of a no medical exam will have to go off of your available medical records in the MIB. If there is nothing in your medical records pointing to a history of hypertension, high cholesterol, or high blood sugar, then you are in the clear.

The key is, if you are not positive that your blood work is superb, don't risk getting approved at a higher rate class or potentially being declined. This will go on your record in the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) and will be available to every life insurance carrier. You can now kiss a preferred rate class with a no physical exam life insurance policy goodbye.

Next, once you secure your no exam term life insurance, you can then apply for a medical exam policy, if you feel the need. The reason some choose to apply again is that a fully underwritten policy typically costs less. (Sometimes the difference in cost is negligible and not worth re-applying). So you take the exam and if everything checks out then you simply take the new, cheaper policy and cancel the old no physical exam one.

But if the rate class on the fully underwritten policy comes back different than applied for due to some issue in your lab work, you can always turn down the offer and keep the no medical exam term life insurance policy you already have in place.

The licensed insurance professionals at TermLife2Go are always thinking of the best, most affordable and time saving ways to get you life insurance. We are here to serve you and not the life insurance companies.

Students, under employed and unemployed

A few other factors that may help you make a decision between going with life insurance without a medical exam or life insurance with a medical exam would include clients who are full time students or clients currently on unemployment.

Often clients who are not gainfully employed will have a hard time qualifying for life insurance because he or she does not have an income. Looking for life insurance on unemployment can be difficult.

However, income is not always a factor with a no medical exam term life insurance policy. A lot of insurance companies will only offer up to $100,000 for students, but a student or an unemployed individual can qualify for no medical exam coverage up to $400,000.

Products offered

Both No Medical Exam Guaranteed Universal Life policies and No Medical Exam Term life insurance policies are available with no medical exam from ages 18-65. Face amounts on the no medical exam Universal Life insurance policy ranges from $25,000 to $400,000. For the no medical exam term life insurance policy, 10, 15, & 20 year terms are available for face amounts starting at $50,000 to $400,000. No information is required from your doctor, there is no paperwork to fill out, and you can typically be insured within 24 hours, with some approvals in as little as 15 minutes!

No Medical Exam Quotes

New no exam term life insurance product available as of 2015

Another life insurance carrier has entered this very competitive space. The new company offers a no exam term life insurance policy for up to $1 million in life insurance coverage.

The one caveat is that prospective customers must be in good enough health to qualify for a preferred plus rate class. No other rate classes will be considered for now.

Here are just a few examples of how competitive this new product is:

No Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes:

1M 30 yr no exam | $66.15 monthly

750K 30 yr no exam | $54.60 monthly
500K 30 yr no exam | $38.59 monthly
400K 30 yr no exam | $32.18 monthly
300K 30 yr no exam | $25.78 monthly
250K 30 yr no exam | $22.58 monthly

Term Life Insurance Quotes With Exam:

1M 30 yr exam | $60.03 monthly
750K 30 yr exam | $48.91 monthly
500K 30 yr exam | $34.24 monthly
400K 30 yr exam | $29.05 monthly
300K 30 yr exam | $23.10 monthly
250K 30 yr exam | $20.13 monthly

The example above is for a 29 year old male in excellent health.


If you are healthy, and you know your blood and urine work will come back clean, then you will typically save a lot of money by choosing to go with a medical exam policy. However, sometimes not taking an exam can avoid being rated, postponed, or declined for life insurance. Our job is to help you connect the dots so that you can choose between the different types of life insurance policies.

The marketplace for life insurance is changing and TermLife2Go will be right there offering the best no exam life insurance companies and products.

So what are you waiting for?  Just give us a call to see just what we can do for you!

Thank you for reading our article, No medical exam term life insurance versus taking an exam. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

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