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What Mental Health Concerns Does Your State Google Most?

Researcher & Writer
April 21, 2020

With all the fear and anxiety surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, mental health is a priority for many US citizens as they shelter in place. To see what health concerns Americans are most concerned about, TermLife2Go looked at Google trends and determined the most-googled mental health concerns in each state.

If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulties with any of these concerns, it’s a good idea to contact a mental health professional for help. 

Multiple and new concerns

A few states had more mental health concerns than others, which is why you might see multiple concerns listed for your state.

For example, Connecticut googled social-media addiction and social anxiety more than any other state. And Maine had a six-way tie for its most-googled term with dementia, binge eating, teeth grinding, anorexia, anxiety disorder, and grief.

Wyoming googled loss of smell more than any other state in the US, which happens to be a symptom of COVID-19. While that may not seem directly related to mental health, researchers found problems linked with loss of smell significantly lead to anger, depression, anxiety, frustration, and a decrease in confidence.


If you have trouble focusing while you’re working from home, you’re not alone. Seven different states had concerns relating to ADD or ADHD, restlessness, and hyperactivity. 

States googling terms related to focus:

  • ADD: District of Columbia
  • ADHD: Delaware, Rhode Island, Indiana, and Oregon
  • Restlessness: West Virginia and Arkansas
  • Hyperactivity: West Virginia


Losing sleep isn’t just a saying these days. Four states searched for insomnia or sleep deprivation the most out of all mental health concerns. 

States googling terms related to sleep: 

  • Insomnia: Rhode Island, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania
  • Sleep deprivation: Idaho

Drug use and addiction

People experiencing addiction face challenges that include more than typically considered substances. 

Internet addiction was the most common mental health concern googled last year, and this year, Washington state googled the term the most out of any state.

States googling terms related to drug use and other addictions:

  • Alcoholism: Montana and Nebraska
  • Caffeine addiction: Oklahoma
  • Internet addiction: Maryland, New Jersey, and Washington
  • Social media addiction: Connecticut


Modern life was already stressful before COVID-19’s emergence, but now people have all the more reason to take their overall health seriously. 

Your physical and mental health are tied together, so it’s important to learn as much as you can and seek professional medical advice for any issues you’re experiencing.

Additional resources

If you’re interested in learning more about mental health or COVID-19, we’ve compiled a list of resources to help:


We used mental health sites like NAMI, TalkSpace, and to compile a list of the most common mental health conditions, along with their corresponding symptoms and stressors. We ran each of the terms through Google Trends to identify which mental health concerns were searched most frequently in each state over the past year.


1.  CDC, “National Vital Statistics Reports

Written by
Trevor Wheelwright
Trevor's written professionally for five years for editorial publications and retail/e-commerce sites. He lives in Salt Lake City and enjoys photography and making music in his spare time, or you can catch him on your local dance floor bustin' a move.