What Mental Health Concerns Does Your State Google Most?

Today’s nonstop lifestyle of constant stimulation, overtime, and keeping up with the Joneses are challenges to mental health these days. And as we become more aware of these challenges, we try to tackle them the best way we know how: by Googling what we’re worried about. Conditions, symptoms, and solutions: you name it, we ask [...] Continue Reading

Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Life Insurance

life insurance advantages and disadvantages
Life Insurance Advantages and Disadvantages At TermLife2Go, we strive to educate our visitors on the ins and outs of the life insurance marketplace. In the following article on the advantages and disadvantages of life insurance, we hope to demystify life insurance and provide our readers with a breakdown of the pros and cons of life [...] Continue Reading

Can I Get Life Insurance on my Brother or Sister?


In the following article we will address how to get life insurance on your brother or sister. If you simply need a good burial or final expense company then your job will be easier. However, for those looking for the top rated best life insurance companies or top rated no exam life insurance companies, your […]

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Royal Neighbors of America Life Insurance Company Rating and Review 2019

review of Royal Neighbors of America Life Insurance Company

Review of Royal Neighbors of America Life Insurance Company If you are looking for Royal Neighbors of America Life Insurance Company reviews then you have come to the right place. In the following article we will address the positives, negatives and alternative to Royal Neighbors. We do this to help you find the best rates […]

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Primerica Life Insurance Review 2019

Captive agents with high turnover make this otherwise solid insurer a good option only if you research coverage beforehand. A+ (from A.M. Best) Term Life No Exam Whole Life Transparency Get A Quote Although relatively young, Primerica is one of the nation’s largest insurance and financial services companies. The insurer receives high marks for financial [...] Continue Reading

Best Life Insurance Rates by Age [With 10 Charts]

Lots of people put off getting life insurance due to cost but protecting your assets doesn’t have to turn your pockets out. Sample Term Life Insurance Rates ($250,000) *  10 Year15 Year20 Year25 Year30 Year AgeMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemale 20$10$9$10$10$13$12$16$14$18$15 30$10$9$10$10$13$12$17$14$20$17 40$12$11$13$12$18$15$25$21$29$24 50$27$20$32$24$40$31$58$44$71$53 *Sample monthly rates provided by Clearlink partner. All rates as of 3/22/2019. Two-thirds of Americans [...] Continue Reading

How Much Would It Cost to Insure the Avengers?

*SNAP* The gauntlet-clad Titan Thanos achieved his mission with a snap of his fingers. In one moment, half of the universe ceased to exist—along with half of our beloved Avengers. And after watching their friends turn into dust, the remaining Avengers suddenly realized…it might finally be time to buy life insurance. We’ve compiled a list [...] Continue Reading

Best Burial and Funeral Insurance for Seniors

best burial whole life insurance for seniors

The following article we address those who are looking for burial insurance or funeral insurance for seniors. A lot of times we speak with clients or client’s children who are trying to tie up any loose ends upon dying. So we put together this article to answer many of the common questions we get as […]

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Best Life Insurance Companies for Seniors

senior life insurance company
Life insurance is important at any age, but it’s top-of-mind for senior citizens. You may have heard that life insurance premiums, options, and available policies can change as you get older, and that’s true. But you can find life insurance to meet your needs at any age, so that you and your family will have [...] Continue Reading

Top 10 Best No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Companies

no exam life insurance companies
At TermLife2Go, people frequently contact us looking to purchase a “no medical exam” same-day life insurance policy. We're excited to highlight some of the companies that we feel are currently offering some of the top 10 no medical exam term life insurance policies out there and second, to highlight why some types of life insurance [...] Continue Reading