Vantis Life Insurance Review 2018

Vantis Life Insurance Company Reviews

This review is designed to help you decide if Vantis Life Insurance will meet your needs and budget to give you the best possible policy to protect you and your family. Vantis is a great company for certain situations. And while it does not currently make our top ten best life insurance companies list, featuring the best exam and no medical exam life insurance, this Company offers a great product for certain niche consumers.

Update: as of December 31, 2016, Vantis Life has been acquired by Penn Mutual. You can listen to an interview with the Vantis Life CEO, Peter Tedone for more information on the acquisition and future prospects for both companies or read the press release from Vantis Life.

Vantis Life Insurance Reviews

The Benefits of Vantis Life

Solutions for Women

Vantis Life offers solutions specific to the needs of a woman. Whether single, married, divorced, with children or without, Vantis Life offers solutions that are tailored to offer the best possibly life insurance policies for a woman.

Vantis Life also modifies life insurance plans depending on a woman’s current debt, and desire to help her own children or nieces and nephews with college. Many insurance policies also enable a woman to make her own burial arrangements prior to death.

If a woman is divorced and has children, the life insurance policy can also factor in child support deductions, paying off a current mortgage, and living expenses for child(ren) should they have to move to a relative’s home.

All in all, Vantis Life provides plans that offer solutions for every scenario a woman may face. This makes Vantis Life a woman-friendly insurance company that provides woman with total assurance that her own needs and the needs of her family are met.

Solutions for Mature Adults

Mature adults over the age of 60 have different concerns than younger adults still in the midst of raising younger children. Sometimes it becomes more difficult to find an insurance policy to meet the needs of a mature adult. However, Vantis Life works with mature adults to offer appropriate solutions to meet their needs. These needs may include:

  • Leaving educational support for grandchildren (i.e. college funds)
  • Burial insurance or final expense insurance
  • Financial and medical support for spouse (i.e. monthly supplemental income)
  • Pending child support for remaining children
  • Paying off debts so as not to burden the family
  • Paying off current mortgage

Vantis Life can work with mature adults to offer a plan that considers any combination of the above scenarios. This is why Vantis makes our honorable mentions list for the best final expense and burial insurance companies.


Vantis Life has a 1.4% current rate guaranteed for one year. This is available to individuals under the age of 85, and includes a terminal illness rider, with additions allowed at any time.

Drawbacks of Vantis Life

As with all life insurance companies, there may be some drawbacks to choosing a life insurance policy with Vantis Life. We at TermLife2Go don’t have much negative feedback concerning Vantis Life. However, the one knock against Vantis Life would be that it is but one company of many.

When you choose Vantis Life you are making a choice from many other available companies. The only major drawback – which is the same drawback you face whenever you make any either/or choice- is that you are only choosing one company and saying no to the others. When you choose Vantis Life, you may be missing out on some great alternatives. If you have a special need such as caring for a disabled relative, there may be a better option for your very specific situation.

About TermLife2Go

This review was written by TermLife2Go. We are an agency that represents dozens of the country’s best life insurance companies. We have no vested interest in promoting one company over another. Our top priority is the fulfilling the needs of the policy seeker. Because we work with so many of the best life insurance companies, we are in a position to help you identify the insurance company most appropriate for the needs of you and your family, so as to offer you the best type of life insurance policy. We first get to know you and your situation, and then based on that we decide which company and policy will be best for you.

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