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Best AARP Senior Life Insurance Review 2017 [Sample Rates and Products]

AARP life insurance reviews

AARP does a great job of marketing. With over 37 million members, the Company certainly has a deep pool of customers to market to. However, one thing you should know from the outset is that AARP uses NY Life for the Company’s life insurance. That means your options are limited to ONE company.

In contrast, at TermLife2Go, we work with dozens of the top life insurance companies and top no medical exam life insurance companies in the marketplace. We can align you with the right company for your needs based on your unique health and lifestyle. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!

Disclaimer: We are not AARP life insurance nor are we affiliated with the company in any way. If you need to reach the company, you can go to www.nylaarp.com/Life-Insurance/Customer-Service or call 1-800-850-2658.

Review of AARP Life Insurance

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Hopefully you are reading this AARP life insurance review before you went ahead and purchased life insurance through AARP. At TermLife2Go we are not big fans of AARP’s life insurance for seniors offerings. The main reason: price. AARP life insurance rates are higher than the competition. However, due to their brand name the company can charge a higher premium and still insure a ton of people.

The reason? Most people don’t shop around and use an agency such as TermLife2Go, that can help you find the lowest life insurance rates by age. However, if you searched for AARP Life Insurance reviews then you probably are more savvy than the normal consumer. Which means, you have a great shot at finding a more competitive policy than AARP offers with lower rates.

AARP Life Insurance Reviews 2017

Is AARP an insurance company?

One of the most common questions people ask is if AARP is an insurance company. The answer to that question is no. Instead, AARP is more like a marketing company that sells its brand image to the highest bidder. Currently, the highest bidder is NY Life for life insurance, The Hartford for car insurance, and United Healthcare for health insurance.

In order to qualify for these insurance products offered by AARP you have to be a member of AARP. The irony is, insurance through AARP typically costs a great deal more than a competitor product. So not only do you have to pay a membership fee, but you also have to pay an additional cost to purchase the insurance.

AARP Senior life insurance products

As you may have read in other AARP life insurance reviews, the different types of life insurance products marketed by AARP through NY Life Insurance Company include Level Benefit Term Life Insurance, Permanent Life Insurance, and Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance.

The AARP term life insurance policy maxes out at $100,000, the AARP permanent insurance maxes out at $50,000 and the AARP guaranteed issue life insurance maxes out at $15,000.

Please note: AARP term life insurance rates increase over time. AARP permanent life insurance rates are fixed.

Level Benefit Term Life Insurance:

One thing to note on AARP’s level term life insurance is that the premiums go up every five years. The only thing truly “level” is the death benefit. Coverage begins at age 45 and the next band where the premium will increase is age 50, then at age 55, then 60, so on and so on until age 80 when the coverage ends. (Buyer beware: see our Globe Life Insurance review for another company whose product ends at a specific age). The minimum coverage is $10,000 and the maximum coverage is $100,000.

Permanent Life Insurance:

AARP’s permanent life insurance will fix your premium. Therefore, what you pay on day 1 is the same you will pay throughout the life of the policy. The face amount options are $5,000 up to and including $50,000, so the coverage is more geared toward simplified issue final expense insurance. The product is fine but you can probably find something similar for a lower price.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance:

AARP’s guaranteed issue burial life insurance policy has a typical two year graded death benefit. A graded death benefit means the product does not pay out for two years, accept in the event of an accidental death. The face amount options on AARP’s Guaranteed Acceptance policy are $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, $10,000 and $15,000. There are definitely better final expense burial insurance companies available, including Gerber Adult Life Insurance.

Please note: The below sample AARP rates are just that: samples. We listed the level benefit term life insurance and permanent life insurance rates as of March 2016. Rates change, so the below sample AARP life insurance rates may not be a true reflection of what the Company’s rates currently are.

Sample AARP Life Insurance Rates 50K

Age Term Permanent
50 51.04 161.92
55 74.58 187.67
60 108.25 229.79
65 143.96 286.17
70 207.25 366.08
75 n/a 467.58

Sample AARP Life Insurance Rates 100K

Age Term Permanent
50 73.71 n/a
55 108.63 n/a
60 158.5 n/a
65 211.46 n/a
70 305.25 n/a
75 n/a n/a

AARP’s Term Life rates are good but we at TermLife2Go feel that they could be better…

AARP’s life insurance options are good, but far from great. Let’s look at the Level Benefit Term Life Insurance option. This policy only lasts until age 80 and the premiums increase every five years. Further, the maximum coverage amount is $100,000. These are all good options but not great options.

You can view AARP life insurance rates for yourself by following this link: www.nylaarp.com/Life-Insurance/Get-A-Quote

Consider this…

  • a competitor will charge a similar price or even less for a fixed premium.
  • Further, most life insurance companies offer a term policy until at least age 85, instead of 80.
  • Finally, most insurance carriers include face amounts well beyond $100,000.

Next, let’s consider AARP’s Permanent Life Insurance.

This is a pretty straight forward product. It builds cash value, has fixed premiums and death benefit and lasts the rest of your life (as long as you pay your premium). But consider the main drawback of AARP’s permanent life insurance policy: price.

For example: AARP life insurance rates for a 50 year old male applying for a $25,000 permanent life insurance are $81.46 a month. Compare that to one of the companies that TermLife2Go represents. This top rated life insurance company offers a $25,000 permanent policy that builds cash value, has fixed premiums and death benefit and lasts the rest of your life for only $66.35. That is a savings of $180 a year or $5,400 over 30 years.

Finally, let’s look at AARP’s Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance.

This policy has fixed premiums and death benefit, builds cash value, and has a two year graded death benefit. Once again, price is the main way we can differentiate between AARP and the company we represent.

AARP life insurance rates for a 60 year old male wanting $15,000 of coverage are $89.04 a month. Now compare that to the company we represent that has the same fixed premiums and death benefit, builds cash value, and has a similar two year graded death benefit. The same policy runs $60.28 a month compared to AARP life insurance rates of $89.04. That is $29 a month in savings or roughly $350 a year.

There is a better way!

TermLife2Go is an agency comprised of seasoned professionals whose #1 goal is to find you the best policy at the lowest price available. We do not recommend only one company offering only three different products because the fact is, there are no two customers who are alike. Every client has their own unique needs and wants and our job is to discover what those are and find a suitable product that meets that need. It is this mindset that allows us to consistently find the most affordable quotes on life insurance for our clients.

We offer various products such as term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, return of premium, guaranteed issue, simplified issue, and on and on. Basically, if it exists we can get it for you. We also represent dozens of different life insurance companies. Therefore, whatever product you need and whatever price is best, that is the company we will recommend for you.

We go the extra mile for you

We have an article where we detail out the 4 step approach we use to get people with pre-existing conditions approved for life insurance. If you read the article you will see that we go above and beyond for our clients.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to find out just what we can do for you!

Thank you for reading our article, AARP Life Insurance Reviews. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

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    • Mario,

      We would love to send you out some literature however, we would need to know more about what exactly you are looking for before we would know where to start.



  • carol hardinlife insur

    if i were to get membership and life insurance, 100,000 dollars for 10 years .what would the rate be and if i were to die would my beneficiary receive full amount @yahoo.comafter 2 years?

    • Carol,

      Since we are not AARP, you would need to contact them directly to discuss what you would be able to qualify for.

      After you’ve done this we would recommend that you give us a call, and then compare what we can offer vs what you’ve been offered through AARP.



  • Would like to know various rates to select what most fits my need

    • Bernard,

      Our quoter will instantly provide rates from various insurance companies, so if you’re just looking to see what rates you may qualify for, that would be our suggestion.

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