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Qualifying for Life Insurance with Huntington’s Disease

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August 04, 2017

Do you or does someone you know have Huntington’s Chorea (also known as Huntington’s Disease)? If so, you may still be wondering if you can qualify for life insurance with Huntington’s chorea. You aren’t alone! Every once in a while, we’ll get a phone call from someone with Huntington’s disease who wants to know about their life insurance options.

About Huntington’s Disease

Huntington’s is a rare inherited disease that breaks down the nerve cells in the brain. This has a negative impact on the entire body and one’s ability to maintain control. It starts showing up when a person is around 30 or 40 years old, though sometimes people will see symptoms in their 20s.

Symptoms of Huntington’s Disease

This is a progressive disease that starts with some basic involuntary movements or impairments and then gradually gets worse, spreading to multiple parts of your body. These involuntary movements will ultimately begin to impact a person’s ability to function in a normal job as well as to care for themselves and perform normal daily activities. Symptoms don’t end with movement. Huntington’s disease also leads to cognitive disorders as well.

To put it simply…

Individuals suffering from Huntington’s disease will often experience the brain sluggish “thought patterns” and a feeling like their brain is beginning to “function” more slowly.  Which will often lead to patients having difficulty:

  • focusing,
  • organizing their thoughts,
  • lacking discretion,
  • searching for words,
  • and difficulty to “hold on to” new information.

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Huntington’s disease may also lead to several psychiatric disorders as well manifesting in medical conditions such as:

  • heightened irritability,
  • sadness,
  • social reclusiveness
  • and lack of energy.

Are just a few symptoms that may affect the mood of those suffering from Huntington’s disease.  Patients with Huntington’s may also become suicidal, obsessive-compulsive, or even bipolar.

Treatment for Huntington’s Disease

There is unfortunately no cure for Huntington’s disease as of yet, and the only treatment available is medication that can make it less painful as well as make the psychiatric disorders more in check.

For example, if you suffer from bipolar disease, your psychiatrist can prescribe medication to help you manage it. For involuntary movement, doctors will normally prescribe tetrabenazine. This drug will help you to reduce the amount of body jerks that happen. However, this drug is known to worsen psychiatric problems, including depression. It is important that your doctors work together to give you the best treatment plan.

Why is it difficult to get insurance with Huntington’s Disease?

The reason life insurance companies will hesitate to underwrite a life insurance policy for someone with Huntington’s is because you have a higher chance of dying prematurely.

Because Huntington’s is attacking your entire body, eventually over time, one will succumb to the symptoms associated with Huntington’s disease which is why qualifying for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy simply isn’t going to be an option even despite the fact that on average someone who has been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease will typically live between 10-30 years from the date of their diagnosis!

Now despite not being eligible for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy, there are still other “alternative” life insurance policies that someone with Huntington’s disease may qualify for.

In our opinion, here at TermLife2Go, the best alternative life insurance product one should consider is if they have been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease is called a guaranteed issue life insurance policy.

What is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

It’s exactly what it sounds like – a policy that you (and anyone else) is guaranteed to get! You will not be rejected because of your Huntington’s Disease because they will never even ask you about it. You can check out some of the Best Final Expense and Burial Insurance Companies. that offer guaranteed issue and simplified issue life insurance.

How does it work?

Guaranteed Issue life insurance policies are life insurance policies that don’t ask you anything about your medical history or current health. They automatically underwrite the policy and it normally takes affect within a day!

What are the drawbacks of a guaranteed life insurance policy?

While guaranteed issue life insurance policies are great in that they will basically insure anyone who is a US citizen and is between the ages of 40-85 (not all guaranteed issue life insurance policies are offered in all states), they do come with their own set of DISADVANTAGES that one needs to be fully aware of before considering purchasing a guaranteed issue life insurance policy.  For this reason, we like to highlight the 3 main disadvantages that we feel are the most important when trying to determine if a guaranteed issue life insurance policy is right for you.

Disadvantage #1.

Graded Death benefits- Graded death benefits are clauses written into a guaranteed issue life insurance policy which will limit when your life insurance policy will begin to cover you for natural causes of death.  A typical graded death benefit will state that you need to remain alive for at least 2 (sometimes 3) years after purchasing your guaranteed issue policy prior to it covering an “natural” or “illness based” death.

Disadvantage #2.

The face value is lower than other policies – guaranteed issue life insurance policies are really only designed to cover final expenses.  So, if you are looking for a policy to offer your family supplemental income, this won’t really work. But as we said, it will probably be impossible for someone with Huntington’s to find such a policy – which is why guaranteed issue life insurance policies will still make sense in some situations.

Disadvantage #3.

Dollar for dollar, what you will generally find is that guaranteed issue life insurance policies will be more expensive that traditional types of life insurance policies which would require you to be able to qualify for based on health criteria.

Are you considering a guaranteed life insurance policy with Huntington’s disease?

Lastly, for those who would like to get an idea about how much their life insurance might cost before speaking with an agent, we would recommend that they check out our Final Expense Life Insurance Quotes page when you have a few moments to spare.

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