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Life insurance quotes: simplify your shopping

Shopping for life insurance isn’t always simple. It’s not like you can walk into a store or log into your Amazon account, toss a policy in your cart, and check out.

That’s because life insurance is so personal. The needs of you and your family will vary depending on life situations like whether you own a home, have kids, are married, or are retired. Not every policy is right for every person.

Plus, your budget and how much time you have to shop and apply for coverage can affect your decision too.

On the flip side, life insurance companies charge premiums based on factors that are highly individual too, like age, gender, health status, profession, lifestyle, and location. Add up both sides of the equation, and you can understand why insurers don’t just list prices on their websites and call it a day. You can look up sample life insurance rates, but your monthly premiums won’t match them precisely.

Instead, insurers give quotes based on personal information you provide. If you want to skip the hassle of shopping for quotes from multiple insurance providers, we can help you find the best policy in a single phone call.

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How life insurance quotes work

Once you put in your information, our quoter will give you its best estimate of what a policy might cost you based on your age, health, and coverage amount. However, it’s just a guess.

Most policies take a bit more of your information into consideration. Many require a medical exam, including blood work. Then, after considering everything, the insurance company can give you the exact price you’ll pay for the policy you want.

However, there are a few newer companies that underwrite and issue policies entirely online, such as Bestow and Haven Life. They don’t require medical exams, and their underwriting process doesn’t take days, weeks, or even a month like many others.

What if I have a medical condition?

If you have a medical condition, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be accepted for a life insurance policy, but you may pay more for your coverage.

One alternative option is to apply for a no-exam policy. These policies don’t require blood work and don’t require a physical, so that’s not taken into account when underwriting your policy. However, the insurance company may still ask questions based on your health, and depending on your conditions, they could still deny you a policy.

But if you are denied a policy, don’t lose hope! Just because one company doesn’t issue you a policy doesn’t mean every company will deny you life insurance. Every insurance issuer has different standards for what medical conditions they tolerate, so keep trying.

If all else fails, there is always a guaranteed issue policy (also known as final expense) which doesn’t require any health questions and doesn’t deny anybody who can pay the premiums. While the death benefit won’t give your beneficiaries a windfall of cash, a guaranteed issue policy can help take care of burial expenses and perhaps a little extra.

If you’ve had trouble getting life insurance due to preexisting medical conditions, give us a call. We can help you find a low-cost life policy that meets your needs.

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How companies quote life insurance

Insurance providers want to quote low rates to stay competitive, but they also have to make sure they have enough funds on hand to pay out benefits if necessary. To walk that line, insurers use statistics and data to determine how likely it is that a policyholder will die while covered.

Nobody knows for sure when their time will come, but statistics show that on average, insurers can identify policyholders that pose greater risk. As a result, insurers adjust premiums based on several factors. These are some of the most common:


How old you are is the single most important number insurers use to determine rates. The older you are, the higher your rate will be. That said, there are plenty of options for low-cost life insurance for seniors out there.


Having a preexisting health condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, or a history of heart disease can also increase your rate.


Some jobs are more dangerous than others. If you work around heavy machinery or have a high-stress job, you may get a higher life insurance quote.


Smoking tobacco or marijuana, drinking alcohol, driving recklessly, and participating in other risky behaviors can all contribute to an early death, so these habits increase rates too.

Policy types affect rates too

Learning more about your age, health, profession, and habits can give insurers a better idea of the risk of insuring you, but insurance quotes also change depending on the types of life insurance in question.

Term life insurance quotes

Term life insurance is typically the least expensive kind of insurance and covers you for a set period. The longer the term, the longer you’re covered, and that means your rate will go up. Although terms vary by provider and age, you can usually get terms from one to 35 years long.

Whole life insurance quotes

Rather than ending at a predetermined time, whole life insurance (a type of permanent life insurance designed to cover you for your entire life) will cover you indefinitely, provided you continue paying premiums. You’ll have the same rate throughout the life of your policy, so the younger you are when you buy the policy, the lower your rate will be.

Whole life insurance also builds cash value. In other words, the insurer deposits a portion of your premiums into a savings account, which you may be able to draw on or borrow from.

Universal life insurance quotes

Universal life insurance gives the protection of lifetime coverage, but with flexibility that whole life insurance can’t typically offer. With a universal policy, you can choose to pay your premiums how you’d like: with a recommended amount, a lesser, minimum amount, and if the cash value is great enough to cover it, you may be able to skip some payments altogether if times get tough. Ultimately, universal life insurance provides a great alternative to a whole life policy for people who want more flexibility with premium payments.

Quotes for riders and extras

Some companies offer ways to customize your life coverage by adding riders or other benefits to your permanent or term life insurance policy. A terminal illness rider will get you a payout before you die if you’re diagnosed with certain chronic, life-threatening illnesses. A family income rider could give beneficiaries steady income over several years instead of one lump sum.

Adding riders typically increases your premium, but some insurers include popular riders in all of their policies, which can lead to huge savings. Shop around, or let our licensed sales agents find a policy with the riders and extras you need.

Compare life insurance quotes

There are many reasons to buy a life insurance policy, and your goals should affect how you compare the cost and value of various life insurance policies.

Some people see their policy’s death benefit—the amount paid out to beneficiaries upon the policyholder’s death—as a great way to help loved ones maintain a financial lifestyle after the insured passes away. This is a fantastic reason to get a permanent life insurance policy instead of term insurance that may expire before you die.

Older adults may want to make sure their final expenses are covered, so a short-term life insurance policy might be best. On the other hand, bread-winners who wish to ensure their families keep their home or avoid financial strain in the event of an unexpected death might choose a longer-term policy.

As you narrow down your options, make sure you understand exactly what your top choice policies cover—and what they don’t.

What will my policy cover?

Life insurance pays money to your beneficiaries if you die from a covered cause, provided you pay your premiums on time and your term hasn’t ended. Most life insurance policies cover most causes of death.

That said, don’t forget to read the fine print. Rules regarding specific coverage situations vary by company and policy.

What life insurance doesn’t cover

Generally, your beneficiaries won’t see a payout in several cases:

  • Application fraud discovered during the first few years you have the policy
  • Death due to self-inflicted injury, intoxication, or suicide
  • Murder committed by a beneficiary
  • Death while participating in criminal activity

Many life insurance companies also sell accident insurance, but it’s important not to confuse this type of coverage with life insurance. Accident insurance covers death or loss caused explicitly by accidents. It won’t cover a policyholder who dies of cancer or other health issues.

Your policy documentation will detail what’s covered and what isn’t. Every policy is different, so before signing on the dotted line, read yours thoroughly.

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