Qualifying for Life Insurance after being Diagnosed with Dubin-Johnson Syndrome.

Applying for life insurance with a disease or pre-medical condition can be complicated, especially if it’s a rare problem such as Dubin-Johnson Syndrome and your life insurance agent is familiar with your situation.

The good news is that…

If you’ve been diagnosed with Dubin-Johnson syndrome and you’re looking to qualify for a great life insurance policy, then you have definitely come to the right place.  This article will give you information you need to know in order to empower you to make the best life insurance decisions.

Dubin-Johnson Syndrome – What is it?

Dubin-Johnson Syndrome is an autoimmune disorder that impacts the liver. The largest demographic with Dubin-Johnson Syndrome are Middle Eastern Jewish people or people of that descent.

Symptoms of Dubin-Johnson Syndrome.

One of the primary (and often the only) symptoms is Jaundice. Jaundice is when a person actually turns yellowish in color due to excessive bilirubin.

It may also cause swelling or tenderness of the liver, though this is not that common.

Treatment for Dubin-Johnson Syndrome

Many people who have Dubin-Johnson Syndrome will not require any type of treatment even though they may suffer from jaundice time and again.  However in some cases, doctors may warn patients about the potential effects pregnancy, certain contraception practices and intercurrent illness may have on those suffering from Dubin-Johnson syndrome.

Getting Life Insurance with Dubin-Johnson Syndrome

Life insurance companies take into consideration your medical health. However, if a medical condition is not life threatening or life-shortening, then it may have little impact on your life insurance eligibility. This is great news for people with Dubin-Johnson Syndrome, and may even mean that you might qualify for a no medical exam life insurance policy!


If your Dubin-Johnson Syndrome is serious or you have further liver complications, then you may have a harder time getting the best life insurance rate. The liver is an organ and any time there are complications with organs, your life insurance company may hesitate. The life insurance company will also want to know about the kind of treatment (if any) you have had for Dubin-Johnson.

Dubin-Johnson Syndrome is only one factor to consider when applying for a life insurance policy.

What else will life insurance companies want to know?

In addition to knowing about Dubin-Johnson Syndrome, life insurance companies will ask you a bunch of other questions. And if you want a term or whole life insurance policy, they will likely ask you to get a medical exam or at the very least blood work.

Here are some of the medically-related things that life insurance companies will want to know:

  • Weight and Height
  • BMI
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cancer (in you or family members)
  • Heart Attacks (in you or family members)
  • Stroke (in you or family members)
  • Major surgeries
  • HIV/AIDs (in you)
  • Medication you do or have taken

Medical questions are the first thing life insurance companies want to know. Secondly, they will want to know more about your lifestyle. Some of your lifestyle choices may make it harder for you to get the best premium.

  • Do you smoke?
  • Do you suffer from alcoholism?
  • Have you had any DWIs?
  • Are you a convicted felon?
  • Number of speeding tickets
  • Do you enjoy adventure sports?
  • Are you traveling to any dangerous countries (i.e. Yemen, Syria, Iraq)?

These are a few of the lifestyle questions that your life insurance company is bound to ask before they approve you for a life insurance policy.

Having Dubin-Johnson Syndrome is just the first thing to worry about – there are a lot of other things that could throw off your life insurance premium. And…it gets even more complicated! Each life insurance company handles the answers to each of these questions differently. So, you may have one life insurance company that will really punish you for having had a surgery in the past. But another life insurance company will know it’s not a big deal and will still underwrite a policy for you at a decent – or even a great – rate.

How do you find a great premium?

Whether or not you have Dubin-Johnson Syndrome, we here at TermLife2Go have found that the best way to find a life insurance policy is to speak to someone in the industry who is not attached to one particular life insurance company.  A life insurance professional who will have dozens of options to choose from when it comes time to helping you find the best life insurance policy for you!

We at TermLife2Go are experienced in helping people with all kinds of complicated medical histories or current medical issues – like Dubin-Johnson Syndrome and much more complicated things – to find the best life insurance policy out there.

We customize all of our recommendations based on you and your specific circumstance. That’s how we help customers find the best life insurance policy at the best rate.  We work with dozens of the best life insurance companies and will only recommend a policy if we truly think it’s the best for you.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!

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