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Life insurance with Down Syndrome

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December 05, 2016

At TermLife2Go, we focus on aligning each client with the company that will best suit that specific client's needs, health and lifestyle. When dealing with clients looking for life insurance with down syndrome, our goal is to have that client apply with the most "down syndrome" friendly companies available.

Getting Life Insurance with Down Syndrome

At TermLife2Go, we often encounter families with special needs children (who also may be adults by now). These parents purchase life insurance to protect their children well after they are gone. When an adult child has special needs and is emotionally, financially and physically dependent on a parent or caretaker, planning for their future with life insurance is a must. Luckily, life insurance companies are judging the person getting insured rather than the recipient of the death benefit, making it less complicated.

Yet, what if a person with downs syndrome would like to get insured? It may be difficult, but it’s not entirely impossible.

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What is down syndrome?

Down Syndrome is a genetic problem that happens while in utero. This causes certain mental and physical traits. Most of the time, people with down syndrome have 47 chromosomes rather than the normal 46. There is no cure, but many people are still productive citizens even with down syndrome.

Is it possible for someone with Down syndrome to live on their own?

While it is not all that common, it is definitely possible, down syndrome is just like any other medical condition where in the end, each case it totally different.  So while some situations, the person with down syndrome may need constant care and supervision, another individual may be able to work on his/her own and live independently, you just never know!

Why would a person with down syndrome need life insurance?

People get life insurance because they want to provide some financial means for their loved ones after they die. Since people with down syndrome can and often will:

  • have a job,
  • be involved in relationships and/or marry.
  • and possibly have children of their own,

What you're going to find is that people with down syndrome, are going to need to get life insurance for all the same reasons why people without down syndrome do!

Can a person with down syndrome qualify for life insurance?

Most of the time, people are quickly told that people with down syndrome cannot qualify for life insurance. We agree that it is a bit tougher to find a life insurance company ready to offer coverage to a person with down syndrome, but guess what? It’s not entirely impossible. There are actually life insurance companies willing to offer coverage to people with down syndrome.

What are some qualifying factors?

Some life insurance companies realize that all people are different—even two people with down syndrome are different. One may qualify for life insurance while another may not. Luckily, there are life insurance companies willing to take the time to assess the risks of individuals rather than just of diseases.

If a person with down syndrome wants life insurance, they should be:

  • 20 years of age or older
  • independent
  • relatively healthy; they should not show signs of congenital heart disease or any other issues common with down syndrome patients.

If you or someone you know has down syndrome and would like more information about obtaining life insurance, then the next thing you should do is call TermLife2Go.

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