Best Life Insurance rates for a 30 year old.

Life insurance 30 years oldTermLife2Go focuses on the top rated life insurance companies. Whether you are considering an exam or want no exam life insurance, we have the right company for you. Each recommendation is tailored to your unique health profile so you can achieve your goals of finding the best life insurance at age 30. Call today!

Life insurance Thirty (30) Year Old.

There’s just something about turning 30 that makes people start thinking about getting life insurance.  Which, as it turns out, is a great thing because buying life insurance at age 30 is generally:

-Inexpensive (see life insurance rates by age)
-Easy to qualify for, and
-Will provide applicants with the most options to choose from.

Buying life insurance at age 30+ is really affordable because most individuals will be looking at purchasing a term life insurance policy that will provide coverage for the next 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

Term life is typically recommended due to its relative affordability and due to the fact that as one ages, generally their insurance needs will decline.  For this reason most financial advisors recommend a term life policy over a whole life insurance policy.

For example, a 30 year old male in perfect health taking out a $250,000 20 year term policy would pay about $13 a month. And a universal life policy for $250,000 to age 100 would run a little over $77 a month. That same 30 year old male would only pay $20 a month for a non medical exam term life insurance policy. And see how affordable a million dollar life insurance policy is.

Sample life insurance age 30 quotes

all quotes are based on a male at a preferred plus rate class

Face Amount
10 year
20 year
30 year
GUL to 121
$11.88 (no med)


Sample life insurance age 30 quotes

all quotes are based on a female at a preferred plus rate class

Face Amount
10 year
20 year
30 year
GUL to 121
$10.60 (no med)


Easy to qualify for:

Buying life insurance at age 30 is usually easy to qualify for because most applicants are pretty healthy at age 30.  Thirty year olds generally haven’t been diagnosed with:

Now if you have one of these conditions already then it would be advisable to get life insurance as soon as possible. These conditions can worsen over time and make life insurance either too expensive or unobtainable.

More options to choose from:

Buying life insurance at age 30 also provides applicants with the widest variety of products to choose from.  Since 30 year old applicants are generally pretty healthy and since rates are going to be low to begin with, applicants should be encouraged to look at all of the different types of life insurance policies available to them. Options such as:

  • 25 and 30 year Term Life Insurance policies.
  • Return of Premium Insurance policies.
  • Whole life insurance policies.
  • And Universal Life Insurance policies.

When buying life insurance at age 30 it may make sense to go try to lock down coverage for your entire life.However, you may also need to consider going with a higher face amount and shortening the term length if you need to choose between one or the other due to finances. That is where TermLife2Go steps in.


We know that for a lot of individuals, especially those who are just starting a family, having a “ton” of discretionary income simply isn’t a reality.  So, despite the fact that you may have all the reasons in the world to purchase a term or whole life insurance policy right now, having the “funds” to do so just isn’t possible!

For this reason…

We’ve also chosen to write several articles sharing some of the knowledge that we have acquired over the years working with 1000’s of clients concerning how they earn a living.

You see, nearly every time we complete a life insurance application for one of our clients, one of the first questions that we need to ask is:

“what do you do for a living?” and “what would you estimate your annual income as?

Which means that over the years, we’ve become really familiar with a wide range of different career paths and opportunities that a person can take.  Some of which you would probably never think of on your own!

And because…

Our number one goal here at TermLife2Go is to help individuals and families secure their own financial security and independence, we wanted to share with you what we’ve learned.

So, after you’ve had a chance to visit our Life Insurance Quotes page feel free to check out our 100 Ways to Make Money Fast and our Top 23 Apps That Will Make You Money.

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