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Northwestern Mutual life insurance review

Northwestern Mutual Review

It’s time to take the search for a life insurance policy seriously. In the process, you’ve probably found out about Northwestern Mutual- a highly reputable life insurance company in the industry. They’ve got a great reputation, so it’s no wonder you’re considering Northwestern Mutual. But before you do, why not spend some time getting the information you need. TermLife2Go is here to help you answer all your life insurance questions.

Review of Northwestern Mutual

About Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual has a great motto: Live Life Differently. They believe that financial strength and security is what enables a person to do this- and they really take heed of long-term stability. Northwestern Mutual has been around for more than a century and a half. In that time, they’ve helped millions of people by offering their families financial protection and security.

Northwestern Mutual’s Ratings

Like most life insurance companies, Northwestern Mutual has been rated by the most important rating agencies.

  • A.M. Best: A++
  • Standard & Poor’s: AA+
  • Moody’s: Aaa

In comparison to other life insurance companies, these are pretty good ratings. If you are looking for a life insurance policy and Northwestern Mutual is on your list, then these ratings should make you feel good about them as a company. Before a rating agency gives its rating for a life insurance company, they investigate a lot of things such as financial strength, stability and future outlook. Only after a thorough analysis do they give a rating.

Life Insurance Policies offered by Northwestern Mutual

The company offers both permanent and term life insurance.

Permanent Life Insurance: As the name suggests, this life insurance will last for your entire life—even if you die at a 120. Your family will have the assurance and protection they need. Like all life insurance companies, Northwestern Mutual’s permanent life insurance policies tend to be more expensive than term policies simply because they last a lifetime.

Term Life Insurance: If you are only looking for a life insurance policy to cover the time in your life when you need to play the role of “provider”, then you might be interested in a term life insurance policy offered by Northwestern Mutual. These policies can be good for 10 or 20 years or you can decide a certain age for it to end. If you have young kids, you might decide that you want life insurance coverage until they are 25 years old. Buy a term life insurance policy that covers you to that period. Term Life Insurance policies can be converted to permanent life insurance policies should you decide to do that.

Should I buy a policy from Northwestern Mutual?

If you have found your way to this page, then you probably really have one major question you’re looking to answer: Should you buy a life insurance policy from Northwestern Mutual? This is a bigger question than you may realize! And because it’s such a big question, it’s almost impossible to answer it in a simply blog post.

The reason for this is because the process of choosing a life insurance company is much more personal than you may realize. Life insurance companies decide on the price of your premium and the amount of coverage they are willing to offer you based on a lot of personal information about YOU. That means one life insurance policy may be really awesome for one person, but not so awesome for another.

If you truly want to know if a life insurance company is great for you, then you need to get personalized information.  We recommend that you call Northwestern Mutual directly and see what they have to offer.

However, you can’t stop there.

In order to know if they’re offering you the best life insurance coverage, you need to know what the other guys are going to offer you. How do you do that? You call TermLife2Go.

About TermLife2Go

We help life insurance seekers to know more about the dozens of life insurance companies in the United States that we represent and we’ll help you know which ones will offer you the best coverage. We offer free consultations and will never try to sell you a life insurance policy that’s not right for you. Our goal is that you get the best life insurance coverage—the coverage you deserve.

After we give you our customized life insurance recommendations, you can take that information and compare it with what Northwestern Mutual has to offer. Then you’ll know if Northwestern Mutual is offering you the best life insurance policy possible—for you, based on your unique need, health and lifestyle.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Term Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!

Thank you for reading our review of Northwestern Mutual. Please leave any questions or comments below.

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