Skip the Drama, Diovan and Diovan HTC (Valsartan) Consider a No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policy!

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Assuming that your Diovan and/or Diovan HTC (AKA Hydrochlorothiazide) is the only prescription medication that your using, getting approved for life insurance, shouldn’t be all that difficult, provided that you’re in good shape otherwise.

This is because in general, the life insurance industry “likes” it when a client has discovered that they have high blood pressure and is doing something about it.

“needing an expert”.

We here at TermLife2Go…

Particularly like working with folks who have been prescribed Diovan, a thiazide diuretic (water pill) that helps prevent the body from absorbing too much salt, because what it tells us is that you, as a client, are someone who at least “occasionally” visits their doctor and who is “willing” to listen to their advice!

You see…

We probably have at least one or two clients a day who tell us over and over:

“I’m in perfect health, nothing’s wrong with me!”

Only to find out two weeks later after the life insurance medical exam lab results come back that actually they’re may not be anything “seriously” wrong with them, but they do have:

Now this may not seem like a big deal at first, however, these new elevated levels need to be accounted for within the application process and could potentially lead to a life insurance application postponement or denial in some cases!

This is why…

When someone tells us “I’m in perfect health, nothing’s wrong with me!” we’ll usually say:

“That’s great, when was the last time you had a physical, and do you remember what your cholesterol levels were?”

You’d be surprised how often a person will tell you that they’re completely health, but have zero idea what their actual blood pressure levels are.  And often times when you dive a bit deeper, you’ll learn that these “completely heathy” actually haven’t been to the doctor or had a physical in decades!

See this is where someone who has been prescribed Diovan is going to have a huge advantage…

You’ve already learned you have high blood pressure, plus you may have already learned about some other pre-existing condition which means that not only have you probably begun treatment to get these conditions under control, we can also now take these pre-existing conditions into account to help you choose a life insurance company that might be best for you!

The TermLife2Go Strategy…

Here at TermLife2Go, we work as an independent life insurance brokerage that is able to work with dozens of different life insurance companies.

We operate this way so that as we go through the life insurance application process, in addition to trying to determine what policy you can qualify for, we’re also focusing on which life insurance company might be best for you based on their own internal underwriting practices.


If for some reason we find that one particular life insurance company feels that your blood pressure is too high to qualify for a “preferred” rate, well then I guess we’ll need to look at a different life insurance company.  Or is one insurance company is ok with your current blood pressure but doesn’t like the fact that you:

  • Declare bankruptcy a year ago.
  • Or you travel to Mexico (Tijuana or Juarez) on occasion,
  • Or you like to smoke cigars,

Or some other completely arbitrary thing, we’ll have another option for you to consider.

So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

Lastly, because you could potentially qualify for a life insurance policy that will not require you to take a medical exam, we would suggest that you to take a look at our Term Life Insurance Quote page which will allow you compare prices multiple term and whole life insurance quotes instantly!

And since we still have your attention…

It’s fair to say that most people who decide to purchase a life insurance policy do so that they can protect their loved one’s financial future in the event of their death.

But what happens if you get sick but don’t die?

Is your family’s financial future still protected?  Probably not.  Which is why we would encourage you to also take a look at the following articles which will discuss some other “types” of life insurance policies that can not only protect your family’s financial future, they could also significantly help our your own as well.