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Life Insurance with a DUI

Licensed Life Insurance Agent/Marketing Manager
March 28, 2020

People typically think they cannot get life insurance with a recent DUI or DWI. In reality you are able to get a policy. In the following article we will explain the keys to finding high risk life insurance after a DUI.

Can I purchase life insurance after a DUI?

Short answer:  Yes.  The real trick to buying life insurance with a DUI is know where to look.

In general, when looking to get life insurance with a DUI on your record, most companies will simply state that if an applicant has had a DUI or DWI within the past 5 years they will no longer qualify for the cheapest rates. 

These applicants will still be able to qualify for life insurance with a DUI on their record, it’s just going to cost a little bit more. 

What if my DUI is within the past year?

You can still qualify. While it can be more difficult to find a company that will let you qualify when your DUI is more recent, it isn't impossible. 

Finding the right life insurance company is the key. If you aren't sure which companies to look at, consider working with a life insurance agent. They can help guide you towards the right life insurance company and policy for your needs.


Will I be Declined Life Insurance because of my DUI?

It depends. As previously mentioned the life insurance company you apply with is going to make a big difference in whether you can qualify for a policy. 

If you don't know where to start then your best bet is to speak to a life insurance agent regarding your DUI and how you can qualify. 

Will I be declined if I have two DUIs?

Short answer:  You can still be eligible for life insurance with multiple DUI’s on your record.

Now if you have two DUI’s within the past 5 years your options are definitely going to become more limited, however, there are still options.

If you work with a life insurance agent they can help you:

  • Find the right type of life insurance policy
  • Second, determining the appropriate coverage amount.
  • And third, determining which company will give you the best rate available.


While getting a life insurance policy with a DUI or DWI can be difficult, it isn't impossible. You just need to know the best company to apply with. 

A life insurance agent can help guide you through this whole process. If you don't have an agent, feel free to give us a call. 

Written by
Chelsie Ball
Chelsie is fixated on developing innovative ways to present complex ideas and maneuvering people to the information they need. She has worked in digital marketing for the past eight years and has been a licensed life insurance agent since 2010. When she isn’t looking out for the user, you can find her watching Netflix or desperately trying to find a real hobby.