Best Rates on Life Insurance with a DUI

All too often people are led to believe that they cannot get life insurance with a recent DUI or DWI. The truth is, you can. In the following article we will explain the keys to finding high risk life insurance after a DUI.

Or you could just jump to the part where we help you find the cheapest life insurance rates after a DUI or DWI by calling us today.

Can I Purchase Life Insurance after a DUI?

Short answer:  Yes.  The real trick to buying life insurance with a DUI is know where to look, because after all, having a DUI or DWI on your driving record is not the end of the world when it comes to getting approved for life insurance.

In general, when looking to get life insurance with a DUI on your record, most companies will simply state that if an applicant has had a DUI or DWI within the past 5 years they will no longer qualify for the best health ratings such as preferred plus or preferred best.

These applicants will still be able to qualify for life insurance with a DUI on their record, it’s just going to cost a little bit more. For more information on how to find the best life insurance rates please take a look at our article that covers the Top Ten Ways To Find The Best Life Insurance Quotes.

What if my DUI is within the past year?

Short answer:  No problem. Most of the clients that we work with at TermLife2Go who have received a DUI or DWI have similar stories to tell.  They’ve usually been told one of the following:

  • They can’t qualify for term or whole life insurance due to their DUI charge right now.
  • Or no insurance company will approve them for at least 2 years for life insurance after their last DUI conviction.
  • Or they need to buy an accidental death policy because they can’t qualify for traditional life insurance coverage due to their DUI conviction.

In some cases, these clients have even had their applications denied or postponed because it was originally submitted to the wrong carrier. Situations like these occur because when a DUI is less that one year old it’s much more difficult to find an insurance company that will take on that risk. Unfortunately, many agencies simply don’t take the time to determine which carriers cater to these more difficult applications.  At TermLife2Go we’ve taken the time to find out who the best life insurance companies are, including the best no medical exam companies and are ready to get you approved today!

Will I be Declined Life Insurance because of my DUI?

Short answer: It depends. If you simply have one DUI without a history of alcohol abuse, you should still qualify for life insurance coverage right away.  Now if your DUI is simply a symptom of a larger problem, your DMV and blood work from the physical may uncover other factors that may prevent you from qualifying. The best way to know is to give us call and we should be able to tell you in less than 2 minutes.

What if I have two DUI’s?

Short answer:  You should still be eligible for life insurance with multiple DUI’s on your record.

Now if you have two DUI’s within the past 5 years your options are definitely going to become more limited, however, there is one carrier that will still approve your life insurance application even with multiple DUI’s on your record.

Again it will depend on the rest of your DMV records as well as the results from your physical. But if you are healthy, you should still be able to find coverage.

Totally confused?…. Don’t be, this is where TermLife2Go steps in, as an independent agency our agents are committed only to you and your family.  Our main goal is to help guide you through the process of:

By working directly with TermLife2Go you will have an assigned agent dedicated to your application.  This agent will be available to you throughout the entire application process; he or she will provide you with status updates as your application goes through underwriting and will also review your application at time of approval to ensure that you are still getting the best deal out there! So what are you waiting for?

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!

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