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review of Decluttr App

decluttr App Review

Are you looking for a way to turn all the “junk” around your house into cash?  Well if so, the Decluttr app might just be what you’re looking for!  Because with the Decluttr app, you should be able to make money fast by selling most of your old DVDs, CDs, games and books as well as other items such as:

  • Old cell phones, tablets and Kindles,
  • Video game consoles and accessories,
  • Apply watches and other wearable devices, and
  • Even all of those old LEGO pieces!

And while you may be thinking…

“So, what there are a lot of places online where I can sell my stuff!”

What you may not understand is that unlike many of the “other” online shopping websites, Decluttr isn’t offering to help you sell your stuff, they’re offering to buy it!

Which means…That you don’t need to talk to a bunch of strangers to get rid of all the things cluttering up your house.  You don’t need to set up “meeting places” where you’ll feel safe to meet some stranger that has agreed to buy you’re old ipad.

Instead…You can just go to the decluttr site, let them know what you have and instantly you’ll get an offer!  Pretty cool, right?  Well that’s what we thought which is why we decided to write this declutt review so that you’ll have some additional information at hand just in case you’re considering using it for yourself.

What Is Decluttr?

Decluttr is a website/app that assists people in getting rid of their unwanted “junk” from their homes. The app provides an easy way to sell your electronics such as Blu-Rays, CDs, DVDs, and other electronics quickly and conveniently, by just scanning it, mailing it, and 48 hours later getting paid for it! Instead of throwing it out and not receiving any reward for the stuff you have already paid for, Decluttr App will give you cash exchange.

Mail it in—for free

Mailing in the items?  No problem. Decluttr makes it super easy for you to send in your items to them and Decluttr even provides shipping labels so you don’t need to worry about that either. Just enter your items into your basket and complete your order and decluttr does the rest.

That said however…We should point out that Decluttr, isn’t going to take all of your junk for you.  Some things (like your genuine dog’s playing poker painting) simply aren’t going to qualify for the decluttr program.  For those “types” of “antiques” you’re probably going to be better off using Mercari, OfferUp, LetGo, Craigslist, etc, etc….

You see…Decluttr focuses on selling quality electronic equipment (and Lego’s).  So if you’re equipment is in decent shape and still maintains their original functionality, chances are Decluttr will take it.

How much will Decluttr pay me for my stuff?

That’s going to depend on what it is that your selling as well as the condition that it is in.  One thing we should point out though is that it is possible to get a $10 bonus, when you first register and sell your first item through the decluttr platform, so even if you find that they don’t offer the “best” pricing all the time, it makes sense to give them a try at least once to make extra cash money!

How do I determine what I will get from Decluttr?

Declutter, makes it pretty easy to get a “quote” for your products.  The easiest way to get a quote is to simply use the Decluttr app to scan the barcode on your items. It is as simple as using your phone’s camera to point and scan the barcode of the different items you want to sell. The  Decluttr app then comes back with an instant offer.

Now if you…Don’t have the original packaging or can’t find the barcode, you can also just enter the product name into their Valuation Engine to receive a quote as well.

Then once you have a quote…If you are satisfied with the price they are willing to pay for it, finish your order, get your shipping label, pack the item in a box and send it to them.

Now the good part here is that Decluttr will pay for the shipping of your products so don’t worry about shipping costs. And Decluttr also guaranteed next day payment once they have received your product in the mail.

Condition Specifications

Just make sure you properly identify the condition of your product as “good,” “poor” and “faulty” condition. If a buyer is not satisfied or feels you weren’t honest, Decluttr will ship the item back to you, also free of charge. Be sure to check the condition specifications for more on what to consider when choosing to rate your item good condition vs poor or faulty.

How does Decluttr pay me?

As we just stated, once Decluttr receives your product, they will either pay you the next day via check or through direct deposit depending on which you prefer.  Plus, for those people who feel that they can give their product as a donation, the Decluttr App has an option of donating to charity.

It is wise to note that, once you request your payment through the check, however, it will take a few business days to get in your mailbox.

Decluttr Promo Codes

Decluttr seems to always be offering promotions of one sort or another. As of November 20, 2017, Decluttr currently is offering BLACK FRIDAY 10% EXTRA Coupon code: RED10.

Is Decluttr a Legitimate company or is Decluttr a scam?

Well, since this platform is a sister website of MusicMagpie, the owners, founders, and the management of Decluttr and MusicMagpie is similar. According to the Bloomberg, MusicMagpie is licensed and registered under the Entertainment Magpie Ltd. It was founded back in 2007, and the designated address is Black &White House, Hurdsfield Industrial Estate, Hulley Road, SK10 2AF, Macclesfield and United Kingdom.

Therefore, the registration information of this company is excellent, and they are in business since 2007, which validates that they are already sustaining for very long time and developed daily. Also, the Decluttr is the United State’s version of MusicMegapie. The Chief Operating and Co-founder of this company are called Walter Gleeson. Liam Howley is the Group Marketing Director at the MusicMegapie, based in the United Kingdom, and Decluttr, which is found in the United States.

And if that’s not enough for you…according to their own website, Decluttr has already paid out over $100 million to folks for their old “junk”, so it would appear that they aren’t going anywhere and that they have some really DEEP pockets.

***But Seller Beware***

At the time of this review, Decluttr, only had a C rating with the Better Business Bureau and it appears most decluttr complaints stem from individuals claiming that they either didn’t receive a payment from Declutter after sending in their “product” or that the amount they received didn’t match the quote that were given.

And since…We obviously can’t “attest” to these claims, we would advice you to use a bit of caution when first trying out Decluttr so that you are completely comfortable using them prior to making an “major” transaction with them.

What Products Can I sell In Decluttr Platform?

Having understood that Decluttr is a completely licensed and registered, and that it is a legit and secure app for making money. Decluttr will accept pretty much anything that can be used for electronic media or any other piece of electronic equipment such as Mobile Phones, Games Consoles, DVDs, CDs, DVD Blu-Rays, Tablets, and Video Games (XBOX, Wii, etc.).

Also, if you are not sure whether the Decluttr will accept your electronic item, you can use their extensive drop-down search and menu. Here, you are supposed to select a category and a brand and then you will be presented with a list of products that are available for resale.

Is this Platform the Best to Earn Money?

Well, most people are asking how much they can earn from Decluttr. Therefore, the amount that you receive per item depends on the quality and the shape it is currently in. There are three levels in which you can easily classify your used electronic in Decluttr App as follows.

  • Poor: Comes with massive tear and wear. Your electronic may have damaged casings or have a missing battery or back cover.
  • Faulty: the electronic you are attempting to sell does not turn on properly. Maybe there are some damaged ports, or it has a screen that is not functional. All these products as classified as faulty.
  • Good: Finally, for all the electronics, all of the buttons work well, and there are no damages to the screen. The electronic device can turn on and off, all the functions work correctly, and it comes with minimal wear and tear.

Every time you want to sell an item here, Decluttr will provide you with particular guidelines that you are supposed to follow to evaluate the conditions of your product. The prices difference that exists between every level drops quite dramatically. For instance, we assessed an unlocked iPhone 4s at 8GB, and it was selling on $25 in right conditions, but fell to $12.5 for poor condition. However, the condition above does not apply to some media electronics such as CDs.

So, can you really make money using decluttr?

Yes, without a doubt, the Decluttr app can be a great way for you to make money fast.  The problem is that, unlike some other online selling platforms, Decluttr is going to limit what you can “sell” and because they are the “buyer” you may not always get top dollar for your stuff.

But…Remember, Decluttr is also going to save you a ton of time, because with them, since they are the “buyer” all you need to do is tell them what you got and ship it to them if the price is right!

Which means…That while you are going to be able to make money using Decluttr, chance are you’re not going to be able to get to the point where using it can permanently replace a part time job or allow you to become self employed like some of our other money making apps will allow for.

Instead…The Decluttr app should be considered as a quick and easy way to supplement your income maybe once or twice a year by getting rid of all those DVDs, CDs, and games that you no longer use.

But Remember… Convenience has a price.

Up until now in our Decluttr review, we’ve pretty much focus on how convenient it is to use and how it’s nice to just be able to go to the Decluttr site or app and have them buy all your stuff at once.

What we haven’t talked about is…What decluttr is going to pay you for all your “junk”.  Now this is mainly because the “value” of what your are selling will depend on exactly what you are selling and the condition that it’s in, but we think that it’s only fair to take a look at at least one example so that you can get a “general” idea about how much you can receive by selling your items to decluttr.

For example…We decided to look at what one could receive by selling a  “unlocked” Samsung Galaxy s4 32 GB phone to decluttr.  And what we found was that decluttr was willing to pay us $34.00 for the phone.

Which isn’t bad, because after all, this phone was just sitting in a drawer not being used and  decluttr is offering to turn this “paper weight” into 34 bucks!

But what if…You decided to sell you phone on your own?  How much would you “theoretically” be able to get for a “unlocked” Samsung Galaxy s4 32 GB phone if you were to take the time and try and sell it on your own?

So what we decided…To do was a bit of price comparison to see what an “unlocked” Samsung Galaxy s4 32 GB phone is selling for on other online sales platforms.  And what we found was that this same phone was being listed on:

  • Ebay for approximately $99 to $109 dollars.
  • Craigslist (San Diego) for $110 dollars.
  • letgo for $80 dollars.
  • OfferUp for $75.
  • And Mercari for a wide range of prices from $34 dollars on the low end all the way to $140 on the high end. It should be noted however that at the time we wrote this article, all Samsung Galaxy s4 32 GB phones were sold out.

So as you can see…Convenience does have a price.  In this case, that price can vary from from just a few bucks to well over $100.  But we should point out that just because someone is asking for $99.00 dollars for their Samsung Galaxy s4 doesn’t mean that they’re going to get $99.00 for their Samsung Galaxy s4.

So, you need to ask yourself…How much are you willing to sacrifice in the name of convenience?  For some, it could be a lot, while others may be more inclined to do a bit more work in selling off all of their old electronics and try to get “top dollar” for all their stuff.  But regardless of what “type” of person you are, one thing is true which is…

“It never hurts to check out the decluttr app and at least see what you might get… right?”

Which brings us to…

“Why is a company like TermLife2Go writing a review of the Decluttr app?

That’s simple, we’re writing our review of the Decluttr app today because our primary goal here at TermLife2Go is to help improve the financial security of all of our clients.  And while we believe that purchasing term life insurance is a great way to do that, we understand that not all of our clients are going to be able to qualify or afford a life insurance policy at this time in their life. (Interested in knowing what it would cost, just click here Term Life Insurance Quotes).

And rather than…Just hang up with folks who aren’t “ready” to purchase a life insurance policy, we like to provide tools that might be able to help their future outlook until which time they can qualify or afford a life insurance policy.

Other than that…There really isn’t much too it.  We are simply looking out for ways that our visitors can make some extra money. So, if you decide to use the app, great!  If not, no problem we hope that you find some other way to be able to earn a few extra bucks each month.

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