How to Make Money Fast [Top 115 Best Ways to Earn a Quick Buck]

make money fast

How to make money fast

Are you constantly searching for ways to make money in addition to your full time job?

Or do you dream of one day ditching your 9 to 5 job and be your own boss?

Well guess what? You’re not alone!

Many people, from the college student, to the full time employee, want to make extra money fast, but the truth is, most people don’t know how to go about it, or they’re so “bogged” down in their daily grind that they can’t imagine having any extra time to do anything but sleep!

This is why we created our below top 100 ways to make money fast list, that won’t require any type of long term commitment, just an honest desire to put a little extra money in your pocket!

These are ideas outside the norm, not the typical advice such as using your life insurance cash value for a quick loan or borrowing from a rich uncle. Instead, we scoured the internet to find the latest trends on ways to make a quick buck from home or abroad.

And don’t forget to to check out our passive income ideas for even more top ideas on how to make money.

So what have you got to lose? Keep reading and you might just find what you’re looking for!

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Top 115 Best Ideas on How to Make Money Fast

Top 10 Fun Ways to Make Money Fast

 fun ways to make money fast1. Enter a Game Show.

Now at first, the idea of entering a game show may sound far-fetched, but people really do get on game shows! And guess what? People really do win money on game shows.

And the beauty of it is, you don’t always need to be a genius to win. Sometimes, you just need to know how much a can of soup costs! Find out more on how to get on a game show.

2. Become a CashPirate.

What’s a CashPirate? CashPirate is a mobile app is just one of several new “apps” out there that allows you to get paid to try new apps on the market.

You see, before mobile apps hit the market, they need to be tested by people who look for bugs and other that don’t work right. So if you love using your smart phone, then this is a great way for you to earn money in your spare time.

3. Mystery Shopping.

We know, it sounds like one of those fake jobs that nobody really has but everyone loves to talk about, but the truth is, these jobs really do exist. And now you can actually be a mystery shopper. Just sign up with Field Agent and start mystery shopping today! You can learn more by visiting our article on how to become a mystery shopper.

4. Find your money.

Whether it be a final paycheck you forgot to pick up or some other unclaimed reward, a lot of people out there literally have a ton of money just waiting for them to claim.

So if you haven’t done so already, or it’s been a while since you visited take a few minutes and see if you have any money coming to you that you just didn’t know about.

5. Check out Shopkick.

This isn’t exactly the same as being a secret shopper because you don’t have to rate the stores, but Shopkick does allow you to get “kicks” for shopping – and often just for walking into a store.

You won’t earn cash, but you will earn gift certificates for things you probably already buy and we all know that a “penny saved is a penny earned”.

For more information about the Shopkick app, be sure to check out our full article: Shopkick App Review… Is it Worth Trying?

6. Take a survey at the mall.

A lot of shopping malls have surveyors walking around looking for people willing to take a short survey. Most of these surveys pay $10-20. Next time you make a trip to the mall, ask the information desk if any such surveys are going on; you may leave with your wallet a little fuller.

Don’t live near a mall, or not all that interested in searching for one that is currently looking for survey takers?  We’ll we can’t really blame you there, but one thing that you might want to try is downloading the InboxDollars app which allows you to “watch” videos and take surveys from home!  For more information about the InboxDollars app, we would encourage your to take a look at our full review: InboxDollars Review… Can I Really Make Money With It?

7. Work at Sporting Events

Do you love a good football game? What if you could attend every game—and get paid? Sure, you might not be sitting up close and personal with your eyes fixed on the plays, but you can still enjoy the atmosphere and catch an occasional glimpse of the game by working at sporting events. You might be selling beer or taking tickets; either way, you’ll be enjoying the action and making some money.

8. Create a YouTube channel.

If you have a someone living in your home that is under the age of 16 chances are you already know that today’s youth is addicted to YouTube. So why not cash in on it?

Your money making YouTube channelcould be as simple as you playing video games, opening up new toys, building legos, making cupcakes etc, etc…

In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any limit to the number of ideas that can generate millions of views per month. So, what are you waiting for? Start filming today!

9. Scan your own groceries.

Yep, it’s true, now you can get paid for letting companies know what it is you like to eat! The way it works is, first you need to sign your family up with Nielson Consumer Panel, and then from there you’ll receive a free scanner or you can simply use your smart phone.

Next, you’ll begin to earn points, which you can then redeem for different types of products. Additionally, you might just find yourself putting down those 1,000 calorie doughnuts once you have to start scanning them individually!

Now if you’re really interested in getting started right away, you can also download the GrocerIQ app on your phone and begin “Earning” by “Saving” money on your next trip to the local grocery store.

10. Recycle your old cell phone.

It’s 2017 after all, and who doesn’t have a few ancient cell phones lying around, not to mention 8 different types of chargers! The good news is that there’s a really good chance that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much you can get for that high tech paper weight!

Top 10 Super Creepy Ways to Make Money Fast

creepy ways to make money fast11. Sperm Donor.

Now ignoring the fact that donating sperm does help many infertile women and couples experience the joys of parenthood, few will disagree that simply donating for financial gain is a bit creepy.

But who are we to judge, which is why we’ve included sperm donation as one of our top 10 creepy ways to make money fast!

12. Become a professional wedding date.

This one was a tossup, is it fun? Or is it creepy? We’ll let you be the judge, but one thing for sure is that it’s a real and legitimate way to make money without any strings attached.

Imagine that you are single and have to face your entire family at your cousin’s wedding, all pestering you about your love life (or lack thereof). You might understand why people will pay $200 and more for polished, professional wedding dates to help them dodge the questions.

13. Sell your Plasma.

Looking to make a fast $100? This idea is not exactly a way to get free money but the good news is you are selling a replaceable commodity. Did you know that you can actually sell your blood plasma? The procedure is slightly painful for those adverse to needles and will take about an hour, but it does pay off—literally! After only a 2-3 plasma donations, you should easily have over a $100. I can see the marketing for this one: “Sell Plasma; Grow Rich”. Well, maybe not rich, but it is a good way to start on the road to wealth.

One caveat: You may want to consult your doctor before you do this!

14. Become a professional cuddler.

It may sound like an odd job in the truest form, but sometimes people just need a hug—and they’re willing to pay for it. Become a professional cuddler and get paid for it. Cuddlers charge between $18-40/hour, so in half a day’s work you’ll reach $100. If you have a significant other, you may want to discuss this job idea with them before forging ahead!

Is it creepy? Who’s to say, but it sounds a bit creepy.

15. Participate in medical studies and research.

Hospitals and universities often conduct research programs and studies that require participants. You will have to match their criterion to be eligible for a study, but there is surely something for everyone.

ResearchMatch is one company that helps unite people interested in participating in research studies and researchers looking for those willing to participate in medical studies. You can also check in with clinical trials.

You can make fast money from participating in medical research, but you should always weigh the pros and cons before participating. Some medical research may be harmful to your health in the long run, so find out all the information you can before you begin.

You can also check out your local Craigslist, universities, or hospitals to see if there are any clinical trials in need of participants.

16. Take videos of your cat.

OK so maybe taking videos of your cat isn’t SUPER creepy, but let’s face it, sometimes people can take it a bit too far.

That being said, there’s no denying the fact that the world does truly love a good cat video, and it makes for an easy way to earn money. So, if you have a cat, chances are he/she is probably doing something goofy to video right now!

The challenge then becomes catching some of that cuteness on camera, use some basic editing skills, and uploading it on YouTube. Though you need a lot of views to start earning extra money through advertisements on YouTube, with regular content it can happen.

If you want to really go the extra mile, you can even set up a Facebook page and Instagram account for your cat to drive more traffic to your videos. And for the dog lovers out there, dog videos can make you money too! And speaking of dogs…

17. Clean up dog poop.

More gross than creepy, actively marketing yourself as a “dog poop picker upper” may seem weird at first, but let’s face it, a lot of people have dogs, but a lot of people don’t like cleaning up after them. Not to mention the fact that, dogs poop a lot.

Advertise your poop scooping services at your local park, on Nextdoor, on Craigslist and on any neighborhood Facebook pages near you.

Chances are, once you begin offering this service to a few houses, you’re probably going to find that they may also be interested in having you walk their dog, pet sit, and even wash and groom their animals.

18. Sell your hair.

Not to be confused with donating your hair, (because that’s probably one of the coolest things you can do for someone), selling your hair for a profit is a bit creepy. That being said however it can be done and in fact, there are even hair value calculators that can be found online…. Ewww…

(And no, they won’t buy shower drain hair).

19. Gastronomic Voyeurism.

Gastromomic what? Gastronomic voyeurism refers to the fetish some folks have that centers around watching people eat. And… we’re just going to leave it here and move on.

20. Make Bait.

You can always sell stuff to make money quick, but often the question becomes sell what? Well, how about home made bait? That’s right, create your own worm or cricket farm and sell the proceeds. But it doesn’t stop there, in addition to selling your products to fisherman, there is a wide range of exotic pets who would also happily consume your products.

So if you don’t mind getting covered with bugs every now and then, this might be right up your alley.

Top 10 ways to make money fast by getting rid of your junk!

how to make money selling your old junk21. Clean out your garage!

A lot of us have many of old tools, machines, and parts lying around in the garage (whole cars even!). Most of them have been there for years and aren’t doing anything more than collecting dust! Why not spend the weekend clearing out all that old stuff you don’t need and selling some of it off?

You may even enjoy doing it and could potentially make a career out of it. Just try Googling “garage cleaning services near me” for a new money-making opportunity.

Worried it would take forever, and nobody would want to buy any of your old junk?  Don’t fret… you’d be surprised by just what people are willing to buy nowadays.  If you don’t believe us, just check out the LetGo app and see what people are selling in your area.

22. Sell your old wedding dress.

So if you’re thinking to yourself, there is NO way I would ever sell my wedding dress, CONGRATULATIONS, you’re probably one of the 40-50% of folks who won’t get divorced.

But let’s face it, since nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, before you light that baby on fire, think about selling it online first, you could be surprised by how much you can get!

23. Get rid of your old books.

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to all those great novels, but the truth is, you don’t need them anymore, and just think of the added shelf space you’ll gain!

Plus, with companies like Bookscouter., getting rid of your old books has never been easier. Have old school text books gathering dust on your shelves? With over 42 book buyback vendors, Bookscouter is an excellent platform for creating fast money from old books you no longer need.

24. Clean out your house and sell your stuff.

If you really needed a refrigerator magnet from every state that you’ve visited, they wouldn’t all be crammed into the top drawer in your kitchen!

After all, let’s face it, most of us have way more things than we need. A lot of that stuff might still be in good condition. If so, there are plenty of places to sell it. You can use sites such as Craigslist and eBay to sell furniture, children’s toys, kitchen appliances, dish sets and more! Not only will you make money, but you’ll also de-clutter your house—two birds with one stone!

Another great idea is to coordinate a block selling party. Get your neighbors to participate. Plan ahead and create a buzz through strategically located “Block Garage Sale” or “Yard Sale” signs on high traffic streets. Just don’t forget to list the date!

25. Sell your old clothes.

Selling items is a great way to make fast money online. If you like to shop and keep up with the latest trends, then chances are you have more clothes than you need—and half of them aren’t even worn anymore. Why not sell them online? There are many portals such as Tradesy and Poshmark that may work for you. In order to sell your clothes, they should be in decent to good condition. Designer brands are obviously in higher demand than clothes bought from bargain stores. For more, check out our article on how to sell used clothes online.

You can even go one step further and become a “mompreneur”:

The newest trend for “mompreneurs” is social media clothing stores. How does it work? (Typically) women add all their friends to a group on Facebook. Then, they offer all group members entry to a contest for gift certificates in exchange for adding more friends or family. Once the community is up to a decent size, clothes are put up for sale. The shop owner curates orders from wholesalers who typically sell 2 small, 2 medium, and 2 large of any piece of clothing for about ¼ of the cost the store owner eventually sells it for.

26. Selling Baby clothes and furniture.

Just ask any parent out there and they’ll be sure to tell you how they spent thousands of dollars on their first child’s clothing only to watch them grow out of every new purchase in just days.

This is why there is a huge opportunity for selling used (and in some cases, brand new) clothes on the second hand market. And with a little market research you can find the next trend before the crowd does. That way you can stock up before prices climb!

And while you’re at it, don’t forget about selling all those toys and baby furniture items that are just gathering up dust in the attic or garage.

27. Re-furbish an old bike.

Now like it or not, 2017 is the year of the hipster, and without getting into the pros and cons of such a movement, one thing for sure is that hipsters love beards and riding bikes.

And this is a good thing because the kind of bikes that they like are usually the ones that you can find super cheap or free and with just a minimal amount of work, can then be turned into “vintage” pieces of art!

28. Welcome back Nintendo.

That’s right, even with all the cool new gadgets out there, it’s impossible to replicate the awesome simplicity of some of the early classics. This is why there has been a resurgence in owning some of the old classic game systems and why you may have a box full of dollars just waiting to be discovered in the back of your garage.

29. Fishing gear.

It may sound weird, but there is a large community out there looking to purchase old fishing gear. Why you may ask? Well sometimes it just because the gear still works, but other times it’s for the decorative value of some of the older types of fishing lures and rod and reel combo’s.

So, don’t just throw that stuff out, instead take a few minutes and post a picture of it up on Ebay, you never know, you may get a bite!

30. DVD’s and CD’s.

We all have them, and let’s face it, there are only so many times you can watch Home Alone or the Matrix, so you might as well let it go. The Decluttr app will buy your old CDs and DVDs and even pay for shipping. And even if you can only get a buck or two for every DVD or CD you have, we’d be willing to bet it could add up to several hundred dollars for many of us, which is a nice amount of money to make by simply selling old DVD’s!

Top 10 Ways to Make Money Working From Home.

ways to make money fast from homeIf you are looking for a steady stream of income then consider the following home business ideas. Rather than simply making money fast, these ideas may help you generate long term income and provide you with an opportunity to work for yourself.

31. Become a customer service rep from home.

A lot of companies hire customer service representatives to work at home. Some really big companies you probably call yourself are actually allowing its reps to take your calls from the comfort of his or her very own home. Join them and become a virtual customer service rep today.

Additionally, because a lot of these companies want to be able to offer 24 hour assistance, these can become perfect opportunities for those looking for “off” hour opportunities.

32. Make Presentations.

How many of us know a parent or someone over the age of 50 who is a complete genius in his or her own field but doesn’t know the first thing about computers? Well guess what, if there’s a need, then there’s an opportunity.

In fact, there are a ton people out there that don’t have the time or know-how to make professional looking Power Point Presentations. If you do, then you can make big bucks putting presentations together for people and companies.

33. Use AppTrailers.

Download AppTrailers and you can make money by just watching videos on your phone. All you have to do is watch the trailers for some hot new mobile apps that make you money. Problem is, you’ll probably find a ton of new apps you want to start using and now you won’t have time to keep watching AppTrailers!

You can also try the Cash for Apps program that actually pays you money to download certain apps to your phone.  Now you’re not going to become independently wealthy using the “Cash for Apps” program, but hey!  Every penny counts right?

To learn more about the Cash of Apps program and see if it make sense for you, feel free to check our our complete review at:  Cash for Apps Review… Is it worth your time and energy?

34. Pet Sit.

This is a great opportunity for a job working with animals. When people travel, they often fret about who will take care of their pet. Offer to do so for a fee. If you need to find clients to pet sit for, there are online portals that match petsitters and pet owners. If you are good with animals and can handle a few at a time, you might be surprised about just how much money you could earn.

Not a bad gig! Check out our review of DogVacay for more.

35. Take online surveys.

There are many survey site companies that will actually pay people to take online surveys. Some of these surveys are a bit lengthy, but you might get paid as much as $5 or $10 per survey. Some surveys will only pay you in products. The good thing about getting paid to take surveys is that you can do it whenever you want.

Some survey sites to find gigs online include:

Also if you’re currently a purchase items on line at the “Google Shop”, you can choose to participate in the Google Opinion Rewards program and earn “Credits” which can be redeemed in the Google Shop.  For more information about how this program works, feel free to visit our Google Opinion Rewards Review.

36. Create a “store” on Ebay.

Admit it- you have far too much stuff at home. Some stuff is in perfectly good condition, but you don’t need or want. Do an entire household purge of junk and turn that stuff into cash! You can sell your stuff on eBay.

Then once you’re up and running, you can then keep up the momentum by:

Looking out for collectibles

You’ve probably heard stories of people finding an old toy in their basement only to realize it was a collectible worth thousands of dollars. The truth is, a lot of people might have worthwhile collectibles lying in boxes in the basement. Before you sell your old things do a little research. Common items that may be worth something:

  • Classic cereal box or Happy Meal prizes
  • Troll Dolls
  • Barbies and Barbie accessories
  • Lego sets
  • Toys from all decades
  • Certain dish sets

Buying products wholesale and then reselling them for a profit.

Sites like Made in China and Alibaba sell a range of wholesale products to potential re-sellers. Find a product you believe in and buy it to sell on Amazon for a normal retail price. The only drawback is that you have to buy in the thousands to get a great price which requires some startup capital. Also, be sure you have a marketing plan; your product won’t sell itself and the last thing you want to do is wind up with 1,000 mobile phone chargers.

37. Be a virtual assistant.

This is a great job option for people who are organized, and are great at communicating, emailing, and keeping track of schedules. This can easily be a full time job, but if you are just looking for a part time job, there’s plenty of scope for that as well. Some people only need a virtual assistant willing to do a few hours of work a day—or even a week.

You can make around $20 an hour starting, so there is definitely money to be made as a virtual assistant, and even more if you’re experienced.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Speaking of virtual assistants…

Have you heard of Amazon’s online opportunity to make money fast by working on HITs? HITs are Human Intelligence Tasks that a Mechanical Turk can complete and get paid fast money. You simply set up an account and get to work helping others around the globe. Check it out today to start making money fast.

38. Become a Udemy Instructor.

Udemy is a site where experts can become online teachers. You create online courses and students enroll, paying whatever course fees you set. Udemy keeps a percent, but you keep the rest. If your course is a hit, you could be making tens of thousands of dollars. Now that’s rare, but you can expect to make a few hundred dollars with a good online course that acts as the ultimate guide, such as selling on Ebay or Amazon.  The more you build your reputation, the more money you’ll make.

39. Become a writer at Textbroker

Textbroker is a site where you can choose writing gigs and get paid weekly. Textbroker provides you with writing feedback so you can improve your craft and make more money. With Textbroker, you can write as often or as little as you want.

40. Swag Bucks.

Have you ever found yourself in a movie theater totally engaged in the movie previews only to discover you can’t remember the name of the movie that you’re actually there to see? If you’re like us it’s because a lot of times you’ll find that the movie trailer are much better than the movie itself.

Well if this describes you, you’re in luck, because now there’s a place where you can get paid for watching previews! How cool is that? In fact, they even give you $5.00 bucks just for signing up.

So what have you got to lose, just give them a try.

Top 10 Ways to make money fast Part Time.

make money fast part time jobs 41. Uber Drivers or Lyft Drivers

No real surprise here, after all, it’s getting harder and harder nowadays to find a car that doesn’t have an Uber or Lyft sticker on it.

But this is a good thing! Its actual living proof that working for Uber or Lyft as a driver can be a great way to make a living and/or supplement your income. The flexible hours are great and the pay is pretty good too.

All you need is a car, valid driver’s license and good driving record. You can earn $100 in less than ten hours as an Uber driver.

42. Sell Nerium or Mary Kay.

A lot of women make extra money by selling skincare products or makeup to their friends. The great thing about this is that you just have to tap your existing network. You can also sell as much or as little as you want. Little things like taking advantage of all of the local bulletin boards in your area could mean hundreds of additional dollars in your pocket each and every month!

43. Finger Print Analysis.

OK all you CSI fans, now’s your chance to get involved in the action! Or at least make a few bucks on the side. You see, people are willing to pay top dollar to have their fingerprints analyzed by “experts”.

Not an expert? Don’t worry! It’s not that hard to become one. You can learn the trade fast and earn top dollar for your expert analysis. Note: this is different from palm reading, and therefore you will need to partner with a company to provide the analysis.

44. Become a Part Time Gardener.

One of the biggest barriers anyone will find when they first want to start their own business is “capital”, but what do you really need to become a gardener? If you already have a truck and all the gardening tools for your own home, what’s stopping you from putting an add on Craigslist or posting a few fliers on the local bulletin boards in order to start your own part time business?

45. Be a part of a focus group.

Ever felt like giving your opinion about a product, political candidate, or television series? All of these entities take the public’s opinion seriously – so seriously that they’re willing to pay for yours, all you need to do is reach out and volunteer!

46. Use Zaarly.

Yes, we know, weird name but wait it’s a really cool concept. Zaarly is a site that lets you sell your services. Whether you want to clean houses, mow lawns, or fix computers, Zaarly is a great place to find customers.

Take note, Zaarly is currently only available in a handful of U.S. cities: Austin, Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Nashville, San Antonio and San Francisco.

47. Search the “Gigs” section on Craigslist.

Craigslist has a section called “Gigs” where you can find various types of work. Here you’ll find people who need help moving, one day events that need staff, temporary employment opportunities, people who need help fixing their laptop, and much more.

While you’ll find great gigs on Craigslist, the hard part is sorting through the spam posts. There are a lot of irrelevant posts on Craigslist so you will have to do some manual filtering to find the worthwhile jobs.

48. Build Websites.

By just reading this you may be thinking, “I don’t have the skill set to do that!” Well, in 2017, it’s a lot easier to learn. You don’t have to be a hardcore coder to build a website; WordPress has made it easy. The hard part will be finding clients, but through your own personal network, you should be able to do the job!

49. Offer low-cost photography options.

You may not be a professional photographer, but you have a DSLR (A digital single-lens reflex camera) and your photos are pretty good. There’s a really good chance that there are a lot of folks who would be glad to utilize your services at a reduced price.

Looking for a platform to sell your photos on? Check out Foap. You can download the mobile app and start making money today. Foap pays you 50% commission if your pics sell.

So why not offer an affordable photography service to students, engaged couples, new parents, big business, etc… and see what happens, you could find yourself a year from now with a whole new career!

50. Shovel Snow.

Now this one isn’t going to be easy, but with the right tools, in the right city, you could really make a killing. In fact, the going rate for snow shoveling is anywhere between $25-75 bucks an hour.

One trick you might want to consider is asking for the job with a shovel in hand and then once the deal is made, break out your Toro Power Clear 721E that can blow snow up to 35 feet away…. (Insert manly grunt here).

Top 10 Ways to Make Money Fast By Utilizing what you already Own.












51. Start an Affiliate Marketing Program.

Now you may be thinking, wait a minute, slow down! But you don’t need to, all that is required to start an affiliate marketing program is simply taking the time to post on social media a product that you already use and love. Except now, you’re actually going to earn a commission for it!

Simply Google “affiliate marketers” and were sure you’ll find a ton of information from folks doing this in your area.

52. Create a Playlist.

You might not be a professional DJ, but there are times when a party thrower just can’t afford one, but they can afford to pay someone to create a music playlist. So if you know how to get the party started, why not make a few bucks and help out a neighbor.

53. Rent out your high end fashion items.

If you have a collection of high-end bags, dresses or shoes that you’re just not ready to sell, you can make money by renting them out to people who want to fake it before they make it. You can make $50 or more, depending on the brands you own.

54. Rent your house/room on Airbnb

Nowadays, a lot of people around the world are making cold hard cash fast using the assets they already have: a single-family home or multi-unit housing, condo, townhouse or even an apartment. So, even if you don’t own your place, you can still list your home on Airbnb so long as your landlord is okay with it.

You can even rent your entire place out while you are traveling or rent out a spare room/sofa while you’re home. In order to attract travelers to choose to stay at your place you need the following:

  • Good photos of the place where travelers will be staying
  • A price that’s slightly cheaper than everything else on offer in your area
  • Reviews from previous guests – if you have none, ask your friend to stay for a night so they can review the place.

Also, don’t forget to check our Vacation Rental By Owner, or VRBO for another great option when looking to rent out your real estate either short term or long term.VRBO is the #1 vacational rental site in the U.S.

55. Use your Instagram Account.

Did you know that if you have more than 5,000 followers you can make money on Instagram online by promoting other people’s products?

If not, maybe it’s time to start going back through your high school year book and see if you can “scrounge” up a few more followers!

The nice thing is that the more followers you have, the more money you will get paid per post. Additionally, if you have an Instagram account with a special focus (i.e. fitness, yoga, or beer), then you can reach out to products that have the same target audience and tell them about your prices.

Some businesses will pay $100 for a single post, making it more than a hobby, it can be a full-time job!

56. Sell your photos.

You may not be a professional photographer, but if you take good photos, you may be able to start your own part-time job and sell them to a stock image site such as iStockphoto, Shutterstock or Photodune. It’s possible to earn $100 just off your vacation photos!

But just remember, you may not want to sell images of yourself because those images could one day be attached to a product that you’re not all that thrilled about!

57. Rent out your garage or basement.

Traditional storage spaces can be expensive which is why your garage or basement could be potential gold mines just waiting to be tapped.

So, if you have extra space in your basement or garage, and you’re comfortable allowing people to store things in there, go for it!

Just be sure that you know exactly WHAT is being stored in your home before you allow it to be kept there.

58. Wrap your car in advertisements.

There are companies, such as Carvertise, looking for people who are willing to cover their car in advertisements as a “moving billboard”. So long as you don’t mind people staring at your car (that’s the point, after all), this is an effortless way to make good money. Companies pay hundreds of dollars a month for advertising space on vehicles. Be sure to learn about the product you’re advertising before you dive in. Check out our Carvertise review for more.

59. Sell unused gift cards.

Sometimes people give you gift cards because they don’t know what else to give. But often times, they’re to shops or restaurants we don’t even care for. So what’s the solution? Sell your unused gift cards on Cardpool. You will have to sell the cards for less than they are worth, but remember – letting the cards expire in your dresser drawer is worth nothing.

60. Rent out your car.

Want to use your car to make money, but don’t necessarily want to drive it? You can always rent out your car. The only catch is that you shouldn’t need to drive it. Sites like match people looking to rent cars with car owners. Check with your insurance policy to see what kind of coverage you have before doing this, though!

Top 10 Ways to Make Money Fast By Monetizing a Hobby.

way to make money on etsy

61. Turn your hobby into a side business – or full time business.

If you love to do woodwork, pottery, or crafts, why not sell your work on a site like Etsy allows artisans to create their own online business where they can sell their work.

To be successful and make money selling on Etsy you will need:

  • A good product to sell
  • An active social media presence that can direct people to your Etsy storefront
  • Word of mouth (enlist the help of your friends)

How much you make on Etsy will entirely depend on your marketing finesse and the quality of your product. And your earning potential is unlimited.

You may make $50, $5000, or $50,000 a month! It will probably take time before you’ll be able to turn your Etsy shop into a full-time business, but with a little determination it’s definitely possible!

62. Become a Busk!

What in the heck is a busk you ask? That’s simple, a busk is someone who has decided to quit bugging their roommates by playing the guitar or singing in the living room and has decided to take their talents to the public as a street performer!

It’s not begging if you’ve got talent! And street performing can be a great way to earn more money.

63. Canvas for Greenpeace.

Now we don’t want to suggest that supporting or volunteering for Greenpeace is a hobby, but let’s face it, there are a lot more “supporters” of Greenpeace than actual Greanpeace team members, this is why we’ve placed them in our “hobby” section.

So here’s the scoop, we’ve all meet Greenpeace team members before, but did you know they aren’t volunteers? They are actually paid staff members. If you want to talk about saving the environment, then become a member of the Greenpeace frontline.

64. Dog walking.

Love taking your dog for a walk or down to the dog park? Why not bring him or her a friend while you go dog walking and earn more money?

After all, a lot of people with dogs can’t make it home in the middle of the day to let them out for a potty break. That’s where you come in. Walking dogs can be good money.

Most owners need someone to walk his or her dog for 15 minutes to an hour. The longer the walk, the more you make. Not a bad way to make some extra cash fast and enjoy the experience. See our Rover review for more.

65. Help tourist visiting your area.

If you love your city and want to help tourists navigate their way, then you should sign up on Local Cousin is an app and website that connects travelers with locals. The job of the local is to give expert “inside information”. The travelers pay to ask questions or for recommendations. Basically, you’ll get paid for talking about your city!

66. Start blogging

This may sound so 2008, but bloggers still make money advertising. It’s a bit hard to break in so late in the game, but if you have a knack for writing and some interesting things to say, you just might be able to get a successful blog going – and reap the benefit of advertising money. Quick money making tips for blogging for money:

  • Make your writing easy to read and about topics people care about.
  • Share your links on sites like and StumbleUpon to increase exposure.
  • Lastly, write about things you care about, this way you’ll not only enjoy working on your blog, you also won’t worry so much if it’s not making a ton of income right away.

67. Get paid to play video games.

Do you love video games? Do you love figuring out every little trick on every level? Well if so, you probably already know this, but people love watching others play video games. And they particularly love watching people solve really difficult parts in video games so that they can become better gamers themselves.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your GoPro and start filming yourself playing the latest release. Also feel free to throw in an honest review while you’re at it and who knows, 2 months from now, you could become a web celebrity!

68. Get paid for your passion of the game.

Do you love sports, but just can’t hit a 90 mph fastball? Or, is your 5’9” frame the only thing keeping you out of the NBA? Well if so, sometimes just being around the game can be nearly as good as playing the game.

So why not become a referee or an umpire with your local youth leagues and stay involved? It’s a great way to make a little extra money, and who doesn’t love watching kids play Little League?

69. Christmas decorator?

Do you have the best Christmas lights in the neighborhood? Well, chances are there would be a lot more people in your neighborhood with lights up if they just had someone to help them out. So why not advertise your skills as a Christmas decorator.

Not sold on the idea? Just do a quick Google search on how much these guys/gals can make in a year and you might think differently. Additionally, with the growth of other holidays, such as Halloween, this may be a multi month option for many motivated people out there.

70. Love to cook or bake desserts?
We’ll guess what, you’re simply a GoPro away from becoming the next YouTube sensation when it comes to creating awesome cooking “how to” videos. Don’t believe us, just go to YouTube and look up “cupcake videos”.
Now while it’s amazing just how many different videos that will pop up, what’s even more amazing is just how many times these videos have been watched! So, what’s the trick? That’s easy, have a passion for what you’re doing and find a way to differentiate yourself from the pack.
Perhaps thinking about some of the latest trends such as how to make a:
  • Star wars cupcake.
  • Trolls cupcake
  • Pets Life cupcake.
  • Etc, etc…

Top 10 Creative Ways to Make Money Fast.

creative ways to make money fast71. Peer-to-Peer Lending.

Peer-to-peer lending is a relatively new concept, but many people believe it is going to disrupt the way banking is done. The basic concept is that you can actually loan your money to peers online and you’ll earn a decent interest rate.

In theory, this rate of return will be better than leaving your money in the bank, and you’ll now be able to tell all of your crazy family members who are looking for a loan to just check out peer-to-peer lending and leave you alone!

Lending Club is the market leader, with over $9 billion in issued loans to date. Check out our Lending Club review for more.

72. Use your Network.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”

If you know a lot of people, you can actually make money from who you know. Imagine someone is looking for new clients, and you know people who might fit the bill. Make introductions – and ask for a small percentage of any business that comes of it.

Another advantage is you are getting to know your friends better by asking questions. And the more you learn the more you discover. And the more you discover, the more opportunities you will begin to see every day!

73. Run errands using PostMates or DoorDash.

PostMates allows you to make money by running simple errands for people in your city. All you have to do is pick stuff up and drop it off at its destination. What an easy way to make money fast!

Another company making similar inroads is DoorDash. This innovative company makes is easy to get your favorite cuisine from either your favorite fast food joint or the local sushi bar. Becoming a driver with DoorDash is a great way to earn more money with the flexibility to choose when you want to work at food delivery or take the night off.

Finally, if you don’t mind heading to the grocery store and delivering food to your clients door, check out Shipt. The company acts as a platform connecting shoppers with clients who desire groceries but either cannot make it to the store or don’t have the time. And with pay averaging $15-$20 an hour, this is a great option to make quick money.

Elderly market.

Older people may not know about errand apps like PostMates and DoorDash, but it’s a demographic ripe with takers for errand-runners and personal shoppers.

Advertise your services in retirement communities; once you get a few clients, it will likely be a domino effect, as your client base will continue to grow.

74. Lose Weight.

Yes, you read that right. It is possible to make money by losing weight. Healthy Wage incentivizes dieters by allowing you to participate in a weight loss contest where the biggest loser wins! In order to make this work you will have to stick to your diet and workout plan—otherwise someone else will get the final prize! Find out more in our HealthyWage review.

75. Make Instructional YouTube Videos.

Are people always asking for your help fixing their computer problems? Do you know how to make unique pieces of origami? Have you invented some interesting dishes? If so, you can share your knowledge and make some extra income by making YouTube videos.

What you’ll need:

  • An iPhone or Android that can record the video
  • An idea
  • Basic video editing skills (there are many tools that make this simple! If you don’t know how to do it already, you can learn!)

After you make the video, put it up on YouTube and start earning revenue from advertising! The more views your videos get, the more money you’ll make. The point, however, is that once you add a video to the internet, you will keep earning from it so long as people are watching it.

76. Buy and sell domain names.

A lot of new website extensions have just entered the market such as .guru .life and so on. This means there are a lot more domain names available for purchase. Get online at or another site like that and sweep up some good domain names. You are legally allowed to sell your domain name to someone else who is interested, which makes for a great online business.

A few years ago, the domain was purchased by an Indian-based company for a pretty penny. You won’t find such a great domain name available, but you might be able to buy some domain names that will be valuable to others. You could earn anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending how bad the buyer wants the domain.

Making money on Fiverr is an excellent way to create online income. A quick visit to will quickly produce many interesting ideas on how to let your “Creative Juices” start earning extra money for you.

Fiverr is a global online marketplace that allows folks to petition for work by offering tasks and services at a minimal cost, typically $5.00 per job.

Now this does not mean that one is limited to only earning $5.00 per job, but it will usually be a starting point for many simple tasks.

What types of jobs can you find on

We’re glad you asked because the next 4 ways to make money are going to be ways taken directly from the site.

77. Create a Logo.

With tens of thousands of different companies being created world wide, it should not come as a surprise that a lot of these companies are going to be looking for logo’s, and aren’t going to have capital to pay some big league graphic designer to help them create their logos.

Which is great news for you if you are a graphic designer, because, not only do you get to do something you enjoy, you also get to do it from your home on your own schedule.

78. Be a translator.

Speak a second language? Good for you, now put that knowledge to work. With just a quick search of you’ll find that your skills are going to be highly desired so get to work earning!

79. Voice over work.

Got a great voice, or have you been told you sound like a cartoon character? Well good news, you’re going to be a hit in the voice over section at

80. Video editing.

Love editing your home videos? Well, good news for you, because the truth is, most of us hate editing our videos, so if this is something that your good at and enjoy doing, you very well might find a career waiting for you at

Top 10 ways to make money fast by utilizing your skills.

using your skills to make money81. Become a personal trainer

If you have the skills, you don’t have to be certified to be a personal trainer; just don’t lie and say you are. There are plenty of fit YouTube personalities that have gained quite a following that may not be certified personal trainers, but they sure look good. If that describes you, then offer your services to unfit or unhealthy friends and family. Who knows, you just might find you’re passionate about personal training. And then if you want to get certified, there are plenty of online resources to help you achieve just that.

81. Become a budgeting mentor.

So we’re not suggesting that you run out and get an accounting degree or become a Certified Financial Planner, but if you are great creating a budget, then you might be able to help others stay within theirs.

For example, it’s one thing to have a parent tell you to spend less and save more, but when a friend tells you the same thing, for some reason, it seems a bit more powerful.

Helping people curb their spending habits is good personal therapy as well because it will keep you focused on the prize: making money fast that can in turn be used to make even more money!

82. Help Style People.

If you have a knack for fashion, then sell your expert style advice to brides-to-be, high schoolers going to prom, and people who have a big event to attend. Don’t think there’s a need? Well then just ask yourself why so many people are getting millions of views on their YouTube channel all about makeup secrets!

83. Become a social media manager.

Small businesses owners usually can’t afford pricey marketing agencies to handle their social media, but they still want an online presence. This provides a perfect opportunity to approach restaurants and shops and ask them if they would like someone to manage their social media accounts.

You can make a few hundred dollars a month just by posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you take public transportation to your regular job, you can often do this during the commute!

84. Tutor Someone.

With the state of our schools today being what it is, it’s no wonder why so many parents are looking for tutors for their children. In fact, tutors can get paid up to $30/ hour, depending on the subject matter and the age level. This is a great way to use the skills you already have to make money fast. Popular subjects include: English, Math, Science, SAT, GMAT, GRE and LSAT.

You can use platforms like University Tutor or Tutor Matching Service to jump-start your tutoring career. Then once you’ve built up a base of students, you will likely get new students through word of mouth referrals.

85. Teach English via Skype.

Did you know there are millions of students in foreign countries who learn English via Skype sessions?

Well there are. In fact, there area also many companies that will help match teachers with students across the globe.

This is a fun way to learn and engage with someone from a foreign country while making easy money online.

SkypeLearn is one of the many sites where you can make money fast by teaching English online. Most Skype-based English teachers make around $10-20/hour.

86. Write an eBook.

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a published author, there’s no better time than now. You can write your very own book and publish it without a publisher. Just put it online and watch the money start coming in. On Kindle, you will earn 70% of the price you set for the book.

How to make money with an eBook:

  • Make sure you have a great design cover
  • Have a catchy title
  • Write something people want to read

Non-fiction “how to” and self-help books are in high demand and might be easier to write than a fiction book. Either way, this is another great way to earn passive income. Once the book is written, you’ll keep earning money so long as the book is in the e-store.


88. Ask for a raise!

A lot of times we undervalue our own work. When was the last time your employer gave you a raise? If it’s been a while, then remember the old saying: you get what you ask for.

So, if you’re overdue a raise, just ask. Then again, maybe your better off picking one of the 99 other ways listed to make money and quit your day job.

89. Singing and song writing.

Have a talent for writing jingles and singing songs? If so, there is a large market out there for freelance artists to earn an extra buck or two on the side. The added benefit is that by working as a freelancer you’ll be able to pick and choose your projects, as well as create your own deadlines.

From more information on what types of jobs might be available, is a great place start.

90. Freelance programmer.

Talk to just about any small business owner out there and ask them if they would like to have a computer Geek donate one or two hours of their time and you’re sure to get the same answer…. YES PLEASE!

Because the truth is, in today’s day and age, just about any business needs a computer to function, and for the vast majority of business owners, this part of their business is what frightens them the most.

So… needless to say, freelance programmers are always going to be highly desired. The key is finding a way to reach your clients in a way that won’t intimidate them. is just such a way, which is why you should check them out.

Top 10 Ways to Make Money by Saving Money.

make-money-by-saving-moneyFor our last 10 ways to make money, we briefly want to focus on just how powerful saving money can be for someone looking to improve their financial situation. Now we know that nobody likes to go without, this is why we’re going to focus on 10 ways that you can save money, and thereby have more money—to SPEND!

91. Use the right credit cards.

Not all credit cards are created equally. Some have a far lower interest rate, and are even more forgiving when it comes to late payments. If you currently have debt on a credit card, then it’s time to take this seriously. You can easily shift the debt to a credit card via a balance transfer to get a lower interest rate, such as cards offering 0% interest for a year. This could save you a lot of money each month. And finding great cash back rewards credit cards makes it even better. For example, Amazon prime users can benefit from up to 5% cash back with the company’s Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.

92. Get the right phone plan.

There are a lot of phone plans out there, and some will save you a lot more money than others. Make sure you have the best possible phone plan to reap the greatest savings.

93. Get the right cable plan.

Just like there are many phone plans, there are also many cable plans. You may not have the most economical plan for your interests. Look into all your cable options and find the best cable plan for your TV watching habits. Or, you might take a fast from TV altogether and simply pocket the extra $100 you save every month!

94. Refinance your car.

If you have a monthly car payment then you may be able to refinance for a better deal. Mastering personal finance can help you see how to make your car payments work for you rather than the other way around. You might even consider selling your current vehicle and purchasing a more economical and fuel efficient car, that can save you on the monthly payments and at the pump.

95. Think about your workout plan.

Every January 1st millions of people resolve to get fit in the New Year and gym memberships skyrocket. A few months later, though, the gyms are pretty empty. If you have a gym membership you don’t use, then reconsider why you have it. Of course, you should still workout – but there are a lot of options aside from the gym. You can workout at home, the park, and more. And a lot of people who workout outside the gym are very healthy. Do a quick google search for the word calisthenics to see what we mean!

96. Get lower home and auto insurance rates.

Don’t overpay for essentials like home and auto insurance. You may be able to find much more affordable insurance plans without sacrificing your coverage. This could save you a lot of money each month.

97. Switch to low energy lighting.

You may not realize it, but every time you use a light in your house, you’re paying for it. Conserve light by switching your bulbs to energy saving light bulbs. Sure, there will be a slight initial investment to buy the new bulbs, but you will reap the savings very quickly. You can also consider other ways to reduce your electricity bill, such as eating by candlelight a few nights a week or forsaking the heater in the winter and choosing to bundle up instead.

98. Use coupons!

Sure you can clip the paper coupons out of the weekend paper, but these days, coupons go a lot further than that. There are great digital platforms that offer regular deals on things you use every day. The trick with coupons is to make sure you don’t start buying things you don’t need just because you have a coupon.

99. Pack your lunch at least once or twice a week.

This may sound old school, but there are a lot of benefits to packing your lunch, and saving money is definitely one of them. A decently cheap meal out costs around $10, but you could make a great sack lunch for under $3. And in addition to saving you money, it will probably be healthier as well!

100. Kick the habit!

If you are a drinker, smoker, or gambler, you don’t need us to tell you how expensive a habit can be. For that matter, even the costs of a morning coffee can add up! Depending on how often you indulge in your vice, you could wind up saving hundreds of dollars every month.

We hope these 10 ideas to save money help get you on the path to saving and earning more each month.

Bonus Ideas

bonus how to make money fast ideas101. Bank Account Promotions

Be on the lookout for banks offering promotions to new customers who open a checking or savings account. This is an easy way to make money fast, usually $100 or more.

102. Princess Parties

Being a professional princess is a good gig to make some fast money. And there are also opportunities for the guys to get into the mix, dressing up as famous movie characters, such as Jack Sparrow. And the pay is nothing to scoff at, with many of these entertainers making $50 an hour.

103. Sign Spinner and Flipper Jobs

We have all seen the amazing guy or girl twirling a sign on the street corner. However, you don’t have to have a background in the ceremonial guard to land a job as a sign flipper. A sign spinner or sign flipper makes $10-$20 an hour, depending on experience. Looking for a gig as a sign flipper? Your local Craigslist is a great place to start.

104. Start Investing

There is no time like the present to make some small investments. In just a short time your investment could grow. Once you get the investing bug it will be hard to keep you from plugging as much money into various investments as you can. Just don’t wait.

105. Teach a Musical Instrument

I personally know of a handful of gifted individuals that turned their love of music into a financial boon. Teaching others a musical instrument is a great way to make money on the side or full time. And you can always take it to the next level by opening your own studio one day and employing other musicians who pay you for the privilege of teaching a musical instrument to all the students you help bring in.

106. Sell Breast Milk

Yes, you read that right. You can sell your breast milk online and make money today. Check out Only the Breast which acts as a community for moms connecting breast milk donators with buyers.

107. Employee Referrals

Here is a great option for those who work for employers willing to offer a bonus for an employee referral. I once had a job that paid any employee $2,000 for every referral that turned into a full time employee for 6 months. Needless to say, I went out of my way to refer as many people as possible. Ask your Human Resource department today if any such employee referral programs exist.

108. Pawn Shops

When you think of pawn shops you might imagine the scene from Men In Black where Will Smith meets his first alien. Most pawn shops can be intimidating but pawn shop owners are always looking for deals. If you have a need to make money fast, then selling your stuff to a pawn shop is one avenue to pursue. However, do your research before you go so you know the market value of your items. And don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. One pawn shop might not value your items the way another will. Last advice, go in the middle of the day!

109. Borrow Money

Although certainly not the best route to take to make money fast, borrowing money has some benefits. The primary benefit being that you get money in hand right away. If you see a deal then hit up a friend who can loan you some money. Act as the middle man in the transaction. Once you make your profit, pay back your friend and keep the gain. The more skilled you are at finding opportunities, the more money you will be able to raise. Check out real estate syndication for a great way to use other people’s money to earn extra money.

110. Selling Scrap Metal

There is a lot of extra money to be earned selling scrap metal. Different metals fetch a different price so get educated on the best metals for your time and effort. Here is an awesome guide to help you on your way.

111. House Sit

For all of you still living with mom and dad, why not offer to house sit for friends and family? House sitting is a great way to make money without doing a whole lot other than sitting in a house and possibly taking care of some pets. There are several online sites that connect house sitters with homeowners. Check out,, and for a few of the top sites.

112. Write Slogans

Are you good at coming up with catch phrases? Do you enjoy being creative? Well, why not try your hand at writing slogans?

At Slogan Slingers, people can use the platform to start a contest. Your job is to submit your idea of the best slogan based on the criteria. You compete with other people around the globe. If you win, you will receive a portion of the agreed upon price.

113. Sell Your Old Baseball Card and Comics

This one hits close to home as I have a large collection of vintage and modern baseball cards and comics simply sitting in plastic wasting away. Bust open that chest in the attic and see if any gold is in “them there hills” and cash in by stopping by DA Card World. They spent over $30,000,000 on cards, comics and collectibles last year.

114. Make money by selling your knowledge online

At Koocam, you can take the everyday knowledge you take for granted and make some money passing that knowledge on to others. What are you interested in teaching today? Perhaps a new dance step, or how to cook a certain meal, or perhaps impart your culture’s songs to others. Whatever it is, you can connect with users from around the globe to help them grow their knowledge today.

Using video chat, and the Koocam platform, you will have access to users from around the world. Categories include Music, Travel, Business, Health, Languages, Art and Entertainment. Give it a shot today.

115. Sell your art on Society6.

If you love to draw, create or make digital artwork, then you need to be on Society6. Society6 is a platform that allows artists to sell their prints as tapestries, throw pillows, iPhone cases, t-shirts and more. All you do is upload your artwork and people order the kind of merchandise they want. Merchandise is then made on demand by Society6. You will make a percentage of every sale.


As you can see, there are many ways to make quick cash online or offline. All it takes is a good idea and a little “elbow grease” as my grandpa used to say. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and earn extra money quick!

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