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The 10 Best and Worst States for Gun Safety in America

While mass shootings at schools, entertainment venues, churches, and other gathering places regularly make national headlines, they represent only a small slice of America’s growing trend of gun violence. In fact, 54% of mass shootings (four or more victims) relate to domestic or family violence, often occurring in private residences. Furthermore, a full third (36%) […]

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10 States with the Best (and Worst) Drug Addiction Support

Nearly half of all Americans have a close friend or family member who has struggled with drug addiction. Do you? Drug addiction may involve illegal use of prescribed drugs or illicit substances such as opioids, but studies show punishing illegal drug use with jail time is less effective than detox or rehab for beating addiction. […]

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Your State’s Most Dangerous Job

With any job, there are certain safety precautions we should all take—but some occupations are risky no matter how you behave. If knowledge is power, then it’s important to know if your job may be putting you in harm’s way. That’s why TermLife2Go took a good look at the most recent data from the Bureau […]

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Life Insurance Company of Alabama Review 2018

Review of Life Insurance Company of Alabama

Review of Life Insurance Company of Alabama (LICOA) We first heard about the Life Insurance Company of Alabama because it is an option among the different companies that help veterans transition from SGLI into a select few commercial companies offering individual policies, rather than into VGLI. About Life Insurance Company of Alabama History – In […]

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Knights of Columbus Life Insurance Review 2018


We offer our clients life insurance reviews, such as the following review of The Knights of Columbus (KofC), to equip our clients with knowledge to help them make the best decision on who to choose for their insurance needs. Our goal is to align each client with the top life insurance carrier, for both exam […]

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Kansas City Life Insurance Company Review 2018

Kansas City Life Insurance Company

The following review of Kansas City Life will provide an overview of the company’s strengths and products. With hundreds of companies in the marketplace, it is difficult to know which carriers represent the top rated best life insurance companies out there. At TermLife2Go, we provide both exam and no exam life insurance options so our […]

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Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Life Insurance Review and Rates 2018

review of Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

Review of Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Life Insurance The Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company is one of many insurance companies offering life insurance as the mainstay of their business. For over 50 years the company has served its policy holders by providing final expense burial insurance policies for its customers. The company currently operates in […]

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Great-West Financial Life Insurance Review and Rating 2018

review of Great-West Financial Life Insurance

Review of Great-West Financial At TermLife2Go, we look far and wide to find the best life insurance companies in the marketplace. One gem that we came across was Great-West Financial. In the following Great-West Financial Review, we will take a closer look at the company’s history, financials, ratings, products and services. Is Great-West Financial the […]

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Horace Mann Insurance Review 2018

review of Horace Mann Insurance

Horace Mann Insurance Review We have taken the time to research a large array of life insurance companies in order to familiarize ourselves with the marketplace. We do this so we can best serve our clients by providing them with the best companies and policies available. In the following Horace Mann Insurance review we will […]

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Great Western Insurance Company Review 2018

review of Great Western Insurance Company

Review of Great Western Insurance Company  At TermLife2Go, we know life insurance. We make it our #1 priority to stay on top of all the latest trends and companies in the marketplace. In our research, we found Great Western Insurance Company (GWIC). The company offers specific niche policies that may be just what you need. […]

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