Terrific Life Insurance Approvals in 24 hrs for Tussionex Users!

Has your life insurance advisor gone over some of the new life insurance trends that are making it possible to qualify for a No Medical Exam term or whole life insurance policy in less than 24 hours?

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Now generally, the only time that we actually learn that someone is using Tussionex or has a prescription for Tussionex is when we get to the point in a life insurance application where they ask:

“Are you currently taking any prescription medications?”

This is usually when a client, who isn’t taking any other prescription medications might say “Yes” I am currently taking a prescription medication, “I’m taking Tussionex”.

Now is this going to be a big deal?

No, it shouldn’t because what you’re going to find is that insurance companies aren’t going to be all that interested in the fact that you’re taking Tussionex.

After all, Tussionex (chlorpheniramine and hydrocodone) is simply an antihistamine that is used to treat common cold and flu symptoms such as runny or stuffy nose as well as sneezing and coughing.

But just because a life insurance company…

Isn’t going to be all that worried or concerned that you’re currently taking Tussionex doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t.  You see our goal here at TermLife2Go isn’t to just help you find a life insurance policy, its actually to help you find the “best” life insurance policy.

Which means that…

If you end up having to apply for a life insurance policy that’s going to require a medical exam, do we really want you taking a medical exam while you’re miserable with a cold?

Now we have a whole article written about how you should prepare for your medical exam, and most of the key points on this article are going to focus on being:

  • Well rested.
  • Fully hydrated.
  • And relaxed.

Three adjectives that are not commonly associated with someone who is suffering from the flu!

But here’s the catch?

What if you don’t have any insurance in place now?  Every day that you go “uninsured” is one more day that you put your interests at risk!  So it’s not like we want to wait all that long.

This is why we’ll generally recommend…

One of two things.  First we might recommend completing your life insurance application and then “postponing” the medical exam until after you are feeling better.  Or we may want to take a look at some of the new “no medical” exam term or whole life insurance options which have now begun being offered by some of the major life insurance companies in the industry.

Either way…

What you’re going to find by working with TermLife2Go is that we’re not going to pressure you into purchasing a life insurance policy when it’s just not a good idea, rather, by sharing with you our thoughts on how we feel you’ll most likely get the best rate on your life insurance, we’re hoping that we’ll be able to “earn” your business when the time is right.

Who we are…

TermLife2Go is an independent life insurance brokerage that has developed relationships with dozens of different life insurance companies so that regardless of your current health condition, we should have something that you can qualify for.

Now will we be able to find life insurance coverage for everyone?

Unfortunately we won’t, but by choosing to work with so many different life insurance companies we can say this, they’re really aren’t that many folks we can help and for those that we can’t, we never stop trying!

Ok, so if you ready to start “shopping” your options but don’t necessarily want to speak with an agent yet, just click on our  Online Life Insurance Quotes and get access to your quotes instantly!

So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!