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Top 23 Best Free Money Online Ideas

free online money ideas

At TermLife2Go, we are on a mission to make our visitors financially free. One of the reasons is somewhat selfish, we want you to take that extra money and buy affordable life insurance. But the other reason is because we want to see you succeed. That is why we have written our current series of articles that cover the ways to make money fast, while also providing ideas on making money in your sleep. 

Our Top 23 Best Free Money Ideas

Ebates – If you’ve never heard of Ebates, it’s a superb site where you can earn small amounts of money for completing simple tasks. However, all new members get a $10 welcome bonus just for spending $25 online*. For example, you can buy products from Amazon, Walmart, Groupon, Kohls, and more. If this is money you were going to spend anyway, why not do it with Ebates and you can earn yourself $10?

If you do a significant amount of your shopping online, Ebates is a good place to be because you can keep earning money. As long as you click through Ebates itself, some stores offer 40% cashback and this soon adds up.

*Must make a $25 purchase within 90 days of becoming an Ebates Member.

Rewards Credit Card – Once again, this is another option that requires spending but, if you’re spending the money anyway, you might as well be rewarded for it. With most rewards credit cards, all you need to do is meet a minimum spending requirement and you’ll earn all sorts of bonuses.

Of course, we don’t advise spending so much you end up in debt because this has the opposite effect to the one you’re trying to achieve. However, some credit cards don’t require an annual fee and you won’t have to pay a cent if you keep the balance at a respectable level. For example, the Chase Amazon Prime Card is currently offering a 5% cash back, which is 5% more free money than you had before.

Providing Feedback – Nowadays, every single company is facing extreme levels of competition. In order to stay ahead of the game, they need to know exactly what their customers are thinking which means they now pay for your opinions. For example, Harris Poll Online is known for paying out rewards whenever consumers give their opinions or ideas whether it relates to a particular product, service, marketing campaign, etc.

After signing up, you’ll have access to various polls that earn you points. As these points build over time, you can spend them on sites including Walmart, Amazon, iTunes, and Home Depot. If this doesn’t take your fancy, you could convert them into merchandise from the Harris Poll website. Considering Amazon now does groceries and a plethora of other items, this could save you money elsewhere in your budget.

Swagbucks – Not only is Swagbucks easy to follow, it’s also a fun way to make money. Essentially, all you have to do is surf online as you would normally. Every so often, you’ll be asked to watch a video, answer a particular survey question, or complete a simple task to earn points which are redeemed for gift cards. Talk about a quick and easy money making opportunity.

Currently, Swagbucks is free and it’s similar to the previous options in that you get paid for something you’re going to do anyway. As you build your Swagbucks, you’ll have opportunities to redeem different items with the most popular option being gift cards. If you’d rather wait, you can convert the points into PayPal cash. As you can see, this is simple and it can be fun to watch your earnings pile up.

Pinecone Research – With Pinecone Research, you can take part in surveys and give your opinions on the most popular products and services on the market. With a free sign-up option, all it takes is a few hours per week; perhaps those moments when you’re waiting for a friend to come over or when you have some time to pass over the weekend.

You earn points for every completed survey. The more time you have available, the more surveys you can complete. The more surveys you complete, the more points you earn.

In addition, while other sites restrict your earnings to gift cards, Pinecone Research allows you to convert your points into prizes or cash. Every time you reach the minimum withdrawal amount, you can request a check and it should come in the mail just a few days later.

A couple other benefits are you learn about product before it arrives on the market and you influence the products that make it into stores.

Inbox Dollars – Nowadays, it seems as though companies are happy to throw money our way just for things we normally do, like surfing the internet and shopping online. But they really are helping thousands of people each year. With games to play, surveys to complete, and grocery coupons to print, Inbox Dollars is another site choosing this niche and this is great news for us.

As well as all these things, you’ll also get paid to roam the depths of the internet and you can earn up to $30 per month. What’s more, the sign-up process comes with a free $5 bonus to get you started. Although this might not sound like a lot of money at first, you have to remember two things; 1) this is free money and 2) you really start to see results when you combine some of the options we’re listing here today.

MyPointsMyPoints is another top website that allows you to build points for simple tasks such as surveys or even some simple online shopping. It is nice that MyPoints has a lot of options.

As an example, you could ask for gift cards for GameStop, Amazon, CVS Pharmacy, Best Buy, and many others. On the other hand, you can request cashback.

Depending on which reward you choose, you’ll have to wait until a minimum points haul has been reached and to help prevent people from withdrawing pennies every day.

If we use Applebee’s as an example, you can earn the first gift certificate at just over 1,600 points. For cashback, this is generally done through PayPal and requires around three times this amount; although you have to wait a little longer, it makes the reward all the better.

Just like the other options we’ve provided here today, MyPoints is completely free and the points system relies upon surfing, videos, daily polls, and other simple tasks.

Global Test Market – If you’re a particularly creative person or maybe you work in the marketing industry during the day, you can offer your opinions to up-and-coming businesses with Global Test Market. As a consumer, your opinions are appreciated by businesses all over the world and Global Test Market provides the platform for this sharing to happen.

After signing up for your free account, you can give your views on recent advertising campaigns, products on the market, and many other things. As mentioned, this is a top easy free money opportunity if you already work in marketing or perhaps on the creative team for a well-known brand. Compared to other sites, the points really seem to add up fast with Global Test Market and they can be redeemed using PayPal. To redeem, all you need is 1,000 points; which is the equivalent of $10

Stash – So far, we’ve talked about plenty of websites but we haven’t really delved into the app market…until now. With Stash, you can download and get started for free on both Android and Apple smartphones; you can also enjoy a $5 bonus.

If you aren’t aware, Stash is an investing app that allows you to start with a limited budget. In years gone by, the process of investing has been somewhat monopolized by the rich but Stash opens it up for everyone.

With Stash, you get to choose from 30 different investment options. You can purchase fractional shares so you only invest what you can afford. With investment choices carrying names such as “the techie”, the globetrotter” and “the trendsetter” it can be fun just to see what investment options are available.

Netspend – Before we launch into this one, there are conflicting reports as to whether Netspend is still offering a free welcome bonus but we believe it’s worth the try because people were earning themselves $20 for very little work. Even if that offer no longer exists, you can still find free money online with Netspend simply by referring a friend.

If you use the prepaid visa card from Netspend you can earn Payback Rewards, up to 5% APY savings account, as well as the free money for referring a friend. What a great way to get free money fast.

Bank Bonuses – Although we’ve mentioned credit cards, there are also other bank accounts that offer bonuses so it’s well worth comparing the market to see what’s available. If you’ve only got one bank account open at the moment, you might just find it useful having another place to save money.

For example, Chase is currently offering up to $350 for customers opening a new checking and savings account.

If you’re going to open a bank account for the bonus, make sure you actually have a use for it and always take the time to read through the fine print.

In the past, we’ve heard stories of people unaware of annual fees and various other charges so it really is important to know the finer details of what you’re actually opening. Chase does offer free checking to veterans so definitely take advantage of that. And thank you for your service!

Transfer Your Prescription – Do you currently have a prescription from the doctor that you pay for monthly? Did you know that some drug stores run special promotions that earn you a gift card or even free cash when you transfer your prescription to them? As strange as it sounds, this is absolutely true and it offers a nice easy way of making money.

In order to take advantage of this tip, the best way is to look out for coupons on money-saving websites. However, a slightly easier approach would be to ask the general manager at your local drug store what they’ll accept and how you can get started. For example, many will accept Walgreens coupons or a coupon from another provider because of a ‘price match’ type service. If you have a spare hour or so in your day, this is a quick way to make around $25 per month.

Renting Baby Items – Over the years, smartphone applications have made life easier with maps, games, tips for growing certain flowers, and everything else in between. If you’re looking to make a bit of money, this is no different and today we’re suggesting ‘goBaby’ in particular, which is a peer-to-peer baby gear rental marketplace that can earn you up to an additional $500 a month of free money.

Every year, millions of parents take their baby on a plane for a vacation which, from the outside, sounds great. For those who have done it, it can be frustrating carrying around multiple bags and carrier. For this reason, a New York mother launched the goBaby app which allows parents to borrow equipment and baby supplies from other parents nearby. If you’re a parent, this means you can make money lending your supplies out to parents in the area. Whether you have car seats or strollers, this is essentially styled like Airbnb and it works in the same way.

Unfortunately, this service isn’t yet available across the country but it is steadily expanding and could soon reach you. At the time of creating this guide, it’s available in 27 states across the U.S.

Motif – As an investment tool, Motif allows you to build a portfolio even when on a budget. At the same time, you can enjoy a $100 bonus for signing up as long as you deposit $1,000 to start. For this one, you’ll need to be committed to investing and you may need to research the solution in more detail. If you’re interested, the free $100 bonus makes it all worthwhile.

Motif Investing allows you to pick stocks representing five different asset classes. Each investment theme is tailored to your preferences based on what you care about. For example, some themes available are connected cars, cyber security and precious metals. It is all done in three easy steps, starting with finding your motif, customizing your motif and buying your motif.

Immediately, you might be put off by the deposit and this is a fair concern if you’re on a limited budget. However, we also recommend digging a little deeper to see if Motif Investing offers something of interest to you. In the past, we’ve seen a number of people do relatively well with the site and the $100 is an added extra.

iPoll – Just as the name suggests, this is a website surrounding the notion of completing product research as well as various polls. Luckily, you can sign up using one of your social media accounts which can be useful if you don’t want yet another account with a website and numerous emails in return. If you use a product or even visit a restaurant or any other location, you can leave comments and evaluate your experience to receive money.

Generally, iPoll tries to push gift cards fairly hard and this can be good because they offer the cards for plenty of big brands. However, there is also an option to withdraw cash so don’t feel as though you have to pick a gift card. What’s more, you even get entered into a quarterly draw with a chance to win $10,000. Ultimately, this means you have a chance to win $10,000 four times a year just by leaving a few comments or giving your opinion.

Concepts Consumer Research – From all the suggestions we have here today, this could be the one with the most earning potential and this is because it goes beyond simple questionnaires. Instead, with Concepts Consumer Research you can partake in real research studies and each evaluation can earn you between $20 and $1,000 depending on the duration and scope of the study.

Typically, companies use this site to find participants for their new products which means you’ll have access to new products from big brands before anyone else in the world. In fact, you’ll even see products that don’t make the final cut.

For example, it might be a particular shampoo or perhaps a barbecue sauce for your food. Either way, you can earn a good chunk of free money fast for giving your opinions and following the instructions exactly.

Junk Mail – Junk mail; everyone receives it, most people hate it. However, we could just have another use for it and it offers a chance to earn some money. The Small Business Knowledge Center, a company based in the US, collects junk mail from all around the country to help their clients assess the practices of competitors and develop their own marketing strategies. For you, this means you can earn money just by sending your junk mail to the company. Go here for a list of desired junk mail.

Although you cannot earn cash through this method, you do have a chance to earn gift cards which can be just as good because they free up cash elsewhere. After visiting the website, sign up for your free account and you can start sending your junk mail immediately. In truth, this is one of our favorites because you could be earning money for something that normally goes in the trash.

Smart Panel – As long as you have a smartphone, we have another app for you in the shape of ‘Smart Panel’. When signing up, you’ll be asked to complete a short questionnaire so they can assess whether you qualify. If all goes well, you can receive free money in the form of an introductory $5 just for having the app on your device.

What do you have to do? Well, nothing actually. As long as you get accepted, you can earn $5 for every month you keep the app on your device. Furthermore, there is a promise of a loyalty gift every three months but we haven’t actually heard what this is just yet. Essentially, the app collects statistics from your smartphone anonymously so companies can improve the user experience in the coming years. If you want to find out whether you qualify, simply complete the questionnaire and wait to hear back.

RewardTV – update from the website:


After 14 years of providing fun TV trivia, RewardTV has closed.
We would like to thank all our members for their participation on RewardTV.

Thanks for playing!

In life, we all walk down different paths and partake in different hobbies. However, there are some things that have become habitual for the human race and sitting down to watch TV at the end of a long, hard day has become one of them. Therefore, it makes sense you should earn money while doing so and this is now possible thanks to the guys and girls at RewardTV.

If you care to comment on certain programs or even play program-related games, you can start earning some money. Sure, you might find a ceiling of around $20 per month but this is a genuinely fun way to make money. Seeing as though we all love to talk about TV, you can leave your comments on the site regarding dramas, sitcoms, and whatever else you enjoy.

Qmee – If we return to the internet and your browsing habits, Qmee is a great little extension to your browser. Once installed, Qmee shows their own suggestions when you search using Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other engine. If the Qmee link takes your fancy, click on it and you can earn a small amount of money. Over the course of the month, you might be able to earn yourself around $20/$30 free money.

If you aren’t aware of the program, companies pay Qmee to show their sites at the top of relevant searches. Therefore, they show up when you download the extension and you earn a small cut of the profit if you go ahead and click on the link.

MusicXRay – If you have a spare ten minutes here and there, MusicXRay is a fantastic way of making free money without working because you get to listen to music. For up and coming artists, they put their music on sites like MusicXRay where you can earn money for listening to them and giving your opinions or sometimes just a rating.

Apptrailers – With Apptrailer for your smartphone, you can watch short videos or download a simple app and earn money. Over time, your iPhone or Android device keeps offering ways of earning money and, eventually, you can withdraw cash using PayPal or alternatively choose a gift card for a well-known brand.

2020Panel – Nowadays, 2020 Research is a giant within the market research industry which means you can have confidence in their website; 2020Panel. After signing up, you receive invites to take part in online surveys or the real money can be found with online focus groups. 


And that brings us to a close of our article on the top free online money ideas. It is our hope that this article brings you one step closer to financial freedom as you exercise your creative money making muscle (i.e. your brain!).

Also, please leave us feedback on anything we missed pertaining to making free money online. We would love to hear from you.

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