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The Ultimate Survey Junkie Review.

review of survey junkie

Survey Junkie Review

In doing our own research here at TermLife2Go, we have found that many of the best “money making appsin the market right now are apps that focus on taking “surveys”.

The good news is…

That the “surveys” can be a great way to make money fast, from the privacy of your own home and usually require little effort to complete.  The problem is that with some many different “survey taking” apps out there, its’ difficult to know which ones are legitimate, and which ones are scams.

This is why we…

…chose to write this review on Survey Junkie so that you can get a better idea about:

  • What is SurveyJunkie?
  • How SurveyJunkie works?
  • Is SurveyJunkie legitimate?
  • Or is SurveyJunkie a scam?
  • And how do you get paid by SurveyJunkie?

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into our SurveyJunkie review.

What is Survey Junkie?

SurveyJunkie is an online platform that was founded back in 2005 and currently has over 4 million members actively using the program to make money from home.  It can also boast an 8.8/10 review by TRUSTPILOT with over 3500 individual “reviewers”.

Additionally…Survey Junkie’s members are not just limited to those living in the United States.  In fact, anyone over the age of 13 living in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada or Australia can participate.

How to Make Money Using the Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie pays its members to complete surveys.  That said however, it’s important to understand that you’re not going to become independently wealthy or be able to quit your full time or part time job using Survey Junkie.

Or to put it another way…You should consider Survey Junkie as a great way to make a few extra bucks each and every month by simply performing surveys now and then.

But before you can start…Earning those extra bucks, you’re first going to need to set up your profile and provide some basic information so that they can “customize” what surveys you’ll be eligible for.  To do this, Survey Junkie is going to want to know your:

  • Age,
  • Some “general” consumer preferences,
  • and of course, your contact information.

From there…It’s also important to note that Survey Junkie does not compensate it’s members with direct cash for the surveys that you take.  Instead, after completing a specific survey, you will earn “points” (which can and will vary from survey to survey) that can be deposited into your PayPal account or can be claimed as e-gift cards from a wide variety of vendors.

These “points”…Become cash when you redeem them for any of the options offered within the Survey Junkie program. The following are some steps followed to start earning in the Survey Junkie platform:

  • Create an account
  • Browse their categories
  • Select a survey that fits your or catches your interest
  • Complete the selected survey
  • Once the survey is completed, cash will be added to your account
  • Continue completing as many surveys as possible until you can cash out
  • Cash out through PayPal when you reach the $10 threshold.

As mentioned above, the Survey Junkie platform operates on a point system and the points can be converted or redeemed for real cash.

So, what you’re going to find is…That 1,000 Points is equal to $10.00.  And, once you have accumulated $10.00 in your account, you are now able to withdraw those “point/funds” in the form of payment.

Now… Most of the surveys within the Survey Junkie program will “generally” be worth approximately 100 to 200 points, so it shouldn’t take that long for you to reach the minimum amount (1000 points) that can be deposited to your PayPal account or gift card. Also, unlike most of the survey platforms, the Survey Junkie company will immediately add the points you have gathered into your account.

Pros for using Survey Junkie.

  • No cost incurred in joining the platform. We never recommend registering for any survey site that asks for money.
  • The points earned can be exchanged for both the gift cards and cash to PayPal.
  • Your personal information such as consumer preference and age will go toward assisting the companies to improve the quality of their products and services.
  • Answers that are provided by the users are kept safe and completely anonymous.
  • Even if you are not eligible for a particular survey, you will still be given the points.


  • You’re not going to make millions using Survey Junkie so you will need to determine for yourself if the effort to complete a survey is worth your time and energy.
  • It has a threshold or minimum balance of $10 needed for the payout

How much can I earn using Survey Junkie?

The amount that you can generate through the Survey Junkie platform typically depends on some factor such as:

  • How many surveys do you decide to handle
  • Your profile information
  • Eligibility for the study
  • And, the location

In reality…You’re probably only going to be able to take a few surveys a day if you’re an “average” participant.  That said however, it is possible to participate in more surveys than that and thus earn more money than an average member.

But it might not be…Worth your time because you will only be left with low-paying surveys once the high-paying surveys run out every day.  With that said we usually like to remind ourselves and our readers that according to a recent cnbc news report, 57% of Americans today have less than $1,000 dollars in their savings account and 39% have absolutely no savings at all!

Which is why…Even though you may not become independently wealthy using Survey Junkie, if it helps you become part of the 47% of Americans who have at least $1000.00 dollars in your savings account, we here at TermLife2Go would consider that a victory!

Which brings us to…

“Why is a company like TermLife2Go writing a review about Survey Junkie?

That’s simple, we’re writing our review of the Survey Junkie today because our primary goal here at TermLife2Go is to help improve the financial security of all of our clients.  And while we believe that purchasing term life insurance is a great way to do that, we understand that not all of our clients are going to be able to qualify or afford a life insurance policy at this time in their life. (Interested in knowing what it would cost, just click Term Life Insurance Quotes to compare rates by age.

And rather than…Just hang up with folks who aren’t “ready” to purchase a life insurance policy, we like to provide tools that might be able to help their future outlook until which time they can qualify or afford a life insurance policy.

Other than that…There really isn’t much too it.  We are simply looking out for ways that our visitors can make some extra money. So, if you decide to use the app, great!  If not, no problem we hope that you find some other way to be able to earn a few extra bucks each month.

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