Terrific Life Insurance Approvals in 24 hrs for Temazepam (Restoril and Normison) Users!

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Every now and then, we’ll have a client give us a call asking if their recent prescription for Temazepam is going to affect their life insurance application.  Now we say “recent” because in most cases, Temazepam is used to treat insomnia on a short term basis so we don’t typically see encounter clients who use Temazepam for a prolonged period of time.

About Temazepam:

Temazepam (brand names Restoril and Normison) is classified as an intermediate-acting 3 hydroxy hypnotic benzodiazepine, psychoactive medication that has been approved for the treatment of short-term insomnia.

About insomnia.

Insomnia is typically defined as difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.  Typical symptoms experienced by those suffering from insomnia will include, dissatisfaction in the sleep that they are getting along with general fatigue and low energy, difficult concentrating, mood disturbances and a decreased performance in work or school.

Now will taking Temazepam affect your life insurance application?

In most cases, taking Temazepam will not harm the outcome of one’s life insurance application.  Or in other words, if your using Temazepam to treat your insomnia, you should still be able to qualify for a Preferred or Preferred Plus rate class assuming that you would otherwise be eligible.

However, insurance companies will still be…

Interested in the “severity” of your insomnia and if your insomnia is having a “negative” impact on your daily activities, you find that you may not be eligible for a Preferred or Preferred Plus rate.

Questions that may be asked to determine the “severity” of your insomnia could include:

  • At what age were you first diagnosed with insomnia?
  • How long have you suffered from insomnia?
  • How long have you been taking Temazepam?
  • Is Temazepan the only medication that you’re using to treat your insomnia?
  • Are you currently taking any other prescription medications?
  • Do you have any history of drug or alcohol abuse?
  • DO you have any issues with your driving record, such as a suspended license, multiple moving violations or DUI?
  • Are you currently working now?
  • In the past 12 months have you applied for or received any form of disability benefits?

From here, the insurance companies will generally have a pretty good idea about the severity of your insomnia and usually be pretty sure about what types of life insurance policies you will and won’t be eligible for.

At this point…

We here at TermLife2Go, also like to take a look at some of the newer “no medical” exam term and whole life insurance options that are now available to those who may qualify including those who suffer from insomnia.

We particularly like to…

Recommend “no medical” exam life insurance options for those who don’t currently have any life insurance in place because these types of policies will generally reduce the wait time for approval to less than 24 hour’s vs waiting up to 2 to 4 weeks for a policy that would require you to take a medical exam!

About TermLife2Go.

TermLife2Go is an independent life insurance brokerage that works with dozens of different life insurance companies in an effort to help our clients find the best possible life insurance policy that they can qualify for.

Ok, so now that…

We’ve nearly bored you to death, are you ready to take a look at some actual quotes that you may be able to qualify for?  If so, we would strongly encourage you to take a look at our Term Life Insurance Quotes page where you’ll have access to quotes instantly from dozens of different life insurance companies.

And since we still have your attention…

It’s fair to say that most people who decide to purchase a life insurance policy do so that they can protect their loved one’s financial future in the event of their death.

But what happens if you get sick but don’t die?

Is your family’s financial future still protected?  Probably not.  Which is why we would encourage you to also take a look at the following articles which will discuss some other “types” of life insurance policies that can not only protect your family’s financial future, they could also significantly help our your own as well.

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