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Stash App Review… A Great Way to Get Your Feet Wet!

Stash App Review

Think investing is only for the Wall Street people? Think again. There are a lot of “apps” out there now that can help small time investors make a return on their cash. But do they work?  And is it worth it? In this review, we’re going to take a look at the Stash App and answer some of the questions that you may have if considering using it as way to potentially get started investing in the stock market.

That said…

While we’ve decided to include the Stash app on our list of money making apps, it’s important to understand that regardless of how “safe” an investment may seem, ALL investments contain risk!


Before you decide to place ANY amount of money into ANY type of investment, be sure that you fully understand all the risk associated with it and be sure that you’re not investing more than you feel comfortable losing!

And now that…

We’ve scared you a bit, let’s point out that with the Stash App, individuals are allowed to make investments a low as $5.00 so don’t get too worried or intimidated, what we’re talking about today in this review is going to be really “basic” and non-threatening.

So, what is the Stash App?

As we just stated, the Stash app is an app that allows you to make investments into the stock market with as little as $5. This makes the barrier to entry low or almost non-existent, making it easy for regular people like you and me to invest, easily.

Founders of Stash App.

Two Wall Street bankers, Brandon Krieg and Ed Robinson are the men behind Stash. They quit their jobs and started the app because they were so often asked by people where they should be putting their “extra cash”. The need for an investment platform for people with a few bucks was a definite need – and they set out to fill it.

Fees to Use Stash.

Stash isn’t free. If you want to invest with Stash here’s how the pricing works:

Investing under $5000 = $1 monthly charge

Investing more than $5000 = .25% of your account balance yearly.

So, let’s break it down…

Although you are totally entitled to really only invest $5, if you do so and have to pay $1 every month, it doesn’t make sense. But, if you’re going to invest hundreds of a few thousand, then Stash is one heck of a deal. And if you’re able to invest around $4500, then we’d say you’re going to do great (on a fee to investment amount) – because paying only $1 a month for investments of that size is a pretty good deal.

*** Remember ***

There are no guarantees you’ll make money with your investment.

Will you make money?

We hope so. At the end of the day, Stash is an investment app. That means you can make money…but you can also definitely lose it.

That said…

Stash claims to help you choose your investment portfolio based on:

  • Your interests

Do you like tech startups? Stash will help you build a portfolio around that. Are you interested in international business? You can build a portfolio based that travels more than you do! By investing in things you’re interested in, you’ll also make the process fun!

  • The risk level you’re comfortable with.

You’ve probably heard, the higher the risk, the greater the gain. This is pretty standard, and you may be able to make a lot with Stash – but you could also lose it. If you’re just looking for a comfortable, steady return on investment, then you can go low risk too.

Overall View of Stash.

If you are a first time investor or someone who is looking to park $500-$4000 we say Stash is definitely worth checking out. When you park this amount of money, the fees are negligible and the earnings can pay off for sure.


Because the barrier to entry is so low, some folks may feel more comfortable only investing $20 to $100 bucks at first.  Sure, the fees that you’ll be paying to do this ($1.00 per month) will be really high considering how low your investment is, but it will give you an opportunity to try out the Stash App and get a “feel” for how well would do if your investment was larger.

Which brings us to the obvious question which is…

“Why is TermLife2Go writing a review of Stash?”

That’s simple, we’re writing our review of the Stash app today because our primary goal here at TermLife2Go is to help improve the financial security of all of our clients.  And while we believe that purchasing a term life insurance policy is a great way to do that, we understand that not all of our clients are going to be able to qualify or afford a life insurance policy at this time in their life (Interested in knowing what it would cost, just click here Term Life Insurance Quotes).

And rather than…

Just hang up with folks who aren’t “ready” to purchase a life insurance policy, we like to provide tools that might be able to help their future outlook until which time they can qualify or afford a life insurance policy.

Other than that…

There really isn’t much too it.  We are not associated with the Stash app at all and we do not receive any kind of compensation from them for recommending their product.  So, if you decide to use the app, great!  If not, no problem we hope that you find some other way to be able to earn a few extra bucks each month.

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