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SnipSnap App Review…  Will it Save you Money?

As part of our continued effort to help our clients find financial security, we wanted to expand our initial review of SnipSnap which can be found on our Top 20 Money Saving Apps and go into a little bit more detail for you so that you can better decide if the Snip Snap App is right for you!

So, with that said…

When it comes to saving money, you’re basically going to have one or two options.  You can either buy less stuff (which isn’t much fun!) or you can spend less money on the stuff you do buy!

And if you ask us…

We’re always a fan of getting more for your money than having to go without!  This is why we like the “idea” of using the SnipSnap app and why we chose to write a SnipSnap review so that our clients can determine if it’s something that might help them save a few bucks.

So, what is SnipSnap?

Now for those of you who are too young to remember, back in the “old days” if you wanted to use a coupon in a store, you had to first go through your mail or your local newspaper and first search through the “coupon” section.  From there, you would need to actually cut the coupons out and typically keep them in your “coupon pouch”.

From there…

You got to the everyone’s favorite person in the checkout line when you would have to sort through your “pouch” and find the exact coupon for the exact product and “hope” that the coupon hadn’t expired from the time you actually cut it out of the paper till the day you actually used it!  The whole process was AWESOME!

We’ll maybe not…

Which is why the SnipSnap App has become so popular.  You see, the SnipSnap allows you to quit “cutting out” coupons and keeping them in your “coupon pouch” coupons to instead just be able to digitally “track” coupons that are posted on the internet!

Who started SnipSnap?

Ted Mann is the founder of SnipSnap. He started the company in 2011. It got a lot of attention early on when it was part of an incubator called DreamIt Ventures, helping it to get more than $1.5 million in funding. Later on Slyce bought SnipSnap for $6.5 million.

Now that might not…

Sound like a lot in today’s “TechWorld”, but we’re sure Ted isn’t complaining (good for you, Ted!).

Benefits of using SnipSnap.

Some of the benefits that you’ll find by using SnipSnap is that it’s going to make you coupon collection process a whole lot easier, particularly if you’re still cutting coupons out of your local newspaper or daily reader.

Now, you’ll be able to…

Keep all your coupons in one place rather than having coupons – even digital ones – scattered around. Digital coupons tend to show up in their own app, making it hard to remember when you have them – and when they’re going to expire. Think of all the times you’ve spent money on something only to remember later, “Oh! I had a coupon for that!” It’s a real bummer, a bummer that SnipSnap helps you to avoid!

SnipSnap Notifications.

SnipSnap sends you a notification every time your coupons are near their expiration date. That way you can use them before they go wasted. This is a great feature that can help you make the most of your coupons, and thus save a lot of money that you would have otherwise missed out on.

Sharing Coupons.

Another cool feature of SnipSnap is its ability to allow you to “share” a coupon.  So, if  you see a deal you know your friend will love? You can send a SnipSnap coupon over to whoever you’d like.

Sharing coupons is part of the fun…

And this way everybody wins! In a way, this can be sort of like crowdsourcing deals from your friends. In order for this to work, you’ll need to get a few of your deal-loving friends to start using SnipSnap too!

Potential problems with SnipSnap.

Remember when you used to clip a coupon for your favorite cereal and redeem it anywhere you felt like it? That’s not how SnipSnap works. Instead, SnipSnap offers coupons for places not things (think: A coupon for $1 off a product at Walmart rather than $1 off granolas bars that you can choose to buy at Walmart or Target).

There is also…

The possibility that all this coupon clipping will actually make you want to spend MORE money.  Perhaps you’ll buy things you don’t need simply because you are getting them at a discounted rate.

“Haven’t we all bought something that we regret simply because it was 75% off?”

This is the part that falls on you and your own responsibility.

Which brings us to part of our review where we like to answer the question that many people may have after reading one of TermLife2Go’s money saving articles, which is…

Why is TermLife2Go writing a review for SnipSnap?

This is a good question!  And one that we have no problem answering.  You see here at TermLife2Go, our primary goal is to help our clients achieve financial security for their loved ones.

Now we…

Happen to believe that purchasing a life insurance policy is a great way to do that(just in case you’d like to compare Term Life Insurance Quotes), but we understand that there are other ways to achieve this goal as well.  In fact, we have a bunch of articles written on quite a few other ways one can potentially improve the financial security of their family.

But one thing that you…

Don’t have to worry about is whether or not we receive any “compensation” by recommending or not recommending SnipSnap, because we don’t.

Which is why…

It really doesn’t matter to us if you choose to check out SnipSnap out or not, all we want to do is bring to your attention that there is an app called SnipSnap that could help you save some money on things that you’re already planning on purchasing.


It would be “inappropriate” of us not to mention some of the other “issues” that seem to be circulating about SnipSnap in that, in some cases, sharing, duplicating and/or copying some coupons can violate the rules and regulations of that coupon.  This is particularly true if your dealing with a “manufacturer” coupon vs a store coupon.


Is the SnipSnap app right for you?  Who knows, but its free to download and free to use, so why not give it a try, it can’t hurt.

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