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sell your photos to make money online

The following article on making money with Shutterstock is part of our series on how to make extra money. Our main purpose as a life insurance agency in writing articles like this one is to give our clients the opportunity to make a little extra cash so that they can afford the life insurance they want—and need.

How to Make Money on Shutterstock

Do your friends often tell you that you take great photos? Are you a hobby photographer? If so, then you may be able to sell your photographs to make a few extra bucks each month. Earning extra money by doing something you love is something that everyone would want to do if they could, so what’s holding you back? If you don’t know where to start, then try Shutterstock, a stock photo site that buys photographs from photographers like you.

What do I need to get started on Shutterstock?

Shutterstock only buys high-resolution photos, so the first thing you need is a camera that takes high-resolution photos. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a Mark 7 or another high-end camera; today a lot of smartphone cameras will do the job. You do have to make sure the settings are set to take high resolutions photos, however.

What else do I need?

If you want to further your photography skills and your range of photos you may want to consider getting things like reflectors, lenses, white cloth for backdrops and other photography accessories. What you buy certainly depends on your subject matter, and none are required to get started on your journey as a semi-professional photographer that makes easy money selling images to Shutterstock, as well as its competitors iStock Photo and Photdune.

Can I sell photos I’ve already taken?

Yes! If you have great photos of iconic sites, scenes, and even still life, then you can start making money by simply going through your archived photos. Your hard drive full of photos might be worth a lot more than you realize!

Can only photographers make money on Shutterstock?

No! Even illustrators and videographers/cinematographers can contribute content to Shutterstock for pay.

What kind of images does Shutterstock buy?

The best place to start is Shutterstock itself. You can skim through the existing photos and illustrations to get an idea as to the kind of content they like. Also start by looking through magazines, websites, and more. Whatever kind of photos and images you see in media will probably work for Shutterstock.

How can I make the most money on Shutterstock?

  1. Plan photo-shoots wisely. Get unique content that doesn’t already exist and be prepared with all the props you need for a shoot so as to not waste time.
  2. Plan moments from your everyday life. If you cook up great meals or bake great cookies regularly (or your spouse does), always stop to click a photo before you gobble it up. If you travel, get great photos. Going boating for the weekend? Bring the camera.
  3. Try to do low-cost shoots. Avoid things like paying models or buying props. Instead, ask your friends to help out for fun and use your own household items.

Why is an insurance agency writing about making money from stock images?

It may seem odd to find an article about how to make money from Shutterstock on a site that sells insurance, but actually it’s a lot more logical than it sounds. Most people who don’t have a life insurance policy don’t have it because it costs money, and perhaps they don’t have any cash to spare at the end of each month. However, basic life insurance policies like term life insurance policies actually cost a lot less than you think. By making some extra money from your photographs you can probably pay your monthly life insurance premiums and still have cash left over each month.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start selling your photographs online and start getting the life insurance coverage you and your family needs!

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