Seasonal Jobs [Best Summer and Winter Jobs for 2018]

With the economy being what it is, and the dollar just not stretching as far as it used to, it comes as no surprise that a lot of people like to take advantage of what many people would call seasonal employment opportunities.

And why not?

Seasonal jobs can be the perfect opportunity for someone to earn a few extra bucks without having to take on responsibilities often associated with full time employment.  But the trick is, finding the RIGHT type of seasonal position.

After all…

You don’t want find yourself delivering mail in North Dakota in mid-December earning minimum wage, now do you?  Before you answer that, just know this, the average temperature in North Dakota in December is 12.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

So without further ado, we give you the top 10 best seasonal jobs for both summer and winter (according to TermLife2Go).

Top 20 Best Seasonal Jobs [Summer and Winter Jobs]

The following list of the top winter jobs

Top 10 Best Winter Jobs

  1. Seasonal Recruiter.

Let’s start off with a weird one that you just might not have thought of on your own, but let’s face it, with retailers now starting to advertise for Christmas in mid-October, competition for filling part time, seasonal help is getting tougher and tougher every year.

This is why, becoming a seasonal recruiter can be a great way to earn a few extra bucks each year without having to freeze your behind off or risk being stampeded in the mall! And if you are good at building relationships within a business context, this might just be the best job for you.

  1. Decorator/designer.

Now the term “decorator” can cover a lot of different positions, some requiring a significant artistic ability while others may simply require that you don’t slip and fall off a ladder!

You see, during the holidays, people are going to be looking for decorators to help create attractive window displays, hang Christmas lights, help create Christmas cards etc, etc…

Which is why, if you have a flare for designing and creating, there’s are really good chance that you’ll find a company willing to hire you to help with the seasonal demand during this time.

Additionally, if you’re not afraid to market your own self, via Craigslist, bulletin boards and social media, you may find that you don’t need to look for someone to hire you, you may just be able to find your own customers and create your own part time BUSINESS!

  1. Retail, Retail, Retail.

Perhaps not the most glamorous of the positions that we’ve listed here, but this will certainly be the easiest way to ensure that you have some type of seasonal position this year.

Now if this seems like your best bet, we would recommend that you begin looking for a position early on in the season, and be sure that you don’t take a position that you’ll regret later on.  One thing you might consider is checking the store hours during the entire season, see if the stores remain open during the holiday days themselves and maybe even visit the stores as the holidays near, and ask yourself, “Do I really want to be working here on Black Friday?”

Also, find out what the perks are for working there. Can anybody say, employee discount?!?!

  1. Haunted House Character.

OK so in the spirit of full disclosure, we think it’s only fair to admit that in writing this article, we here at TermLife2Go all agreed that being a haunted house character is probably the “coolest” job that we’ve listed.

Now we don’t have any experience working as a haunted house character, but having visited the same haunted house attraction for nearly 10 years now, this author can attest to the fact that several of the same “monster clown” characters have been working there for all 10 years.  So we’ll simply use this as our “evidence” that being a seasonal haunted house character is awesome!

  1. Ski Resort Associate.

Now while it’s certainly cool to imagine ourselves as a “ski school instructor”, or one of those guys who fires off explosives into the mountains to prevent avalanches, unfortunately, there are only so many of those jobs to go around.

The good news is that for every one ski instructor working for the ski resort, there are probably 3 bartenders, and 15 waiters and maybe 40 lift ticket sales people, etc, etc…

Additionally, if you love skiing, there’s also a really good chance that you may get a sweet discount on a seasonal pass, so what have you got to lose?

  1. Amusement Park Employee.

Everyone who has ever been to one of the major theme parks over the holiday’s will certainly be able to attest to the fact that these places are packed at that time!  Which is why you’re generally going to find that starting around mid-October, most of these places are going to start ramping up their seasonal hiring so that they’ll be ready for when school is out and the places are full!

  1. Pet Sitter.

Love animals and don’t have any plans over the holidays?  Well good news, pet sitting services explode over the holiday times as people travel over the holidays, and either don’t want to, or simply can’t take their pets with them.

Which means that if you love taking care of animals, this could be a perfect opportunity for you.  For additional information on this front, feel free to take a look at our review articles for both DogVacay and RoverWe’ve also written an article listing some of the best jobs working with animals that you may want to review also which can be found at : Top 10 Jobs working with animals.

  1. Mail Carrier.

And since we just talking about how you can land a seasonal job working with dogs and other pets, it only seems appropriate to now mention how your local post office is probably going to need your help as the increase in amount of mail and packages increases as the holiday’s near.

A word of caution though, being a mail carrier is TOUGH work, so just be aware that if you do decide to go this route, you’re not going to be making an easy buck!

  1. Snow Removal.

Now before you say “oh sure, let me grab a shovel and do that all day!” do a quick search on YouTube looking for the “best snow blower”, these things are awesome and, are how you’re going to turn a brutal task into a great opportunity to earn some extra seasonal cash quick!

  1. Errand Runner.

OK so imagine you live somewhere where it snows, and it’s the middle of February, and you need to buy groceries or grab something from Target or Walmart.  Would you be willing to pay someone $20.00 to go do that for you?

Not convinced this idea would work?  Well let us just give you this addition nugget of information:

“Right now in 2017, there are nearly 75 million baby boomers who are on the verge of retirement, and for the next 20 years, there will be approximately 10,000 people each and every day that will be turning 65 years of age.” Source.

How many of those folks do you think would be willing to have you go run an errand for them in the middle of the winter?  Not sure?  Well neither are we, but there are two relatively new companies that are banking there will be a lot.

Now even though we tried to mix it up a bit and not solely focus on job opportunities that are going to make you freeze your rear off, for some of us, freezing simply isn’t an option which is why Summer is where it’s at.

Top 10 Best Summer Jobs.

  1. Be a Referee or Umpire.

Now we’re not going to suggest that being a referee or an umpire at a youth sporting event is going to be the easiest way to earn some extra cash over the summer season.  After all, some of the parents at these events can get pretty emotional about the outcome of a particular game or play.


If you have a passion for a particular sport, and love working with children, being a referee or an umpire for a youth league is a pretty AWESOME way to supplement your income over the summer season.

  1. Work at an Amusement Park or Water Park.

Every year when the kids get out of school amusement parks and water parks alike are going to go on a massive hiring spree.  Which means that if you’re looking to land a great part time job or just a job over the summer, working at an amusement park or water park could be a great opportunity.

And who knows, these types of temporary opportunities could perhaps segue into a career path into a more lucrative position in management!

  1. Work at a Movie Theater.

OK, so we’re not going to going into all the specifics here in this brief blurb, but as total sci-fi freaks, we here at TermLife2Go just want you to think of the possibilities when it comes to working at a movie theater.

Disney just recently purchased the Star Wars franchise, and as we’ve already seen, Disney knows how to do things right!  Which means that if you decide to get a part time seasonal job with a movie theater, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a front row seat to all of the new Star Wars movies coming out for years to come!

  1. Vacation Resorts.

Can’t afford to take a vacation over the summer?  Well then, why not work in the “Vacation”.  Vacation resorts are great places to land seasonal and part time work and can often times be a great opportunity to land a position that can also receive terrific gratuities.

If this sounds like an opportunity that you might be interested in, we would suggest that you pursue any potential job opportunities early on in the season, and don’t become too depressed if at first you’re not making the money that you thought you would, these positions will often times see huge fluctuations in income throughout the year.

  1. Traveling Bartender.

Think summer music festivals.  Everywhere that these music festivals travel to, they also bring a long a huge staff of vendors, and some of them make a killing!  For example, just think about being a beer and wine vendor at one of these events where, during a 8 hour shift, you pour 3000-4000 drinks! And after each one of these, most folks will feel compelled to tip at least a little bit!

  1. Babysitter

Just because the kids are out of school, doesn’t mean that Mommy and Daddy don’t have to keep going to work.  Which is why you’re going to find a huge demand for day care and babysitting services over the summer months.

So if you love taking care of kids, this might be a perfect opportunity for you to make a few bucks while also helping out a working parent.

The summer is a long time to go without doing some type of school work or summer reading which is why a lot of parents start looking for someone who can help keep their children’s minds sharp over the summer season.

These positions are also nice since most tutoring secessions will only last an hour or so, so they will not require a huge block of time should you wish to pursue tutoring over the summer.

  1. Swim Instructor/ Life guard.

Do you know CPR?  And do you love swimming?  If so, becoming a swim instructor or life guard might just be an ideal fit for you.  Additional benefits that you might also be able to land with this position is a free gym or club membership.

Additionally, don’t overlook the opportunity to become a private instructor where you offer your services to those who have a private pool.  Often times you’ll find that with a bit of advertising, you might be able create your own traveling swim instruction business without needing to work for a gym or the “Y”.

  1. National Park Worker.

There’s a reason why millions of people every year travel to one of our many National Parks, it’s because they’re beautiful!  So why choose a job where you’re stuck in the mall all summer long when you could be outside enjoying some of the most scenic locations on earth!

Now you might need to take a job that isn’t super glamorous, but who cares, it beats folding clothes all day or serving french fries at 2 am!

  1. Tour guide.

Staying in tune with the national park worker, tour guides get to take people around and show them some really cool things.  Now you may be thinking to yourself that this type of job would make you insane, but before you rule them out completely, do a quick search in your area and see if there are any super cool tours you might like to try.

For example:

And there you have it, our Top 20 Seasonal Jobs for 2018. We hope that you enjoyed it and perhaps discovered a new opportunity that you hadn’t considered previously.



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