SavvyConnect Review… How it works, and Why it may be a good choice for you!

 Savvy Connect Review

In researching many of the different “money making apps” that are out there, one of the first things that we discovered is that there are a lot of different ways to make money fast by participating in online surveys.  And while participating in such surveys is a pretty easy way to make a few bucks, not all survey taking apps are the same.

For example…

Some apps will pay to will limit “how” you can use the money that you earn by using their apps while others won’t actually pay you in dollars or gift cards, they’ll instead pay you in bitcoin (which could be great depending on how you feel about alternative forms of currency).

Which brings us…

To our SavvyConnect App review.  In this review, we want to first describe exactly what SavvyConnect is as well as discuss some of the pros and cons of using the app so that you can get a better idea about whether or not the SavvyConnect app is going to be a good fit for you!  So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

So what is SavvyConnect?

SavvyConnect is a “plugin” that you can add to your SurveySavvy profile that will allow you to earn money through the SurveySavvy program.


We can’t blame you there, but it’s really not all that difficult once you get the concept.  We just really wish that they would have chosen different names for each of these programs so that it would be easier to differentiate.  So, with that being said, let’s just take a moment and try to “shed” some light on exactly what the SurveySavvy and SavvyConnect programs are.

SurveySavvy vs. SavvyConnect

The first thing that you want to understand is that both the SavvyConnect and SurveySavvy are the same company.  And that the SavvyConnect is actually an extension within the SurveySavvy app that helps you to make more money while using SurveySavvy.

This means you have to use SurveySavvy to benefit from SavvyConnect.  Would it help if they didn’t make the names almost identical?  Sure, it would!  But they didn’t so you just kind of have to go through the initial confusion to get things up and running but once you have, you’re going to find that the rest of the process is a piece of cake!

Earn $60 like Magic!

The best thing about SavvyConnect is that you will get an automatic $60 just for installing the app. Think it’s too good to be true? Okay, maybe there are a few more things, but really you don’t have to do much. Get your $60 by simply:

  • Living in the US.
  • Downloading SavvyConnect on your device.
  • Keep it installed for a year!

You don’t have to do more than that! Don’t want to keep it on your device for a whole year? That’s okay; you’ll still get $5 per month you leave it on your phone.

Can you install on multiple devices?

Yes! However, SavvyConnect will only pay the same person up to $180 a year. That means you can really only install it on 3 devices and get paid.  But think about it for a second, that’s $180 dollars this year for doing practically nothing!  In fact, SavvyConnect almost made it on our best passive income ideas list.

Do I have to use the device that SavvyConnect has been installed on?

Yes. You have to use the device regularly for the app to award you with a payout. If you don’t, then you won’t get paid.

Why is SavvyConnect paying you for keeping their app on your devices?

Remember, there’s no such thing as a free lunch…  So, there must be a reason why SavvyConnect is offering to pay you to download their app on your phone or tablet.

And in the case of…

SavvyConnect, that “cost” to you is allowing SavvyConnect to be able to “see” or “watch” what you’re looking at on the internet, what you talk about on apps, and basically all of that.


SavvyConncect doesn’t necessarily keep “tabs” on you specifically, rather, it “compiles” all of the data that they collect on all of their users and combines them into their “big data” compilation which it then uses to detect trends which it can then use for marketing purposes.

But let’s get something straight…

A lot of times when you install an app or use a program, you have to “agree” to terms & conditions before you use it. Those terms and conditions often allow the app makers free range to track your info, access your friends lists, and so on. A lot of them are basically asking for the same information that SavvyConnect tracks – only they’re not paying you!

At least with SavvyConnect you’re getting some money out of it!

Should you install SavvyConnect?
Why not?! If you have a smartphone and have any apps on it, chances are, someone’s already collecting your data. So, you might as well get paid for it, right? In our opinion, we don’t see anything wrong with using SavvyConnect, which is why we would recommend that you should at least check them out and do a bit of additional research for yourself.

That said however…

SavvyConnect isn’t going to make you independently wealthy.  And it’s not going to be able to replace a part time job that you may already have.  But it is a good way for you to make an extra 10-15 bucks a month for doing next to nothing!

Which brings us to…

“Why is TermLife2Go writing this review?”

Which is a perfectly natural question to have and one that we’re more than happy to answer.  You see, here at TermLife2Go, our number one goal is to help improve the financial security of our clients.  And while we feel that purchasing a life insurance policy is a great way to do that (Interested in knowing what it would cost, just click here Term Life Insurance Quotes) we understand that not all of our clients are going to be able to qualify for a life insurance policy right now and that not all of our clients are going to be able to afford the coverage that they’re looking for.


Rather than simply say…

“Call us when you you’re ready or why you CAN qualify for coverage”

We prefer to offer some “advice” that could potentially improve their situation without actually purchasing a life insurance policy.

Which means that…

Our motivation is not to try to persuade you to use the SavvyConnect app, we don’t care one way or another.  We’re not affiliated with the SavvyConnect app and we don’t receive any compensation from the owners of the SavvyConnect app.  Our only hope is that if you do decide to use it, that it works out for you and that you and your family are better off after the experience.

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