SavingStar App Review…. Is it Legit?

SavingStar App Review

One thing that we’ve found while doing research for our Top 20 Money Saving Apps article is that if you’re looking to create a list that will apply to just about everyone, be sure to include several apps that will help folks save money at the grocery store.

“After all, we all gotta eat, right?”

This is why…

We chose to review the SavingStar app and ultimately decided to include it on our Top 20 Money Saving apps of 2017.  So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it so that you can decide for yourself if the SavingStar app is going to be a good fit for you.

So, what is the SavingStar App?

The SavingStar app is a pretty straightforward coupon app, that can be used on any iphone or Android device, that helps you save money on a lot of everyday items.

How much does SavingStar cost?

Using SavingStar doesn’t cost you a dime!  It’s free to download and it’s free to use.  Which is great because that means you don’t have to pay any money to try it out.  Also, even if you end up deciding that the SavingStar app isn’t a good fit for you, it’s not like you’re going to lose any money.

So how does the SavingStar app work?

Now one thing you may have already noticed if you’ve spent any time researching “money saving apps” is that there are a bunch of “them” out there.  So, the obvious question that most folks are going to have when trying to determine if the SavingStar app is going to be the right “one” for them is…

“How is the SavingStar app different from all the other money saving apps?”

And in our opinion, the main thing that sets SavingStar apart from other money saving apps is that the SavingStar app does not reduce your total at the checkout counter of a shop.


You will get a “credit” to your PayPal account. And if your savings from one coupon is less than $5, it will wait for it to hit $5 before it “credits” your account.  Now if you don’t have a PayPal account, don’t fret!  You can also redeem your savings as an Amazon gift card or if you’re super generous you can even donate the money to a favorite charity!

Other interesting things about SavingStar.

New Deals

This is important: SavingStar isn’t a fixed program.  Which means that they are constantly working on improving their app by adding new deals on a daily basis – which is awesome! So, if they don’t have your favorite product today, maybe they will tomorrow or next week! Just check again and find out.

Participating Stores.

Another great thing about the SavingStar app is that a lot of stores participate through their loyalty program. To find out if your favorite stores participate, you can always search for your favorites by entering your ZIP CODE and seeing which stores in your area are a part of the SavingStar community.

“One or Many”

This is an interesting feature on SavingStar wherein a coupon provider can decide if they want their coupon to be valid one time on one product or multiple times for the same product. For example: if you get a coupon for $1 off a six-pack of Pepsi, Pepsi can decide if you can use it on multiple six packs or not. They can even decide that you can use the coupon any time you buy a six-pack of Pepsi over a set number of days, even over multiple trips.

And while this…

May not seem like a benefit at first, once you encounter a product who’s manufacturer will allow you to use a “coupon” multiple times, you’ll quickly learn to appreciate this unique feature included in the SavingStar app.

Is SavingStar a Legitimate Company?

Now you can never be too careful nowadays when it comes to “downloading” something to your phone or “attaching” your PayPal account to some “brand new App”, so it’s important to know if the SavingStar app is legitimate.

And good news is….

That, you’ve got nothing to worry about when it comes to the SavingStar App.

History of SavingStar.

SavingStar was founded by David Rochon and Michael Libenson. Both David and Michael used to work for Upromise Grocery Services which focused on helping college students save money on groceries.

To date, SavingStar has raised $31.7 million in six rounds of funding. Their most recent investment round was for $1.4million and came from Venture, so you know that they have DEEP POCKETS and have earned the trust and respect of many investors to insure that you have nothing to fear by using their product.

TermLife2Go’s Overall Opinion.

Overall, we here at TermLife2Go feel that the SavingStar app is a great way to save some extra money when shopping for groceries.

And while we’ll admit, that not getting an immediate reduction in one’s grocery bill can be a bit “unsatisfying”, that feeling of being “let down” goes away very quickly once those PayPal credits/Amazon gift cards start rolling in!

Which leaves us with one last question…

We usually like to end all of our money saving app reviews with, which is:

“Why is a life insurance brokerage writing a review about the SavingStar App?”

Which is a great question, and one that has a great answer too!

You see…

Here at TermLife2go, our primary goal for all of our clients is to help they achieve financial security for their loved ones.  And while we firmly believe that buying a life insurance policy is a great way to do this(Interested in knowing what it would cost, just click here Term Life Insurance Quotes), we also understand that some folks:

  • Aren’t going to be able to Qualify for coverage.
  • Or they’re aren’t going to be able to Afford coverage.
  • Or they simply don’t “believe” in buying life insurance.

And while we may not be able to help those who can’t qualify for coverage or simply don’t believe in life insurance, we certainly want to try and help those who are having a difficult time “affording” a policy.

And the best way…

We’ve found to help out “these” folks is by first, helping the qualify for the “best” and most affordable life insurance that they can qualify for and then from there, provide a few ways that they can “save” in order to be able to afford their new life insurance policy.

Now will most people who are reading this article…

Decide to give the SavingStar app a try and then use some of the money that they save to purchase a life insurance policy?  Probably not, but that doesn’t mean that we here at TermLife2Go have failed, it just means that we’ve help in a different way.

Because remember…

Our goal is to help insure the financial security or our clients not “just” sell someone a life insurance policy.

So perhaps…

You’d prefer an alternative way to saving more money or even better “Earning” more money!  If so, we would encourage you to take a look at these following articles:

Either way, our goal here at TermLife2Go would be achieved.


It’s important for you the reader to understand that we here at TermLife2Go do not receive any kind of financial compensation from the folks who own the SavingStar app.  So, at the “end of the day” whether you choose to try out the SavingStar app or not, it really doesn’t matter all that much to us.  We just want to try and help our clients save a few bucks.

That said however…

We’re not financial experts.  We’re also not:

  • Money managers,
  • Certified financial planners,
  • Tax advisors,
  • Etc, etc…

All we are is a bunch of life insurance agents.  So… if you have any specific financial questions or concerns, we would recommend that you direct those questions to someone who is actually qualified to answer those “types” of questions!



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