Qualifying for Life Insurance with Reiter’s Syndrome or Reactive Arthritis.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition like Reiter’s Syndrome (AKA Reactive Arthritis) it’s only natural to wonder if having Reiter’s Syndrome will affect your chances of being able to qualify for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy.

This is why we her at TermLife2Go have chosen to write this article so that we can help “shed” some light on what the process of getting approved for life insurance will look like as well as how your “diagnosis” will affect that process.  So, without further ado, let’s get started!

About Reiter’s Syndrome or Reactive Arthritis.

Reiter’s Syndrome is a type of arthritis, and what’s interesting about it is that it actually occurs as a reaction to an intestinal, urinary or genital infection. The good news is that because there is a “cause” unlike other forms of arthritis, doctors will generally have some pretty effective ways to help manage or reduce one’s symptoms.

What are the symptoms of Reiter’s Syndrome?

Reiter’s Syndrome has the typical syndromes of arthritis – creaky and painful joints that sometimes swell up, get stiff or just feel plain sore. However, unlike regular arthritis, Reiter’s Syndrome has some other symptoms as well such as:

  • Painful urination.
  • Eye redness.
  • Skin rash.
  • Discharge from penis.

Now, not everyone who gets Reiter’s Syndrome has all these symptoms, but most people who have it get at least some.

Is Reiter’s Syndrome curable?
No, it’s not. But the good news is, the symptoms go away within six months for most people.

Does Reiter’s Syndrome impact Life Insurance Eligibility?

Not really. Because Reiter’s Syndrome itself isn’t life threatening and probably won’t cause a premature death, life insurance companies don’t care about Reiter’s that often. Of course, if you do have any residual symptoms, then it may be cause for concern. However, the real question here is what caused your Reiter’s Syndrome?

What causes Reiter’s Syndrome?

For a lot of people, it’s just a gene issue. If you do have the gene which is often the cause of Reiter’s Syndrome, you may also be more likely to have other kinds of arthritis. For more life insurance companies, this isn’t really a problem.

Sexually transmitted diseases can also cause Reiter’s Disease. Depending on the STD that caused your Reiter’s Syndrome, a life insurance company may penalize you for this, but it’s not likely you will be totally denied a policy.

Bacterial infections such as salmonella are other causes of Reiter’s Syndrome. So, long as the bacteria clears up completely, this should not impact your life insurance eligibility.

What else do I need to know about applying for life insurance with Reactive Arthritis?

The number one thing you need to know about applying for life insurance with reactive arthritis is that this is not the only thing that will determine your life insurance rate! In fact, it’s a very insignificant thing in the whole scheme of things.

So, what does matter?

Any health issue or pre-existing medical conditions that may reduce your life expectancy, even if only by a little. If an illness, sickness or medical problem in some cases can lower one’s life expectancy, expect your desired life insurance company to be concerned, and possibly raise your rate.

We’re talking about things like:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart issues
  • Recent surgeries
  • Certain medications
  • Depression

And many others.

Now we know what you’re thinking

But plenty of people who are overweight outlive totally fit people and many people who are depressed do a great job at managing it and live very long lives!  We know it, and so do certain life insurance companies!

That’s why we have to find the life insurance company that realizes that it’s not always true that people die prematurely when they have (insert your sickness). We find the life insurance companies that understand your medical issue, and act graciously when underwriting policies for people with your medical issues.

How do you find the right life insurance company?

You speak to an expert who works with many, many life insurance companies! Yes, that’s TermLife2Go! We work with dozens of life insurance companies and we know which ones offer a great rate to people with which diseases.

So, in order to find you a great rate we start by finding out a lot of information about you. We find out what life insurance companies ask – and what things they use to determine life insurance rates – and then we find the right company and policy for you!

Sound simple?

For us, yes, because we know what we’re looking for. For you as an individual, it would be a gigantic, almost impossible task to find the life insurance policy that’s the best for you. It would probably take full days, nights and weekends to find the one that’s right for you…and you still might not! s that really how you want to spend your time?

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!

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