Qualifying for Life Insurance with Raynaud’s Disease.

If you’re currently looking to purchase a term or whole life insurance policy, and you’ve been diagnosed with Raynaud’s Disease, chances are, you’re learning that have a pre-existing medical condition like Raynaud’s disease can really affect your chances at qualify for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy.

Or at the very least…

You’re diagnosis can certainly “complicate” things which is why, you want to be sure that when you do choose to apply for coverage, it’s with an insurance agent that is familiar with you condition and has plenty of options to choose from when determining which life insurance company is going to be the “best” for you!

You see…

Not all life insurance companies are going to use the same underwriting guidelines in determining how they should “view” your life insurance application.  Which means that not all life insurance companies are going to “classify” you the same.

Which means that…

The price that you end up paying for your life insurance could vary significantly from one life insurance company to the next!  Now the good news is that here at TermLife2Go, we work with dozens of different life insurance companies, and at the end of the day, we don’t really care “which” life insurance company is the “best” for you!

All we want to do is help you find the best life insurance policy that you can qualify for regardless of “which” life insurance company is offering “that” policy.

Now how do we do this…

That’s easy, the first thing that we do is learn what you’re hoping to achieve by purchasing your life insurance policy so that we can get an idea about what “types” of life insurance policies might be the best for you.

Then, we take what we know about Raynaud’s disease and apply that to dozens of different underwriting guidelines used by the different life insurance companies.

So, with that said…

Let’s just take a moment and discuss how your Raynaud’s diagnosis is going to play a role in the outcome of your life insurance application and identify some of the main factors that insurance companies are going to be interested in.

What is Raynaud’s Disease?

Raynaud’s disease seems like a pretty harmless condition in which people complain about having some areas of their body feeling cool or numb under certain circumstances.  It occurs when the smaller arteries (usually in the fingers and toes) constrict, decreasing the blood supply to these areas.

Types of Raynaud’s Disease.

Primary Raynaud’s Disease: This is when the disease does not have anything to do with a bigger medical problem. It’s just a response to the cold or stress by your body. This is also called Raynaud’s Phenomenon.

Qualifying for Life Insurance with Raynaud’s Phenomenon.

Qualifying for life insurance with Raynaud’s Phenomenon shouldn’t be an isse.  This is because, being diagnosed with Raynaud’s Phenomenon, should not have a negative impact on your life insurance eligibility.

Which means that…

If you have nothing else that stands in your way, you can even qualify for a preferred rate with Raynaud’s Phenomenon.  In fact, you may even be able to qualify for a no medial exam life insurance policy as well!

Before you get too excited, you will still have to have:

  • Great Overall Health
  • Be a Healthy Weight
  • Have a Clean Medical History
  • Be a Good Driver (no DUIs etc)
  • Have no Felony Charges
  • Have no Bad Habits (smoking, etc)

Secondary Raynaud’s Disease:

Secondary Raynaud’s Disease on the other hand is what Raynaud’s Disease is called when it is the result of another medical problem. More specifically, Raynaud’s Disease becomes a symptom of another disease/ailment rather than a standalone medical condition.

Qualifying for life Insurance with Secondary Raynaud’s Disease.

In Secondary Raynaud’s Disease the cause of Raynaud’s Disease will likely weigh more heavily than Raynaud’s Disease itself.

Some common conditions that can lead one to suffer from Raynaud’s Disease may include:

  • Capral Tunnel Syndrome
  • Smoking (If you are a smoker, your life insurance will almost always be higher than that of a non-smoker, no matter how your health is!),
  • Medications (certain medications can cause Raynaud’s Disease as a symptom),
  • Disease of the arteries (this will really impact your life insurance rate),
  • Connective tissue disease.

Each of which can and will have their own individual effect on the outcome of your life insurance application.

Which means that…

We will have to factor the underlying cause in when trying to figure out which life insurance company is best for you, and what rate you’ll get.

Possible Rates:

If you have secondary Raynaud’s Disease, you will most likely get a Table rate for a term or whole life insurance policy. For most, this rate will not be Table A or even Table B or C.  In fact, what we have found to be the norm is that most individuals applying for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy will only qualify for a Table D at best!

What’s a table rate?

A table rate is a life insurance rate that falls just below a standard rate is typically reserved for “higher” risk applicants.  In total, there are 10 different table rates that an individual can qualify for ranging from Table A (the best or least expensive table rate) all the way to Table J (the worst or most expensive table rate).  The trick for someone that is applying for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy after being diagnosed with Raynaud’s Disease is to try and find that “one” company that’s going to be willing to offer you a Table D if possible!

The Right Life Insurance Company for Raynaud’s Disease.

This is the part of the article you’ve been waiting for: the part where we lay it all out and tell you in very plain terms which life insurance company is “the best” for people with Raynaud’s Disease.

Now please believe us…

We wish we could do that. But unfortunately, the life insurance world just really isn’t that simple. It’s much more complicated than that!

How so?

As we mentioned, there are a number of factors that will go into your life insurance eligibility and rate. Would we really be doing you any favors by simply telling you which life insurance companies do the best for rating Raynaud’s? What if you have another health issue or lifestyle choice that makes that life insurance company totally wrong for you? We would be doing you a disservice to lead you to believe there was one right life insurance company for all Raynaud’s disease patients.


What we can tell you for sure is that there is a “right” process in finding that “best” life insurance policy and that “process” involves you shopping all our options before you apply for coverage!

And we can…

Help you out on that front!  Now we don’t work with every life insurance company, but we sure do work with a lot of them!  So if you’d like to be able to instantly shop dozens of different life insurance companies fast, just give us a call or visit our Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!

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