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Qualifying for Life Insurance with Psoriasis

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August 11, 2017

If you have psoriasis and want to get life insurance coverage, then keep reading this article! We will tell you everything you need to know about applying for life insurance with psoriasis.

  • Will you qualify?
  • Can you qualify for a preferred rate?
  • How can you find the best life insurance company for you?


The best way that we’ve found to help answer all of these questions is to first take a look at the pre-existing medical condition in question, and then from there discuss how the life insurance industry as a whole will view this condition when it sees it on life insurance application.  So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Psoriasis defined:

Psoriasis is a skin disorder that can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Most people with psoriasis will develop red plaque or white scales in splotches on the body. Common places for psoriasis include:

  • Arms
  • Scalp
  • Behind the ears
  • Under the breast
  • Any joint (elbows, knees, etc)
  • Soles of feet or palms of hands

People with psoriasis have outbreaks. The symptoms come and go.

What causes psoriasis?

Psoriasis occurs because skin cells are growing in overtime! Basically, skin cells are reproducing at a rate of up to ten times that which they should.

There’s no clear answer as to why some people have psoriasis, but it could be due to:

  • Genetics
  • Stress or trauma
  • Autoimmune disorders

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Now this is usually where we like to remind people…

That we’re not doctors, we’re just a bunch of life insurance agents and we’re not in the business of offering medical advice. This article is not a substitute for real medical advice. If you have questions about your health, then you need to see a medical professional. We are only here to help you find great life insurance with psoriasis and/or other medical issues. If you need help with that, give us a call today!

Ok so with that…

Behind us, let’s actually talk about qualifying for life insurance after you’ve been diagnosed with psoriasis.  Now the first thing life insurance companies look for when they are considering to underwrite a policy is: risk factors.

What are risk factors?

These are things that put you at risk of dying prematurely. Think heart problems, diabetes, and erratic driving. All of these things can actually hurt your chances of getting life insurance – or at the very least, disqualify you from a preferred rate.

Psoriasis: no risks!

Now we’re not suggesting that psoriasis isn’t a “serious” condition to those suffering from it.  And we don’t want to give one the impression that it’s not difficult to live with psoriasis.

After all…

It itches, causes discomfort, can lead to social embarrassment, and sometimes pain.  But it’s not going to kill you.  And when it comes to applying for life insurance, that’s really all that insurance companies are worried about!

And since…

People with psoriasis live just as long as anybody else!  Which means that not only should you be eligible to qualify for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy, you may even be able to qualify for a preferred rate!

That is of course if you:

  • Don’t have no other health concerns,
  • Are in pretty good shape,
  • Don’t smoke or have other vices,
  • Aren’t a convicted felon,
  • Have nothing major on your driving record (no DUIs, etc),
  • Have a decently safe job (you’re not a fire fighter, police officer, etc),
  • And don’t plan on traveling to a war zone areas any time soon.

Note: some life insurance companies may not offer you a preferred rate. We can help you find the ones that will!

Finding a life insurance policy.

If you want to find a really great life insurance policy, then you need to compare what various companies are offering. However, this can be a really big task. There are dozens of great life insurance companies out there. We can’t just tell you which is “the best” or even “the best for people with psoriasis”. That’s because there are a lot of factors to consider.

Most life insurance companies excel at underwriting policies for certain situations. But how do you know which is best for what?

Leave it to the experts.

If you have psoriasis and/or any other medical issue or lifestyle issue that you think may impact your life insurance eligibility – or you just want to make sure you’re getting really great coverage at an affordable rate—then call TermLife2Go today!

We work with clients with all kinds of unique cases. Our job is never to sell a certain life insurance product. Instead, our job is to find great coverage for individual clients. We personalize all of our life insurance recommendations to the needs of our clients. This is different from normal life insurance agents who just have an agenda of selling certain products.

How do you do that?

We work with dozens of the top life insurance companies in the USA. This enables us to pick and choose our recommendations from hundreds of life insurance policies.  Without limitations, we are in a better position to find you the best life insurance coverage for your situation.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Online Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!

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