Qualifying for Life Insurance with Kyphosis.

If you are looking for life insurance, then by now you know that everything on your medical records impacts your eligibility. So…if you’re trying to get life insurance with kyphosis, then you probably have some questions, and the good news is that we here at TermLife2Go are here to help!

In fact…

Every day we help people with pre-existing medical complications and issues like kyphosis to obtain quality life insurance products at an affordable price.  So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What is Kyphosis?

Kyphosis is a medical condition which is defined as the forward rounding of your back or spine.  So…If your spine curves to the front, you likely have kyphosis. This is usually something that happens with age, but it isn’t just restricted to old age.

How do you get kyphosis?

There are different things that cause kyphosis. For many people, it is related to osteoporosis. It may also have something to do with spinal malformation or simply a birth defect.

Treatment for Kyphosis

This completely depends on the cause, but many people will need to take pain relievers. If your kyphosis is caused by osteoporosis then your doctor will definitely recommend you take some type of medication that will specifically help with that – and he or she may also recommend taking calcium supplements as well. Therapy is also an option to help alleviate pain.

Kyphosis & Surgery

In some cases, surgery may also be an option. Your surgeon may recommend you have a spinal fusion which can help correct your posture and alleviate any pain you may be experiencing due to your kyphosis.

Kyphosis and Life Insurance.

The good news is what when it comes time to applying for life insurance, simply being diagnosed with kyphosis isn’t going to “disqualify” you from being eligible for coverage.

That being said however, insurance companies are going to be interested in what types of treatments you are receiving for your condition which could play a role in the potential outcome of your application.

For example:

if you have recently had surgery performed, it’s quite possible that, you may not be eligible for the best rate right immediately afterwards and may need to postpone applying for coverage until several weeks after post-op.  Rather, life insurance companies like to see that you have healed and everything’s gone well before they offer you a preferred rate on a life insurance policy.

Additionally, if you are taking “powerful” pain relivers to treat your condition, these too could play a role in the outcome of your life insurance policy and could potentially disqualify your from coverage.

Determining One’s Potential Risk.

The primary goal of a life insurance application for a life insurance company is to determine your “risk level” to the insurance company.  To do this, the insurance companies will not only look at your kyphosis, your treatment methods and your overall prognosis, they’ll also want to know more about it’s root cause.

You see…

What life insurance companies will really want to know: will kyphosis and the root cause be a problem in the long run?   So, if you have kyphosis due to osteoporosis, then you may not necessarily qualify for the best life insurance rate. This is because osteoporosis can be a complicated disease that results in many problems down the line.

Can I qualify for life insurance with kyphosis?
The simple answer is YES! Kyphosis alone won’t disqualify you from a term or whole life insurance policy. As mentioned, you may even get a preferred rate if you do not have any residual effects.  You may also be eligible for a no medical exam life insurance policy as well!

Best Life Insurance Company for Kyphosis

It’s not entirely possible to tell you in an article which life insurance company is best for people with kyphosis. The reason being is that there are a lot of other factors that go into getting approved for life insurance. Two people who have kyphosis may have very different medical histories and lifestyles that make each have a different life insurance company that’s right for them.

Life insurance companies are interested in your kyphosis…however…kyphosis isn’t the only thing of interest to life insurance companies.

They will also want to know about your entire medical history. You will likely have to:

  • Give a urine sample
  • Undergo a medical exam
  • Do basic bloodwork

If you do not think you will do good on any of these tests, you can opt for a guaranteed issue life insurance policy.

If you would like to get a term or whole life insurance policy, these are some things you will have to disclose to your life insurance company before getting a policy:

  • Blood pressure
  • All previous surgeries
  • Have you had cancer
  • Diseases you are genetically predisposed to
  • Weight/height
  • Age
  • Smoker/Non-smoker
  • Drug use
  • Prescription medications in the last 12 months
  • Other illnesses
  • Heart issues
  • Diabetes
  • Career/job
  • “Adventure” hobbies

These are all things that life insurance companies will want to know about before they issue you a term or whole life insurance policy with kyphosis. As you can see, having kyphosis is just the beginning!

Finding the right life insurance company with kyphosis.

Since all of these things are factored in to your life insurance eligibility, the easiest way to know which life insurance company and policy is right for you is to simply call an expert who isn’t bias towards any one life insurance company. That’s why you should call TermLife2Go today!

We have worked with many people with complicated situations, and we can help people with kyphosis to find the right life insurance for them! Our goal is simply this: to help you find the best coverage at the lowest price.

We can do this because we know the ins and outs of dozens of different life insurance companies.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!

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