Qualifying for Life Insurance with Esophageal Varices.

If you have been diagnosed with esophageal varices and you’re looking to purchase a traditional term or whole life insurance policy, chances are, you’ve already learned that qualifying is going to be a challenge!

In fact…

What you’re generally going to find is that most, if not all, life insurance companies are going to immediately deny anyone who applies for a “traditional” life insurance policy with a pre-existing medical condition like esophageal varices.

So, what can you do?

We’ll you’re basically going to have two options.  First you could apply for an accidental death policy which will only provide coverage for accidents.  Meaning that if you die from a “natural”, illness based disease, your accidental death insurance WILL NOT provide any death benefit.

And while…

Accidental death policies can be a great option for some, in this article we want to focus on actual “life insurance policies” and in our experience here at TermLife2Go, the best way to do that is to start from the beginning!

So, what is Esophageal Varices, and why do life insurance companies care about it?

Esophageal varices is pre-existing medical condition that is a fairly rare.  It is defined enlarged veins inside of the esophagus that become bigger than they are supposed to be.

Who is at risk of esophageal varices?

Esophageal varies can be caused by a variety of conditions however, it most often occurs with people who suffer from liver disease or liver damage.
Other Causes can include:

  • Infection – some parasitic infections can cause esophageal varices
  • Blog Clot – if a blood clot gets caught in the splenic vein it can result in esophageal varices

Why do insurance companies care about esophageal varices?

We’ll that’s an easy question, because esophageal varices are dangerous!  You see, someone with esophageal varices is at risk of a vessel rupture in the esophagus, and this can be life-threatening!

Treatment for Esophageal Varices.

There are a few ways to treat esophageal varices:

  • Medication – slows the movement of blood
  • Transjugular Intrahepatic Poertosystemic Shunt – this directs blood to another vein rather than the portal vein
  • Liver Transplant – by getting rid of a bad liver, you will probably end esophageal varices

Now at this point…

We like to remind folks that we here at TermLife2Go, aren’t doctors.  Nor are we medical professionals.  So, if you’re looking for medical advice, we’re sorry to tell you, but you’ve come to the wrong place.

All we are…

Is a bunch of life insurance agents who just happen to be really good at help folks with pre-existing medical conditions like esophageal varices find a quality life insurance policy that they can qualify for.  So, if that is what you’re looking for, well then, keep on reading!

Qualifying for Life Insurance with Esophageal Varices.

Unfortunately, when it comes time to helping folks qualify for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy, we here at TermLife2Go aren’t going to have many options.  In fact, we’re currently unaware of any insurance company that will provide traditional term or whole life insurance coverage for anyone suffering esophageal varices.

But that does not mean…

That you won’t be able to qualify for any “type” of life insurance.  It just means that we’ll want to take a look at some “alternative” life insurance products like a guaranteed issue life insurance policy.

Now guaranteed issue life insurance policies…

Are a great option for people with esophageal varices because there is nothing that can disqualify you from getting it.  In fact, as long as you:

  • Are a US citizen,
  • Meet the minimum age requirements,
  • And live in a state where guaranteed issue life insurance policies are offered…

You will qualify!  Regardless of any pre-existing medical condition.

That said…

It’s important to understand that there are some limitations that come with a guaranteed issue life insurance policy, though.

Such as:

  • They offer less coverage. The very nature of a guaranteed issue life insurance policy is that it only offers a death benefit that will cover things like burial, funeral and time off costs. In general, the death benefit will not be more than $30,000 – and more often it will be less than that.
  • Dollar per dollar guaranteed issue life insurance policies usually cost more than other traditional “types” of life insurance policies.
  • And guaranteed issue life insurance policies contain a graded death benefit.

Graded Death Benefits.

Graded death benefits are limitations placed in guaranteed issue life insurance policies which will limit when exactly your guaranteed issue life insurance policies will begin covering you for natural causes of death.  Which is why before you ever consider purchasing a guaranteed issue life insurance policy you will want to fully understand the graded death benefit attached to it.  Which brings us to our next point…

Not all guaranteed issue life insurance policies the same!

Each one works differently depending on which insurance company is offering the policy. Some offer more coverage than others and some have different graded death benefit durations. To know which is right for your needs, the best thing you can do is speak with an expert.

But don’t fret…

TermLife2Go is here to help!  We help people with esophageal varices and other diseases or illnesses to find the right life insurance. If you and your spouse both want life insurance, and one of you has esophageal varices and one of you doesn’t, we can help you both! We’ll help you both get the right coverage that meets your needs, fits your budget and protects your loved ones.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!


Because we’ve been doing this awhile here at TermLife2Go, we know that a lot of times when you suffer from a condition like esophageal varicies you’re not really able to work and may not have a ton of discretionary income, especially if you’re currently receiving SSI disability.

This is why…

We’ve chosen also to write an article The Best Money Making Apps to help those who may not be able to actually go to work every day find ways that they can make money from home, on their own time.

Now will you end up using this money to help finance a life insurance policy? 

Who knows, but our ultimate goal here at TermLife2Go is to help improve the financial security of our clients so it is our hope that this article and our Best Money Making Apps article helps you do this.

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