Qualifying for Life Insurance with Erythema Multiforme.

One of the first things that tends to surprise people when they decide to apply for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy is just how much information an insurance company will ask about when it comes to your current and past medical history.

So much so…

That even a not-so-serious problem like erythema multiforme can make an individual begin to worry about their eligibility.  Particularly if they choose to work with an insurance agent that isn’t careful to properly explain the application process and make sure his or her client is totally comfortable with the process BEFORE choosing to apply for coverage.

This is why…

We choose to write this article so that we can answer everything you want to know about getting life insurance with erythema multiforme and increase your chances of getting the best possible life insurance policy that you can qualify for!

About Erythema Multiforme.

This is a skin problem that tends to recur. Basically, it is a type of hypersensitivity. Because patients with erythema multiforme have outbreaks, the skin can get infected. Some people have very mild forms while others have extreme cases that last a long time and have mucosal involvement.

On average, it recurs 1-2 times per year and takes more than 7 days to start to heal. Erythema multiforme may be related to:

  • Herpes Simplex Virus
  • Epstein-Barr Virus
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Persistent Antigenic Stimulus

Treatment for Erythema Multiforme.

Usually, treatment for erythema multiforme is a “wait and watch” kind of thing, but some doctors may prescribe topical steroids to apply to sores and infected areas. These may speed up the healing process.

Getting Life Insurance with Erythema Multiforme.

There’s good news! Life insurance companies are usually only really concerned with sicknesses and illnesses that have a direct impact on your potential lifespan. Luckily, erythema multiforme does not! Most people who have erythema multiforme in their lifetime really don’t suffer any major problems. This is great news when it comes to applying for a life insurance policy!

Getting a Preferred Rate with Erythema Multiforme.

Here’s the question you’ve been waiting for: is it possible to get a preferred rate with erythema multiforme? The answer is yes! Even with a  pre-existing medical condition like erythema multiforme, you can get a great life insurance rate.

Like we said, there really isn’t a correlation between life span and this skin problem, so you can in fact get a great life insurance rate.  You many even be able to qualify for a no medical exam life insurance policy as well.  But…that  will depend on a few other things as well.

What else will life insurance companies want to know?

Life insurance eligibility and rate will take many other things into consideration besides just your erythema multiforme. In fact, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Lifestyle issues

It might surprise you, but life insurance companies will want to know more than your doctor can tell them. They will want to know about other things that could potentially shorten your life – like your life choices.

  • Vices: smoking, drinking, drugs, etc
  • Hobbies: do you do anything dangerous on the weekends such as rock climbing, deep sea diving, race car driving?
  • Career: do you have a dangerous job like roofing, protection, army, etc?
  • Travel: will you be traveling to any conflict or war zones in the future (Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, etc)
  • Driving record: tickets, DWIs, accidents
  • Record: do you have any felony charges?

These things are all potential threats to your life. While you have a good chance of surviving them all, life insurance companies consider ultimate risks – and each of these things could make your life a little riskier.

Health Issues

Life insurance companies will ask applicants seeking a traditional term or whole life insurance policies for:

  • Blood work
  • Medical exam
  • Urine sample
  • Weight/height
  • Family medical history
  • Past/present medications
  • Surgeries
  • Cancer, stroke, heart attacks
  • Diabetes

All of these things will help a life insurance company determine your risk level. As you can see, erythema multiforme is just the beginning…a number of other health complications could be the reason you don’t qualify for a preferred rate.

Not All Life Insurance Companies Are the Same

As you can see, there are a lot of variables when it comes to qualifying for a life insurance policy at a preferred rate…and it gets trickier! Some life insurance companies consider some of these “risks” as riskier than others.

For example, one life insurance company will see a past surgery as insignificant if it’s been more than 1 year. However, another life insurance company may still not give you a preferred rate since you’ve had a specific surgery. That’s why you need to speak to an expert

Finding the Best Life Insurance Company

There’s no “best life insurance company for people with erythema multiforme” simply because two people with the same sickness may have other variables that impact which life insurance company is the best for them. If one has speeding tickets and the other does not, or one has a history of cancer and the other does not, the best life insurance policy will differ for each.

There’s only one way to find the best life insurance policy: talk to an expert like TermLife2Go.

We do our due diligence before recommending a life insurance policy. We get to know as much as we can about you (i.e. everything life insurance companies will want to know) and then we compare dozens of top rated life insurance companies in the United States have to offer.  Only then do we make a recommendation that’s just for YOU! This way you know you really are getting the best life insurance rate possible.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!

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