Qualifying for Life Insurance with Diffuse Cerebral Sclerosis.

Diffuse cerebral sclerosis is one of those unusual pre-existing medical conditions where we here at TermLife2Go will often have a hard time helping clients find an appropriate life insurance policy that they can qualify for.

This is mainly because…

To the best of our knowledge, most, if not all, life insurance companies are going to immediately deny any application from someone who has been diagnosed with diffuse cerebral sclerosis when applying for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy.


We need to then pursue an “alternative” insurance product such as a guaranteed issue life insurance policy or an accidental death policy.  And here is where we run into some additional complications.

You see…

Diffuse cerebral sclerosis, also known as Schilder’s, is a rare central nervous system disorder that effects ones’ nerve myelin causing all sorts of impairments including:

  • Seizures,
  • Hemiparesis,
  • Difficutly moving,
  • Dysarthria,
  • Memory issues,
  • Personality disorders,
  • Irritabilty,
  • And visual and hearing imparments.

Which typically affects children and young adults.  Which causes a problem when one is considering purchasing a guaranteed issue life insurance policy.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Policies.

Guaranteed issue life insurance policies are great life insurance options for those with serious pre-existing medical conditions because guaranteed issue life insurance policies are life insurance policies that aren’t going to require an individual to take a medical exam or answer any health-related medical questions in order to qualify.

Which is great!

In fact, the only requirements to qualify for a guaranteed issue life insurance policy are that you:

  1. Must be a US Citizen.
  2. Must live in a state where they are offered.
  3. And you must meet the minimum age requirements.

And while its certainly possible that you may not be a US citizen or you may live in a state where these “types” of life insurance policies are not offered, in most cases when it comes time to helping those who have been diagnosed with diffuse cerebral sclerosis, the main issue that we run into is that these potential clients don’t meet the minimum age requirements.

You see…

In order to be able to qualify for most guaranteed issue life insurance policies, you need to be at least 50 years of age (40 years old in some cases) and less than 80 years old.  And unfortunately, most individuals who contact us with diffuse cerebral sclerosis simply aren’t 50 years old yet, which therefore only leaves us with one remaining option, an accidental death policy.

Accidental death policy.

Now if you notice, we don’t call accidental death policies insurance policies.  This is because, accidental death policies ARE NOT true life insurance policies.  Accidental death policies only provide accident coverage.

Meaning that if you die from an accident, the insurance company will pay a death benefit.  However, if you die from a Natural cause of death that is not an accident, this policy WILL NOT PAY a death benefit.


Let’s just take a moment a define what it means to die from an accident vs dying from a natural cause.

Accidental causes of death will generally include any “non-illness” cause of death.  Examples would include:

  • Motor vehicle accident.
  • Slip and fall.
  • Victim of crime.
  • Natural disaster.

Conversely, natural causes of death would be any cause related to some type of illness.  Examples would include:

  • Cancer,
  • Heart disease,
  • Stroke,
  • Diabetes,
  • Etc, etc…

And we’ll be…

To admit that accidental death policies are not the greatest policies in the world.  We’ll also admit that we consider these “types” of policies a “last resort” option for those that can’t qualify for any other type of TRUE LIFE INSURANCE.

The only good news…

That we can say about these types of policies is that they are:

  • Very easy to qualify for.
  • Are typically very affordable.


They do provide coverage for accidental causes of death which is better than nothing in theory.


At the end of the day, only you will be able to determine whether or not an accidental death policy is right for you, but what we can tell you here and now is that if you decide to give us a call here at TermLife2Go, we’re not going to try to “sell” you on a life insurance policy.  Our only goal is to help you qualify for the “best” life insurance policy that you can qualify for.

So, if you have any questions what so ever, or would just like to get a quote on some policies you may be eligible for, just give us a call today or visit our Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!


Because we’ve been doing this awhile here at TermLife2Go, we know that a lot of times when you suffer from a condition like diffuse cerebral sclerosis, you’re not really able to work and may not have a ton of discretionary income, especially if you’re currently receiving SSI disability.

This is why…

We’ve chosen also to write an article The Best Money Making Apps to help those who may not be able to actually go to work every day find ways that they can make money from home, on their own time.

Now will you end up using this money to help finance a life insurance policy? 

Who knows, but our ultimate goal here at TermLife2Go is to help improve the financial security of our clients so it is our hope that this article and our Best Money Making Apps article helps you do this.

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