Qualifying for Life Insurance with Cyclical Edema.

Every now and then, we’ll get a call from someone who has experienced cyclical edema and is wondering if they will be eligible for life insurance.


Whenever you have a complicated medical situation, getting the best life insurance policy can become a bit tricky, and cyclical edema is no different.


If you are a person who has suffered from cyclical edema, keep reading this article to find out if you will qualify for life insurance.

About Cyclical Edema

Cyclical edema is not a rare disease; many people will have this at least at some point in their life. It is basically fluid retention in women before their periods.

Cyclical edema also goes by: idiopathic cyclic edema, idiopathic orthostatic edema and fluid retention syndrome.

Symptoms of Cyclical Edema

Because edema is basically water retention, the most common symptom is swelling. This can happen in the face, stomach, ankles, arms or just about anywhere. Other symptoms may include swollen eyes in the morning.

Causes of cyclical edema

Though doctors don’t necessarily know the exact cause of cyclical edema, it often shows up in people with:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Mental or emotional issues

Edema vs. Cyclical Edema

Other cases of edema are usually caused by heart, liver or kidney disease. Other causes for edema includes blood pressure and diabetes. However, cyclical edema is not necessarily caused by any of these things.
Sometimes a woman who takes diuretics will get cyclical edema.

Treatment for cyclical edema

There are a few things that you can do to immediately help you get over cyclical edema:

  • Change your died to reduce sodium
  • Reduce carbohydrates
  • Stop taking diuretics (even temporarily)

If this does not help, your doctor may prescribe hypertension medication.

Getting Life insurance with Cyclical Edema

The good news is that as you can see, cyclical edema isn’t really that big of a deal. Though it is very uncomfortable it’s not often a deal breaker when it comes to life insurance. In fact, people with cyclical edema get life insurance policies all the time.

Qualifying for a Premium Rate with Cyclical Edema

It is even possible to qualify for a premium rate with cyclical edema. Of course, you won’t necessarily qualify for a premium rate, but having cyclical edema isn’t necessarily going to be the thing to hold you back.  You just want to be sure that if you do decide to apply for a life insurance policy that will require you take a medical exam (fully underwritten term or whole life insurance policy), try to time your medical exam when you aren’t experiencing any edema.

As opposed to applying for a simplified issue life insurance policy which wouldn’t require an individual to take a medical exam.

Why is that you ask?

That’s simple, if you are retaining a few pounds of water weight during your medical exam, those few extra pounds could be exactly what prevents you from qualifying for a Preferred vs a Standard rate!  Which could end up costing you 100’s if not 1000’s over the lifetime of your policy.

Other things that determine your life insurance rate

When you apply for a life insurance policy, you will quickly realize that there is a lot that goes into deciding your premiums and the kind of coverage that’s available to you. Cyclical edema is just one small piece of the puzzle.

Other factors considered while applying for life insurance

There are so many things that a life insurance company will want to know about you, your career, your lifestyle, and your medical history. These things all help the life insurance company to determine your life insurance rate. These include:

  • Your current height and weight ratio.
  • Your previous medical history and prescription medication history.
  • Your family medical history.
  • Do you use any tobacco or nicotine products?
  • Do you use any marijuana products?
  • Do you engage in any “extreme sports” or hobbies?
  • Will you be travelling to any dangerous country anytime soon?
  • Are you in a high-risk profession?

These are just some of the things that a life insurance company will want to know before issuing you a life insurance policy.

The answers to these questions are really what determines your life insurance rate. You might not have cyclical edema, but a lot of things on this list could make your premiums go up.
It’s because the answers to these questions really do impact your life insurance rate and eligibility that we cannot just tell you in a blog post which life insurance company is best for people with cyclical edema. Two people have cyclical edema but still not be suited for the same life insurance company. One may be a better match with one life insurance company while the other person with edema may be a better match for another life insurance company.

How do I get the best rate possible?

Here at TermLife2Go, we believe the best way to secure the best rate on your life insurance policy is by working with a life insurance expert who not only knows what it takes to qualify for a great life insurance policy, but also has access to dozens of highly rated life insurance companies so that he/she can pick and choose between these companies so that you’re sure to find a great fit for you!

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Compare Life Insurance Quotes Instantly page and see what we can do for you!

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