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Qualifying for Life Insurance with Biliary Colic or Gallstone Attacks

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July 30, 2017

TermLife2Go is dedicated to trying to get life insurance for anyone, even if you have a pre-existing condition such as Biliary Colic.

You won’t often hear folks say that their “biliary colic” is really acting up on them or that their “biliary colic” is “killing” them, but that’s exactly what they’re referring to when they say their gallstones are “killing” them.

You see…

What is commonly known as or referred to as, a gallbladder attack, can and often will be referred to by many names in the life insurance and medical industry.  So, for the purposes of our discussion here, you’ll see that we’ll often use any one of the following terms interchangeably:

  • Biliary colic.
  • Gallbladder attack.
  • Gallstone disease.
  • Cholelithiasis.
  • Cholecystitis.
  • And gallbladder inflammation.

Biliary colic defined.

Biliary colic is the term used to define the pain that is caused when a gallstone located within the gallbladder temporarily blocks the bile duct which transports bile from the liver to the small intestine.

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Gallstones defined.

Gallstones re defined as hard crystalline masses that are abnormally formed within the gallbladder.  The will often be formed by calcium salts, cholesterol and bile pigments and when lodged or “stuck” within the bile ducts, these “stones” can cause significant pain.

Symptoms associate with a gallbladder attack may include:

  • Vomiting and nausea.
  • Pain in the center of ones’ upper abdomen, or along the right side of the body, near ones’ liver.
  • Radiating pain in the back located just below ones’ shoulder blade.

Potential causes of Cholecystitis.

The verdict is still out on how or why certain people may suffer from gallstone attacks, but what is known is that it seems to be related to the body having too much cholesterol and bilirubin or simply not enough bile salts.  How and why a person may develop an imbalance in these substances is still unknown.

Treatment options for gallstone disease.

When it comes to treating gallstone disease, you basically have 3 different options:

  • Wait and see.

In some cases, the problematic gallstone can either naturally dislodge itself or simply pass through the bile duct on its own or, the stone may actually dissolve itself.  In either case, the “attack” will pass and the patient will typically go on without any further complications.

This is why many physicians may opt to recommend this approach, or at least until the pain becomes unmanageable.

  • Nonsurgical therapy.

Nonsurgical options will include:

  • Attempting to help the body naturally dissolve ones’ gallstones on their own with the help of administering bile salts.
  • Shock wave therapy.
  • Administration of medications through a catheter designed to inject “dissolving agents” directly into the gallbladder itself.
  • Surgery Procedure.

When in doubt, take it out.  Nearly 750,000 Americans will have their gallbladder removed each and every year.  And while having surgery is never the preferred method, it is the only treatment option which will insure that you never have this issue again.

Gallstone disease and life insurance.

When it comes time to actually applying for life insurance, the insurance companies are really only going to be interested in two things when it comes to your gallstone disease.

  • First, are you current suffering from a gallbladder attack?
  • Second, do you have any set plans to have your gallbladder removed?

You see…

Insurance companies aren’t too fond of insuring someone who is currently in a lot of pain or someone who has an upcoming surgical procedure planned.

But other than that, when it comes to applying for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy, being diagnosed with biliary colic shouldn’t be an issue.

In fact, you should still “theoretically” be eligible for a Preferred or Preferred Plus rate class!

One might also…

Want to consider the possibility of applying for a simplified issue term or whole life insurance policy which would allow you to qualify for a life insurance policy without the need of taking a medical exam.

These types of life insurance policies are particularly beneficial to those who don’t currently have any life insurance in place now, simply because they can “shorten” the application process from several weeks to less than 24 or 48 hours.

Another option would be to secure final expense or burial insurance from one the the best final expense insurance companies.

Either way, there are many options available. Please don't give up before you give TermLife2Go a call.

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