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Qualifying for Life Insurance with a Carotid Sinus Syncope.

We here at TermLIfe2Go don’t actually have a lot of folks call us asking if being diagnosed with a pre-existing medical condition like carotid sinus syncope will affect their chances of qualifying for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy.  This is probably due to the fact most individuals who have been diagnosed with carotid sinus syncope wouldn’t necessarily consider their condition all that serious.

In fact…

Many individuals who are actually diagnosed with carotid sinus syncope may go on to live their entire life asymptomatic!  The problem however, when it comes to purchasing a life insurance policy is that insurance companies aren’t going to be able to predict who will and won’t remain asymptomatic

Which is why…

You’re generally going to find that most life insurance companies are going to err on the side caution and just automatically assume that anyone who has been diagnosed with carotid sinus syncope isn’t going to be eligible for a Preferred rate.

Now that’s not to say…

That you won’t be able to qualify for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy, it just means that you “probably” won’t be able to qualify for a Preferred rate and that you may need to do a bit more research about the company you choose to apply with before making your decision.

You see…

Not all life insurance companies are going to follow that same underwriting rules and guidelines when they determine who the will and won’t insure.  Additionally, when an insurance underwriter looks at some of the common symptoms associated with having carotid sinus hypersensitivity such as:

  • Dizziness,
  • Nonaccidental falls, or unexplained falls.
  • Fainting,

It’s possible that one insurance company may consider frequent fainting as a much more serious symptom than another insurance company might.

This is why…

It’s so important for someone with a pre-existing medical condition like carotid sinus syncope, be sure to “shop” several different options before actually submitting a life insurance application to an insurance company.

It’s also why…

Here at TermLife2Go, we have chosen to remain an independent life insurance brokerage that is able to work with dozens of different life insurance companies so that when we are presented with a more “challenging” applicant, we should have several options to choose from.

Now when it comes…

To helping folks who have been diagnosed with carotid sinus syncope, what we’ve generally found is that most life insurance companies are going to consider these individuals a “higher risk” for life insurance.  Which means that in most cases, the best rate that they can expect to qualify for is a Table A rating and in some cases, this may even drop down to a Table C.

Life Insurance Rates.

In general, there are about 14 different life insurance rates an individual can qualify for.  These 14 different rates will generally be classified as rated vs non-rated.

Non-rated life insurance rates will include your:  Preferred Plus, Preferred, Standard Plus, and Standard rates.  Rated life insurance rates will include your table rates.

Table rates.

Life insurance table rates are rates that are typically reserved for you higher risk applicants and fall just below a Standard or Normal rate.  In total, there are 10 different table rates one can qualify for and will range from Table A ( the “best” or least expensive table rate) to Table J ( the “worst” or most expensive table rate).

Now it’s important…

To understand that not everyone is going to be able to qualify for a traditional life insurance policy.  Which is why it’s important to not get “too” upset if all you can qualify for is a table rate.


One should be excited that they were able to qualify for coverage and now being searching for the insurance company that is going to offer the “best” price for the rate that they can qualify for!

The good news…

Is that’s exactly what we do here at TermLife2Go.  You see, we have a ton of experience helping folks with all sorts of pre-existing medical conditions find affordable life insurance options.  And because of this, we’ve become experts at not only knowing which insurance companies offer some of the best pricing for the very healthiest amongst us, we’ve also become experts and understanding which insurance companies tend to be more lenient in the underwriting guidelines for certain pre-existing medical conditions.

Which at the end of the day, is what individuals with pre-existing medical conditions like yourself should be looking for!

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Term Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!

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