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Pan-American Life Rating and Review

Researcher & Writer
July 02, 2018

Pan-American Life is one of many different life insurance companies. At TermLife2Go, we work with many of the top rated best life insurance companies in the U.S., offering both exam and no medical exam life insurance. Give us a call today to see if Pan-American Life Insurance Company is the best fit for you based on your unique need, health and lifestyle.

We are not Pan-American Life. If you need to reach the company you can visit it online at or by phone at (877) 939-4550.

In order to do so, the best thing you can do is make an informed decision by collecting information on all the top life insurance companies—including Pan-American Life. We’ve written this review to help you understand what Pan American Life has to offer and to determine whether or not it’s the life insurance company for you.

About Pan-American Insurance

The name itself suggests its international identity. Pan-American Insurance first came about as an idea while its founder, Crawford Ellis, was traveling between Central America and South America by boat. The company, started in 1911, offered insurance policies to clients in Central and South America as well as in the United States. The company focuses on life, accident and health insurance. Open and operating for more than 100 years, Pan-American Life continues to grow.

Pan-American Life Insurance Ratings

When you are looking to invest money, you need to look beyond marketing collateral like a good website or brochure. A company may look slick, but what you really want to know is their financial health. That’s where third-party rating organizations come in handy. These agencies analyze everything about an insurance company, and then provide a rating. This is designed to help you have a clearer picture of the actual financial health and reliability of a company. So how did Pan-American Life get rated?

A.M. Best Company gave Pan-American Insurance an A (excellent) rating. Another rating agency, Fitch, also gave an A (Strong). These are both great ratings from two of the most prominent rating agencies. As a consumer, these ratings should tell you that Pan-American is reliable, has great operating performance and is in great financial health. As a policyholder, those are all things you should look for in a life insurance company.

Pan-American Life Insurance

The different types of life insurance policies offered by Pan-American Insurance depends on where in the world you live. They sell life insurance through their company Mutual Trust Life Insurance. Like most life insurance companies they offer whole and term life insurance policies.

The two main life insurance types are permanent life and term life insurance. The main difference between whole life and term life is how long the policy lasts. There are times when term is the best choice. However, there are times when whole life is better than term life insurance. It all comes down to your unique situation.

Products offered through Mutual Trust Life Insurance Company

Horizon Value

Horizon Value is participating cash value whole life insurance. It offers a 4% guaranteed interest rate, guaranteed death benefit, and guaranteed fixed premiums.

Since it is a participating whole life policy, participating policyholders receive annual dividends. Dividends are a valuable addition and can be used to purchase paid up additions, adding to the cash value growth and death benefit.

Pan-American/Mutual Trust Life also offer a number of living benefit riders:

  1. Chronic Illness Provision: this allows you to speed up a percentage of your policy’s amount. You will need a physician to sign off on this, though.
  2. Terminal Illness Provision: You can get up to half of the benefit prior to death. This can help policyholders to alleviate the costs associated with terminal illness.
  3. Disability Riders: Mutual Trust has many disability riders that help you to avail your policy benefit riot to death. These include: applicant waiver of premium benefit, 2-year waiver, 5-year waiver, and a basic disability benefit rider.
  4. Children: If you want to add life insurance for children to your policy, you can with a simple rider.

These are just a few of the many riders available through Mutual Trust/Pan-American Life.

Overall Impression of Pan-American Life

Pan-American is a good life insurance company with a lot of options. They have a global mindset, offering policies to people in multiple countries. It also can be easy to get your health and accident insurance all from the same company, which some people prefer to do so as to have fewer companies to deal with.

All in all, when you choose a life insurance policy from Pan-American, you’re likely going to be satisfied.

Are there better options than Pan-American Life?

If you go to get a laptop today, you’re likely going to pay the same price as your friend who buys an identical one. Your end product will also be the same. However, this isn’t the case with life insurance. However, we can never make blanket statements like “this insurance company is better than that insurance company.”

When you buy life insurance, you buy a certain amount of coverage, and the whole or term life insurance rates you are given depends on your risk factors. The tricky part is that every life insurance company considers and assesses high risk life insurance differently. So, Pan American Life may absolutely be the best life insurance company out there for you—but it might not be.

How can I tell which life insurance company is the best for me?

There is really only one way to figure out the best life insurance company for your needs. You need to compare what each life insurance company has to offer you. It’s a time consuming task, and pretty difficult for an individual. Instead, we suggest that you call TermLife2Go. We will do the comparing for you, and make customized recommendations from any of the dozens of top life insurance companies in the United States.

Pan-American Life is not among the life insurance companies we write policies for. To find out how Pan-American measures up, you will have to call them for yourself.

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