OfferUp – A Great Alternative to Other Online Selling Platforms

Got some things that you want to get rid of?  Not sure you want to try Craigslist again?  Well if this is the case, you may want to give the OfferUp app a try.

What is the OfferUp app?

Available on iPhone and Android, the OfferUp app is a pretty straightforward app that you can download to either you phone or tablet that will allow you to list stuff that you want to sell.

And unlike Craigslist

Frequent “sellers” can earn “ratings” so that you the customer can have a better chance at understanding who you are potentially dealing with prior to actually spending the time reaching out to an individual.

History of OfferUp.

OfferUp was founded in Seattle by Arean Van Veelen and Nick Huzar.  And while the company did at one time have a pretty “modest” origin, the duo has been able to raise more than $90 million to get OfferUp off the ground and getting to where they are now!

And even though…

This platform kind of snuck up out of nowhere, it continues to grow year after year, which acts as added testimony to the fact that people really do seem to enjoy using the OfferUp app!

In fact…

According to OfferUp every year, people sell billions of dollars worth of stuff on OfferUp making it a “real” competitor to other online sites like Craigslist, Ebay and LetGo. So, if you’re only now first hearing about the OfferUp app, don’t feel too bad.

But understand…

That there are already millions of folks using it so you need not worry about whether or not it’s a “safe” app to try out.

The TruYou Verfication.

The TruYou Verificaion, is the portion of the OfferUp app that allows its users to become a “more trusted” buyers and sellers because the OfferUp will use other social media outlets like Facebook to provide visible profiles for you to review prior to beginning “negotiations”.

This will also notify other buyers and sellers who are TruYou members to see when they have friend connections with you. The purpose of this is to gain trust as a buyer and a seller. After all, this is an online platform so you want to be as safe as possible!

How much does it cost to use the OfferUp app?

This app is free to use!

OfferUp’s Involvement.

Since this app is a marketplace like Craigslist, they cannot be responsible for everything that happens. They aren’t responsible for enforcing refunds are making sure products are as they stated on the website. They do of course try to get rid of scammers, but they can’t totally.  So, remember:

“Buyer Beware!”

Will you make money using OfferUp?

Yes, if you need to sell some stuff, this is a great place to do so. It’s more organized and a little more legit (in our humble opinion) than some of the other marketplaces out there.

So, if you’re planning to sell, definitely consider doing so on OfferUp.

That said however…

OfferUp is really only going to be a good way for you to make money fast if you’ve got a lot of stuff that you’re willing and ready to get rid of.  And while some folks have found success using money making apps like OfferUp to “function” as a part time job, it’s pretty safe to say that for most individuals OfferUp isn’t going to allow you to quit your day job and become self employed, but then again, few apps will!

OfferUp can also help you save money!

If you need to buy something for your house, why not consider buying it second-hand? There are a lot of great things on OfferUp – and it will usually be cheaper than buying new. Remember what they say, “A penny saved is a penny earned”. So instead of spending $600 on a new piece of furniture buy a preloved piece for $200. That’s $400 saved (and earned!). We definitely think it’s worth it; especially for some things that don’t necessarily need to be brand new to work great!  For this reason, we were tempted to also include the OfferUp app in our money saving apps article as well.

Which brings us to the part of the article where we like to answer the question:

“Why is TermLife2Go (a term life insurance brokerage), writing a review of OfferUp? “

Which is a perfectly natural question to have and one that we’re more than happy to answer.  You see, here at TermLife2Go, our number one goal is to help improve the financial security of our clients.  And while we feel that purchasing a life insurance policy is a great way to do that (Interested in knowing what it would cost, just click here Term Life Insurance Quotes) we understand that not all of our clients are going to be able to qualify for a life insurance policy right now and that not all of our clients are going to be able to afford the coverage that they’re looking for.


Rather than simply say…

“Call us when you you’re ready or why you CAN qualify for coverage”

We prefer to offer some “advice” that could potentially improve their situation without actually purchasing a life insurance policy.

Which means that…

Our motivation is not to try to persuade you to use the OfferUp app, we don’t care one way or another.  We’re not affiliated with the OfferUp app and we don’t receive any compensation from the owners of the OfferUp app.  Our only hope is that if you do decide to use it, that it works out for you and that you and your family are better off after the experience.

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