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Nationwide Life Insurance Reviews

Nationwide Life Insurance Reviews

Nationwide Life is one of many life insurance companies that TermLife2Go represents. The advantage of representing multiple companies is that we can help find the best life insurance rates by age for our clients based on each client’s unique health and lifestyle. Which begs the question, is Nationwide Life Insurance the best company for you?

Review of Nationwide Life Insurance

If you are looking for Nationwide Life Insurance Reviews then you have come to the right place. When it comes to finding the right type of life insurance for your needs, Nationwide Life offers different types of policies that millions of people currently use. Nationwide Insurance is a great company. However, it is simply one company of the many life insurance companies available. We offer Nationwide Life and other top life insurance companies. Which company is right for you may vary which is why we encourage our clients to call us for a free consultation.

Nationwide Life Insurance Reviews

Who is Nationwide Life Insurance?

For nearly 90 years, Nationwide Insurance has served the needs of its clients and has expanded its services from its humble beginnings in Ohio to actually go across the nation (i.e. nationwide). The slogan, “Nationwide is on your side” has helped to vault the recognition of the company over the years as it provides a number of different policies including life insurance.

To better understand whether they offer the best life insurance for your needs, it is important to know the origins of the company, its service to their policyholders and its emphasis on this particular form of insurance.

The History of Nationwide

The company itself started off as the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation on December 17th, 1925 which incorporated the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company that was located in Columbus, Ohio. The first agents managed to recruit over 1,000 policyholders over the next four months and opened its doors to the general public on April 12, 1926.

Auto insurance was the first product that the company offered and it services were limited to Ohio farmers. However, by 1928 the company began its expansion into other states and by the 1930s had begun to underwrite for non-farmers who lived in small towns and large cities. During this time, the company began offering policies for fire insurance and expanded even further.

By 1955, the company which had changed its name to Farm Bureau Insurance changed it again to Nationwide Insurance and had expanded to the west coast as well as many other states. By 1965, the company had policyholders in 32 different states. Today, Nationwide Insurance is now in all 50 states and provides many different types of policies for their customers.

Sample $500,000 Nationwide Life Insurance Quotes

Quotes are based on a 45 year old male in perfect health as of May 2015

10 year
15 year
20 year
30 year
GUL to 120

Sample $500,000 Nationwide Life Insurance Quotes

Quotes are based on a 45 year old female in perfect health as of May 2015

10 year
15 year
20 year
30 year
GUL to 120


Review of Nationwide Life Insurance Products

Nationwide YourLife Guaranteed Level Term

Consider term life insurance for mortgage protection, divorce life insurance, and SBA loans. You’ll find three types of term life policies that include the following;

  • Guaranteed Term
  • Mortgage Term
  • Decreasing Term

You can purchase them in terms of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years and enjoy coverage that ranges from $100,000 up to $5 million. Those from 18 to 70 can purchase the policies and there is no annual fee as well. In addition, there are riders available for the policies that include living or accelerated death benefits, child protection, spouse protection and the waiver of the premium on your policy.

Available term life insurance riders:

Nationwide YourLife WL 100

Consider whole or universal life insurance for estate planning or business succession planning, such as funding a buy-sell agreement. You can purchase whole life policies from 18 to 80 years old with a minimum death benefit of just $10,000. Whole life policies tend to gain in value over the years which mean that they can be cashed out when the maximum benefit level is reached. In addition, there are a number of riders that are included as well:

Nationwide YourLife No-Lapse Guarantee UL

Universal life insurance is available for ages 18 to 85 and offers a minimal death benefit of $100,000. Plus, the interest rate is 3% over the course of the policy and the riders are the same as with whole life with these additions;

  • Guaranteed Minimum Cash Value
  • Long-Term Care
  • Over Loan Protection
  • Waiver of Premium
Nationwide YourLife CareMatters

Linked benefit long term care insurance combined with a fixed premium universal life policy available for ages 40-75. You can choose single premium, a 5 year payment plan, or a 10 year payment plan.


  • Cash indemnity plan which does not require you submit monthly bills or receipts.
  • LTC coverage with fixed premiums guaranteed to never increase.
  • Premiums paid in go either towards long term care or to the death benefit of the policy.
  • Flexible care options that allow the insured to pay family or friends for in home care.

All in all, Nationwide does offer a broad amount of life insurance choices, but just how effective are they in terms of what they can offer you and your family?

Nationwide Life Insurance Advantages

As you may have read in other Nationwide Life Insurance Company reviews, Nationwide Insurance does offer strong life insurance policies that provide good protection, reasonable premiums and a number of different riders to help meet your specific needs.

Solid Ratings: Nationwide has built up a reputation of being very solid and dependable when it comes to all of their insurance which includes their life policies.

Good Rates: Nationwide offers low, affordable rates for most of their policies, riders and benefits which makes them a good investment for their whole life insurance in particular. Plus, their term life offers very low rates as well.

Longevity: One aspect of life insurance that many people overlook is the longevity of the company holding the policy. Nationwide has been around for about 90 years and looks to be strong enough to go for another 90 years which means you can rest assured that the company will still be around so your policy will stay in effect.

Disadvantages of Nationwide Life Insurance

Nationwide Insurance is a fantastic life insurance company and should be considered on anyone’s short list of companies to consider when purchasing life insurance.  That said however, Nationwide Life is not always a perfect provider as there are other companies that do offer better pricing for their policies on certain face amounts and term lengths. Also, Nationwide Life might not be the best choice if you have certain pre-exisitng conditions, such as life insurance for diabetics.  For this reason, it may be beneficial to explore all of your options prior to applying for coverage.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!

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Thank you for reading our article, Nationwide Life Insurance Reviews. Please leave any questions or comments below.

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