2018 Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Life Insurance Review

review of Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

Review of Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Life Insurance

The Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company is one of many insurance companies offering life insurance as the mainstay of their business. For over 50 years the company has served its policy holders by providing final expense burial insurance policies for its customers.

The company currently operates in 49 states and has more than 878,000 in force polices that are valued at just under $6.6 billion. The company is primarily geared around one type of life insurance, the final expense insurance policy or “funeral advantage” which is the mainstay of its business.

About Lincoln Heritage Life

Address: 4343 E Camelback Rd #400, Phoenix, AZ 85018
Phone: (602) 957-1650

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance was founded in 1963 and for over a half-century has been serving the needs of its many customers with life insurance policies. The company was created at a time when the market could take several months to pay the holder of the policy. In addition, the idea of 24-hour service was a relatively new concept to the life insurance market.

By 1975, the company was purchased by the London Insurance Group which helped expand the services of Lincoln Heritage to over 100,000 policies. By 1996, the company reached over 250,000 policies, but that quickly skyrocketed by the turn of the 21st century.

The mission of the company became to set a new bar for improving overall standards, providing prompt, friendly service, and offering the best types of life insurance policies that meet the needs of individuals who wanted financial protection for their loved ones in case the worst should happen.

Lincoln Heritage is family owned and operated, emphasizing personal service that provides for quick responses whether you need to purchase a new burial insurance policy or make a claim as a beneficiary.

Pros of Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance

There are a number of benefits that using the services of Lincoln Heritage brings to those who are looking for a life insurance policy.

A.M. Best Rating:

Currently, Lincoln Heritage boasts a rating from A.M. Best of A- (excellent) which speaks to the company’s ability to meet ongoing financial obligations.  It should be noted that the company has maintained this rating for several years which speaks to the remarkable stability that it offers for its customers. A.M. Best is a company that rates businesses on a number of factors and uses a letter-grade scale to denote its overall performance. While obvious not as good as an “A” or an “A+”, it should be noted that an A- is still considered a very high rating from A.M. Best Company.

Customer Service:

Arguably the centerpiece of the efforts from Lincoln Heritage, the customer service provided by the company makes it one of the final expense insurance leaders in the industry. The emphasis on customer service was part of the foundation of the company back in 1973 and that mission has not changed. This is because the company makes contact quite easy whether it is with an agent or directly to the company itself so they can answer questions, address issues, or offer new policies for those in need.

This emphasis on customer service is a very important consideration for those who are seeking a life insurance policy. The company offers a range of policies that also include “Funeral Advantage”, a policy that is low-priced to help those with modest incomes cover the cost of a funeral quickly and efficiently.

Reviews from BBB:

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) conducts a 13-point evaluation of all businesses when they are accredited with the company. Since 1981, Lincoln Heritage has been a part of the BBB which monitors complaints that are filed against the company. As of the Fall, 2016, the BBB gives Lincoln Heritage a rating of “A+” for the services it provides to the public. This is because of the many different customer interactions, there have been relatively few complaints and the ones that the BBB has been alerted to were solved.

All things considered, the rating from the BBB is one that Lincoln Heritage can take pride in as it is a part of their overall effort at creating better customer service.

Product Offering:

There is really only one type of product offered by the company, the “funeral advantage” or final expense insurance. Unlike traditional whole or term policies, a final expense policy is also known colloquially as “burial or funeral insurance.” This means that the benefit levels of the policy are such that they cover the expenses of a funeral and burial costs but relatively little else.

Lincoln Heritage is not unique in only offering this type of coverage. Many of the best final expense insurance companies focus exclusively on smaller whole life insurance policies.

Funeral Advantage

The Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage program consists of two areas, a cash death benefit that requires relatively little to qualify. If you are between the ages of 40 to 85, all you need to qualify consists of answering a few health questions and filling out a single page application form. There are no health examinations and even those who have health issues can qualify under the program.

The second part is what is known as Family Support Services offered at no extra cost. Family Support Services consists of having a representative from the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society (FCGS) show up to help the family cope with the many details that arise after the death of the policy holder. This means that the payment for the funeral expenses are handled at the family’s request and advice is offered to help the family get through this difficult time.

Funeral Advantage is currently the only product offered by the company. The benefit levels reach to $20,000 which is on the high-end for most funerals today which average around $9,000. There are a number of extra services that are included in the policy itself such as the following:

  • Cash benefits are paid within 24 hours of claim approval
  • Even those with health issues may be covered
  • $100,000 additional benefits in case death is caused by accident
  • As long as the payments are made, the rates and benefits are locked in for life

Lincoln Heritage’s services are all streamlined to promote the Funeral Advantage policy which is designed for those who may not have much in the budget to cover a larger life insurance policy or are already protected financially and simply want additional coverage for funeral expenses and burial costs.

Our Advice on Lincoln Heritage

There is little doubt that Lincoln Heritage has a sterling reputation and what few customer complaints that they have received are handled in a prompt manner. The high rating from A.M. Best and the BBB speaks to their overall quality. However, it is their customer service which stands as the hallmark of their overall approach to life insurance.

Based on these advantages, for anyone who is looking for the right final expense insurance policy, the one offered by Lincoln Heritage should definitely be considered.

Potential Drawbacks of Lincoln Heritage

There are really no cons to working with Lincoln Heritage other than outside the design of the company’s one and only product. Because they only offer a single policy, then one potential drawback is that the company does not offer any other type of life insurance. This is a progression that has been made over the years, but it is also because they are part of a larger life insurance group that also sells other policies.

Another potential drawback is the cost of the policy itself. Because this is no medical exam required life insurance, it may be somewhat more expensive than policies that do require a physical exam. Therefore, it is recommended that you check out other insurance companies alongside Lincoln Heritage to see if the rates offered by for Funeral Advantage are competitive with the many other final expense companies in the marketplace.


If you are looking for a life insurance policy that not only covers funeral expenses, but also pays off debt and perhaps leaves a legacy to a loved one, then Lincoln Heritage is not the company for you. They offer only one type of policy with benefits that reach up to $20,000. Therefore, you should only consider Lincoln Heritage if you are looking for a low-cost policy with fast claim service that covers only funeral expenses.

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company is constructed around a single policy that covers funeral expenses, offers excellent customer service, and provides additional benefits to help families financially cope with the loss of a loved one during this difficult time. For those who are looking to augment their financial protection from an unexpected loss and have the financial resources to cover the expenses outside the funeral costs, then you should consider the Funeral Advantage policy offered by Lincoln Heritage.

The recommended ages are 40 to 85 which makes this a good policy for those who are just entering their 40s because the benefit levels of death by accident go up to $100,000. This type of coverage will help pay off debt and provide a financial cushion for families whose loved one passes away due to an unexpected accident.

Overall, it might be stated that all Lincoln Heritage offers is a singular policy, but it is one that provides a needed benefit, particularly to those who are otherwise well covered.

How Do I Know if Lincoln Heritage is Right for me?

At TermLife2Go, we work with many of the top life insurance carriers in the nation. However, we do not represent Lincoln Heritage because the company requires face to face client/agent interaction and we offer online life insurance quotes.

Our recommendation would be to get a quote from a Lincoln Heritage agent and then get a quote from us, from one of the many companies we represent.

After you have contacted us and them, then you make the decision on who the right company is going to be for you—based on your unique need, health and lifestyle.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!

Thank you for reading our Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company review. Please leave any questions or comments below.


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