Life Insurance with Digestive Tract Disorder.

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Buying life insurance with Celiac Disease, Diverticulitis, or inflammatory bowel disease

Many people suffer from illnesses that affect the digestive tract. These people know that it can be very uncomfortable and impacts everyday life in a way dissimilar to any other illness. There are many digestive tract diseases such as celiac disease, diverticulitis, and inflammatory bowel disease, and all of them can and will come up when you apply for a life insurance policy.

Life Insurance with Digestive Tract Disorder

What is a digestive tract disorder?

A digestive tract disorder or disease includes any disease or disorder that impacts the digestive tract. The digestive tract is comprised of many parts including:

  • Pancreas
  • Liver
  • Gallbladder
  • Stomach
  • Intestines

Usually, they result in symptoms such as bloating, discomfort, swollen stomach, weight change, vomiting and so forth. Much of the time, the disease is aggravated when a particular kind of food or drink is consumed. Because the term “digestive tract disease” covers a large range of problems, it can be permanent or temporary, depending on the exact issue.

Some of the more common digestive tract disorders include:
  • Celiac Disease – the small intestine reacts harshly after gluten consumption
  • Diverticulitis – the inflammation of pockets in the colon that can become infected or otherwise painful
  • Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome – multiple types of diseases or disorders fall in this category, all of which inflame the colon and/or small intestine

There are many other disorders of the digestive tract, including but not limited to gastroesophageal reflux disease, peptic ulcer disease, gallstones, cholangitis, anal fissures, and hemorrhoids.

Why do life insurance companies care if I have Celiac Disease (or any other digestive tract disease)?

Life insurance companies only care about what can increase your risk of death or shorten your life expectancy. This means they will take a thorough look at your health and decide what matters and what does not. The good news is, that most of the time, celiac disease, diverticulitis, and inflammatory bowel disease are hard on day to day life, but do not shorten your lifespan. This is true for many cases, hence the reason it would be referred to as a standard situation. However, you will most likely be categorized as high risk life insurance.

For most people, once they are diagnosed with a Celiac, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel, or any other digest tract disease, it becomes inconvenient, but manageable. A good doctor can help you to come up with a plan that helps you keep your symptoms at bay, and you will likely not have many major health issues as a result of your digestive disorder. If this is true in your case, chances are that life insurance companies will take note that you have a disease but still grant you a standard policy without any premium.

The longer it’s been since you were first diagnosed with the disease, usually the better. If you have been diagnosed years earlier, and had relatively few incidents, then life insurance companies can tell that the risk associated with your particular disease.

What if my celiac/diverticulitis/inflammatory bowel/ other digestive tract disease is severe?

Unfortunately, some people suffer more from their digestive tract disorder. Even if you have a severe case of digestive tract disorder does not necessarily mean you will be rejected by a life insurance company; you could still qualify for a policy. You may even still qualify for a standard rate, but that depends on the insurance company. Some insurance companies might underwrite your policy, but will charge you a premium. A life insurance company will ask you many questions to investigate and assess the severity of your disease, and then they will come to a conclusion. Some of the questions they may ask could be:

  • What is your exact digestive tract disorder?
  • When were you diagnosed with your disorder?
  • How often do you suffer from symptoms?
  • What are your exact symptoms?
  • Have you ever been hospitalized for your digestive tract disorder or complications related to it?
  • What is your current treatment program? Are you taking medication, and if so, which ones?
  • Do you visit a specialist regularly to monitor your case?
  • Do you drink alcohol, smoke or anything else that may further aggravate your symptoms?

These are just sample questions that a life insurance company could ask you once they know that you have celiac disease or any other digestive tract disorder. They may ask you other questions as well; their ultimate goal is to figure out how severe and how risky your disorder really is and what impact it could have on you and your body. Clients may need to consider choosing burial insurance from one of the top final expense or burial insurance companies for more severe cases of digestive tract disorders.

How do I find the right digestive tract disorder friendly life insurance company for me?

There are many different digestive tract diseases and there are many variations and severities even among those diseases. Each life insurance company will handle your health status in a different manner. With so many variables in place, it can be very confusing how to know where to look and what policy will be best for you and your situation. That’s why you should look to TermLife2Go for answers.

We work with people with celiac diseases, gallstones, inflammatory bowel syndrome and many other digestive diseases to find them the right life insurance. Because we have expert knowledge about the different types of life insurance policies offered by dozens of the best life insurance companies in the country, we are in a great position to help you wade through the choices and find the one you need in the price you can afford.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today or visit our Term Life Insurance Quotes page and see what we can do for you!

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