Life Insurance While Receiving Veteran (VA) Disability Benefits.

Tips on obtaining life insurance while receiving VA benefits

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Life insurance While on Veteran Administration (VA) Disability

Traditional life insurance is available for disabled veterans. This article was written to reach out to those who have been told that they can’t qualify for traditional term life or whole life insurance policies simply because they’re currently receiving veteran administration (VA) disability benefits. In the majority of cases, veterans receiving disability looking for life insurance have been offered an accidental death policy or some type of guaranteed whole life product that is typically limited to about $25,000 in coverage.

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If this describes you, please keep reading because you can get life insurance while receiving veteran administration disability.

The Truth:

The truth is it may be more difficult for veterans to qualify for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy while receiving Veteran Administration benefits. And if you are eligible, VGLI is going to be your best route.

You see, the main reason it is tough to qualify for coverage is that the underwriters working for the various life insurance companies tend to view applicants on disability unfavorably. This is why it is so important to work with an independent agency that will be able to “shop” your application to many of the best life insurance companies before deciding on which company you should apply with.

This is done for two reasons:
  1. It will give us a realistic idea of what you will qualify for, and
  2. If it looks like you’re not going to be able to find something that meets your needs you haven’t wasted a ton of time or needed to go through a complete medical exam.

In general, most veterans receiving VA benefits will qualify for life insurance if they know where to look!

Assuming that you decide to apply with an agency that can work with dozens of different insurance carriers, your agent should be able to place your application with a life insurance company that will approve your application for life insurance even while your receiving VA benefits, provided that your disability:

  • Isn’t life threatening, and
  • the applicant would otherwise be considered healthy, absent the condition causing the disability.

Yes you read that correctly—you may still be eligible for life insurance while receiving Veteran Administration benefits!

Examples of such individuals that would qualify for life insurance while on disability would include but not limited to those suffering from:

  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Pain Disorders
  • Blindness
  • Long Term Back Pain
  • Spine/joint Disorders
  • Dyslexia
  • Digestive System Disorders
  • Skin Conditions
  • Etc…etc..

As you can see, there are a lot of conditions that are generally not life threatening and would otherwise be acceptable to most insurance carriers if they were not paired with a VA disability claim.

The Trick is not getting suck paying too much!

Why then is it a big secret that veterans receiving VA Benefits can get traditional life insurance?

That is not an easy question to answer. The main problem veterans on disability run into is that these policies are typically pretty small and don’t generate a ton of revenue for life insurance companies or agents. What that means for veterans on disability looking for coverage is that writing one of the different types of life insurance policies for those on VA disability isn’t something that agents spend much time focusing on.

Combine that with the fact that these smaller life insurance policies are still going to require a medical exam just like any other policy would (exams cost life insurance companies money) and you can see why many life insurance carriers (and the agencies who work for them) choose not to offer this option to their customers.

Since we here at TermLife2Go already focus our attention on more difficult to place cases, we understand that done correctly, helping veterans obtain life insurance while on disability really isn’t that difficult or time consuming at all. In fact, we love helping veterans obtain life insurance who were previously told they could not qualify due to their disability because when we do, we typically gain a loyal client for life!

About TermLife2Go:

We’re looking for lifetime customers that will recommend their friends and family to us which is why we place customer satisfaction above all else. So what are you waiting for?  Just give us a call to see just what we can do for you!

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  1. Paul Butler

    I am 67 years old with a 70% disability rating with the VA. I have been diagnosed with depression.. Term life insurance for me has been expensive, 380.00 per month for 200,000 15 years. Do I have any alternatives?

    • TermLife2Go


      You “should” be able to qualify for a guaranteed issue life insurance policy depending on which state that you live in. But before we immediately look at “guaranteed issue” products, we would want to learn more about “why” you’re considered 100% disabled and perhaps, apply for a more “traditional” type of life insurance policy first.

      So… when you have a chance, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help you out!



  2. Terrill S

    I am a disabled vet receiving 100% VA compensation. Not SDI or SSD. I’d like a term life insurance policy. I had to quit work because of my service connected injuries back in December of 2015. I was a Cable Installations Technician. My Service Connections is as follow: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/ Degenerative disc disease, cervical spine (top and bottom)/ Degenerative joint disease, left ankle/ and Eczema.

    • TermLife2Go


      It sounds like it may be very difficult to qualify for a traditional term life insurance policy, which is why your best bet would be to simply give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll do our best to help you out.




    Iii am a 100 percent total disabled veteran cant get life insurance if you can help that would be great

    • TermLife2Go


      We would need to know more about your disability before we would be able to know for sure what “types” of life insurance policies you may or may not be eligible for. So, why don’t you give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll do our best to help you out!



  4. Dennis Stender

    I am a disabled vet receiving 80% va compensation. Not ssi or ssd. I’d like a life insurance policy, and if possible be an agent so I could offer insurance to fellow vets, I live next to the VA hospital where we all talk while we wait on our Dr to call for us. We ask each other things like, ” where can I find a policy”. Noone has yet asked or approached me at the VA offering it to me. I also love sales 8 to faint! 1-(304)-xxx-xxxx

    • TermLife2Go


      Let us first thank you for your service, and let you know that we’ll do our very best to help you find the best life insurance policy that you can qualify for.

      With that said, please know that we have advised one of our top agents to give you a call, which you should receive shortly.



  5. Joe Fitzgerald

    I am purchasing a new home and am.interested in obtaining additional life insurance. I have a 40 percent value disability rating. I retired in 2004 and received the rating shortly thereafter. I am looking for a quote for a 250k term policy for 20 years. I am 51 no tobacco use, good health.

    • TermLife2Go


      We’ll need to gather a little bit more information from you so that we can accurately quote your needs, so why don’t you just give us a call during normal business hours and we’ll be more than happy to help.



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