Life Insurance at Age 65: Find the Best Rates

One key ingredient in finding the lowest life insurance rates by age is knowing which company to choose. At TermLife2Go, we work with dozens of the best rated insurance companies. Let us use our expertise to help you find the right company at age 65.

Life insurance age 65 (sixty-five)

If you’re 65 years old and you do not have life insurance yet or your thinking about getting additional coverage, then this article is meant for you. Life insurance at age 65 can begin to get pretty expensive which is why you need to use every trick in the book to avoid paying too much. And you might find the requirements are a bit tougher for you than someone who is a bit younger, especially if you are looking for a million dollar life insurance policy or more.

With that being said, let’s take a quick look at few important things you need to know before you make any decisions on buying life insurance at age 65.

Life Insurance at Age 65: How to Find the Best Rates.

The following topics will be discussed:

  1. Get it now!
  2. Don’t let the price tag scare you
  3. Not all carriers are the same
  4. Find someone who is working for you!

#1.  Get it now!

Age is typically going to be the number one factor for determining the premium that an applicant will pay.  So today really is the cheapest your insurance is going to ever be for you.  So don’t delay getting life insurance in your 60s another day!

***Now it should be noted that in some cases delaying getting coverage may make sense, for example:

  • You are currently trying to stop smoking and need to wait a year to get non-tobacco rates.
  • You need to wait a year to clear up a DMV issue.
  • You have a pre-existing medical condition that may require a waiting period before a life insurance company will underwrite you.

However, for most people looking for life insurance for a 65 year old, waiting only means one thing: your life insurance policy is going to cost more when you finally do decide to take the next step and apply.

#2.  Don’t let the price tag scare you!

A lot of clients in their late 60s will have been quoted some outrageous price for life insurance and immediately think that they’ve waited too long and there’s no hope for them.  No while it’s true that life insurance at age 65 is going to be more expensive than at age 35, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely unaffordable.

So be sure that when you are ready to buy, that you find an agent that:

  • Listens to your needs.
  • Understands you goals.
  • Is aware of your budget.
  • And works with a wide range of different carriers that carer to seniors.
  • See Estate Planning and Life Insurance

Sample Life insurance age 65 quotes for a male

Quotes based on a preferred plus rate class for a 10, 15, and 20 year term and a Guaranteed Universal Life to age 121 as of 2014

Face Amount
10 year
15 year
20 year
GUL to 121


Sample Life insurance age 65 quotes for a female

Quotes based on a preferred plus rate class for a 10, 15, and 20 year term and a Guaranteed Universal Life to age 121 as of 2014

Face Amount
10 year
15 year
20 year
GUL to 121

#3.  Not all Insurance Carriers are the same!

This is particularly true when buying life insurance as a 65 year old.  As a consumer, it’s important to know that each insurance company has its own rules and guidelines that it will use when underwriting an application.  Some companies may have use very strict guidelines when it comes to certain preexisting conditions while other carriers may not be concerned about them at all.  This is why it’s really important to know which carrier to use and why!

Different companies take on certain “niches” in an attempt to gain market share.  These niches may shift from time to time but generally companies become known within the industry to focus on certain groups, such as life insurance for seniors. Our job will be to place you with the most life insurance age 65 friendly company out there.

And for those of you looking for life insurance with type 2 diabetes, please know that the older you are when diagnosed the better rate class you can qualify for!

Which brings us to our next point…variety is the key to saving money!

#4.  Find someone that is working for you, not the insurance company.

With so many options to choose from and so many different carriers competing for your business, it’s key for clients looking for affordable life insurance at age 65 to work with an agency that is not bound to any one specific life carrier.  You need to be sure that your agent can shop your application to dozens of different life insurance carriers forcing them to compete for your business.

Only by choosing to work with an agency that represents multiple life insurance carriers can you ensure that you are getting the best policy to protect you and your family.  After all…

Doesn’t it make sense to work with an agency whose sole focus is you?

Totally confused?…. Don’t be, this is where TermLife2Go steps in—as an independent agency our agents are committed only to you and your family.  Our main goal is to help guide you through the process of:

By working directly with TermLife2Go you will have an assigned agent dedicated to your application.  This agent will be available to you throughout the entire application process; he or she will provide you with status updates as your application goes through underwriting and will also review your application at time of approval to ensure that you are still getting the best deal out there!


We’d like to take a moment and acknowledge that age 60, sometimes, life insurance isn’t SUPER easy to qualify for.  Plus, depending on how much insurance you’re looking for, it can also be pretty expensive.  We get that!

And while…

We would all love to be able to purchase a 100 million dollar term or whole life insurance policy for our loved ones, the truth is for many of us, having that “amount” of discretionary income simply isn’t available.  Particularly if you’re currently nearing retirement or you’re already “working” with a fixed budget!

This is why…

We’ve also chosen to write several articles sharing some of the knowledge that we have acquired over the years working with 1000’s of clients concerning how they make a living.

You see…

Just about every time we complete a life insurance application for one of our clients, one of the first questions that we have to ask is:

“what do you do for a living?” and “what would you estimate your annual income as?

Which means that over the years, we’ve become really familiar with a wide range of different career paths and opportunities that a person can take.  We’ve also been AMAZED at how many “so called” retires go on to take advantage of many the new part time employment opportunities that seem to be available now due to the ever growing “GIG” economy.

And since…

Our number one goal here at TermLife2Go is to help individuals and families secure their own financial security and independence, we wanted to share with you what we’ve learned.

So, after you’ve had a chance to visit our Life Insurance Quotes page feel free to check out our 100 Ways to Make Money Fast and our Top 23 Apps That Will Make You Money.


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