Life Insurance Approvals with Berger’s Disease or IGA Nephropathy.

Have you been told that you don’t qualify for life insurance because you have Berger’s disease (IGA Nephropathy)?  Or have you been approved for life insurance with Berger’s disease (IGA Nephropathy), but the rate that you received was just too much for you to handle?

Well if so, you’ll definitely want to keep reading!

Getting Life Insurance with Berger’s Disease.

By now you may have discovered that qualifying for life insurance with Berger’s Disease can often times be a very difficult process.  Especially if you don’t know where to begin.

The difficulty of finding life insurance coverage with someone who has been diagnosed with Berger’s disease lies in the fact that “no two cases of Berger’s disease ever seem to follow the same path”!

For this reason, life insurance companies will often find it very difficult to underwrite these applications consistently throughout the industry, which is why it becomes essential to apply with an insurance company that understands the complexity of your condition.

Let us explain.

Berger’s disease belongs to a family of conditions called vasculitis and is characterized by an inflammation of the blood vessels which can lead to both a tightening and/or blockage of the blood vessels in one’s extremities.

Symptoms of Berger’s disease can include:

  • Pain in sufferer’s lower legs and feet as well as hands and forearms.
  • Blood clots.
  • Ulcers on the fingers and toes.
  • And Raynaud’s syndrome.

These symptoms if left unchecked could lead to:

  • Impaired walking ability
  • Ulcers
  • Tissue damage or tissue death
  • Gangrene,
  • Or even amputation.

Berger’s disease is most commonly seen in those who are heavy smokers.

“But I’ve never really had and issues with my Berger’s Disease”.

It’s true that for many people their Berger’s disease may have been diagnosed early on allowing their symptoms to be controlled through medications and thereby avoiding any complications associated with irreversible kidney damage.

For individuals with mild cases of Berger’s disease, insurance companies will typically consider these clients less of a risk and thereby they will receive a “better” rate than those with more challenging cases of Berger’s disease.

Challenging Cases of Berger’s Disease.

Insurance companies are not generally all that concerned about those who have detected their Berger’s disease early on, provided that they are responding well to their medications.

It’s the cases where the damaging effects of Berger’s disease have not been diagnosed early on and the client has some visible signs of the disease that an approval for life insurance will become more challenging.

With these cases, it will be important to be able to provide the “right” insurance carrier with a strong case that your condition is now (1) under control and (2) that all progression of the disease has been halted.

Life insurance approvals for these more severe cases of Berger’s disease will be made on a case by case basis, whereby the insurance underwriters will need to examine the applicants whole medical history to determine if the applicant is an “acceptable” risk.

So Can I Get Life Insurance with Berger’s Disease or not?

Short answer… Yes, you can get life insurance with Berger’s Disease.

The trick to getting life insurance with Berger’s Disease is knowing which Berger’s disease life insurance friendly company to apply with, while at the same time avoiding some of the larger national insurance brokers who are unwilling to write what they consider to be “High Risk Life Insurance” mainly due to their own “stricter” internal guidelines.

For those considering final expense or burial insurance, please review our article reviewing the best final expense and burial insurance companies.

So what should I do?

That really depends upon your situation, and without asking a few targeted questions, it’s impossible to tell.

What remains certain is that those with Berger’s disease will typically have a more difficult time qualifying for life insurance then your average applicant.  For this reason, you really need to know where to look when trying to secure the best life insurance rates.

Which is why there are a few general things you should look  when it comes time to choosing  an agency to work for you if you have been diagnosed with Berger’s disease!

Options, Options, Options…

Like or not, just by being diagnosed with Berger’s disease, your application is going to be considered a “high risk” application right from the start!

This is why, it’s essential that you choose an agency that works with dozens and dozens of different insurance companies when it comes time to submit your application.

Not having access to enough life insurance carriers could mean the difference between getting a great rate for life insurance and being denied coverage because you don’t meet their criteria!

Beware of the call center.

As someone who is applying for life insurance with Berger’s disease, you need to be aware that your insurance application is most likely going to require significantly more work to get the application approved and through underwriting then someone who hasn’t been diagnosed with Bergers’s disease.

The agent that you choose should maintain a very proactive role in your approval:

First, by sending out multiple “pre-qual” letters to different insurance carriers first to see if you’ll be considered a good risk before ever submitting an application.

Second, they’ll also want to order your medical records right away cutting the time it will take for you to be approved by several weeks in some cases.

And third, you’ll want your agent to stay on top of the underwriters working for the insurance companies to make sure that your application does not “stagnate” in underwriting.

Question: Will your application receive this same type of attention when being worked by an agent in a call center?

Call center insurance agents, due to the nature of their work environment, will often focus on quantity not quality.  This is because in order for an agent to be successful in a call center, they will need to write about 4 or 5 new policies each and every day in order to “hit” their monthly goals.

So now just ask yourself, do you honestly feel that your application will receive the time and care it needs if it’s just 1 of a 100 or so?

Or would you be better served by a smaller insurance agency that focuses primarily on “high risk” applications choosing only to focus on only 10 or 15 application each and every month?

Don’t just apply and take a medical exam.

This point can’t be stressed enough.   As someone who is applying for life insurance with Berger’s disease, it’s OK to “Take your time!”

Don’t just apply right away, let your insurance professional do some research for you.

Your  agent after sending out a few “pre-qual letters” to several different insurance carriers should be able to feel pretty confident about you being approved for your life insurance policy even before you’ve actually completed an application!

So what are you waiting for, let us go to work for you!

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