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Job Spotter Review…. A Money Maker or Just a Good Deed?

Job Spotter Review

Even though nowadays it seems like the first place anybody goes to look for a job is on the internet (even a part time jobs), that said however, there are still a lot of businesses out there that continue to do their hiring the old fashion way.  And by the old fashion way, we mean by actually hanging a “help wanted” sign in the window!

And we all know that…

One of the “best” ways to land a new job is to get an opportunity to meet your future boss face to face and let them know what a great employee you would be!

But who has time to “scour” the neighborhood looking for “Help Wanted” signs?

And isn’t always the truth that when you don’t need a “job”, you can’t seem to stop running into opportunities, but when things are really slow, it’s next to impossible to even the most “basic” employment opportunity!


If you’ve shared these same experiences, there’s a good chance that you might appreciate what the creators of the JobSpotter App have achieved with their “app” and may find it very useful in not only making few bucks for yourself, but also in “perhaps” landing your next job.

“That is of course if you happen to be looking for one!”

What is the Job Spotter App?  And why do you consider it a good money making app?

Now before we “break down” exactly what the Job Spotter app is, we want to make a few things clear right away.  First, you’re not going to become independently wealthy using the Job Spotter App.  You’re also not going to be able to quit your day job and become totally self-employed.


You should think of the Job Spotter app as a way to “give” back to those folks who may be struggling or are less fortunate than you if you are currently employed because your use of the Job Spotter App could be what helps someone that is currently unemployed find work!

“And that is a great thing!”

So how does the JobSpotter app work?

The Job Spotter is a simple app that lets its users upload help wanted information to the app once you’ve become a member/user.

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, you need to spot a “help wanted” or “now hiring” sign in a window, local bulletin board, etc
  2. Then, take a photo of the advertisement and the storefront and upload it to the Job Spotter app.
  3. Step 3… Get paid!

Sound too good to be true?

Don’t fret, the JobSpotter app is a part of a much larger organization.  One that we’re sure that most folks are very aware of.

Have you ever heard of the job site, Indeed?

Well, Job Spotter is a part of that. In July 2016, Indeed claimed that around 6,000 new jobs were uploaded by Job Spotter every week. Indeed uses Job Spotter to help them populate their indeed listings and thus make it a bigger and better job site for its users.

How much will you get paid by uploading an opportunity to the JobSpotter app?

This is the tricky part of Job Spotter because there isn’t any set amount you get for each upload. If you upload a help wanted sign that’s already been uploaded multiple times, then it’s not valuable to Job Spotter, hence you get paid less. However, if you find a “RARE” Help Wanted sign then it is valuable to Job Spotter and you get paid more.

On average…

You can expect to get paid anywhere from 5 cents to $1 for each upload.

Let’s be clear…

You don’t actually get paid in cash. Actually, you get paid in Amazon credit…which in 2017 is basically like getting paid in cash because you can buy literally everything on Amazon.

How long does it take?

The whole process of taking the photo and uploading will probably take you less than a minute.  Now as for getting paid, the nice thing about the JobSpotter app is that it looks like you can “redeem” you earning any time you want which is nice because it appears like you don’t need to reach any type of “minimum” amount.

It’s fun!

Finding “Help Wanted” signs around town is kind of like a scavenger hunt and can actually be a lot of fun. You won’t really think of this as a job, but rather a game – and who doesn’t love to get paid for playing games?!

How to make it worth it.

Because you’re not getting paid a whole lot for each sign, then you shouldn’t really go out of your way to hunt for such signs. Instead, just upload signs when you come across them. And when you do, you’ll get paid a little extra money (in Amazon credit). This will make it worth it!

Which brings us to the question, why is TermLife2Go (a life insurance brokerage) writing a review for Job Spotter?

Which is a completely natural question to have and one that we’re more than happy to answer.

You see…

Here at TermLife2Go, our primary goal is to help all of our clients improve their financial future for their families.  And while we believe that a life insurance policy is a great way to protect a family’s financial future, we understand that there are many people out their than either can’t afford a life insurance policy right now (Interested in knowing what it would cost, just click here Term Life Insurance Quotes), or simply can’t qualify for coverage due to some type of pre-existing medical condition.

And rather than…

Just apologize for not being able to help out these kinds of folks, we always like to suggest some possible opportunities whereby an individual might be able to either make more money or use a money saving app that could help improve their current situation.

It’s why we’ve written articles like:

Now we don’t receive any kind of compensation for writing these articles, the only reason why we do it is because we would genuinely like to help our clients even those who can’t purchase a life insurance policy today.

And who knows…

Maybe after reading some of these articles, some folks may actually benefit and one day in the future give us a call when they are ready and they can qualify for coverage!

You never know.


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