Ipsos iSay App Review… How Much Can I Really Earn?

Now getting paid to take surveys has been a “thing” for decades, however, with the advent of the internet and now “apps” that can be placed on your smartphone or tablet, what “once” was a pain the REAR, has now become a lot more accessible.

And for some, it’s also become a fun and easy way to make money fast!

After all…

If all you need to do is spend a few minutes answering a couple of questions on your phone, why not?  Sure, it’s not a totally passive income idea, and you’re not going to independently wealthy by participating in a survey or two each and every day, but it could become one of your go to money making apps that at the end of the day could make you a few bucks!

So, what is Ipsos iSay App?

This is a survey app for people in Canada, US, or UK. You must be 18 years or older.

How it iSay App works.

First the Ipsos iSay app will request some basic information from you so that they can then use this information to “customize” the surveys that you’ll be asked to complete.  From there, iSay will send you “applicable” surveys whenever one meets your “qualifications”.

Now by “qualifications”…

We mean that you meet the “target” demographic that the surveyor wants to learn about.  For example, it really wouldn’t make much sense to send a survey out to an 18 year old asking them how the feel about a product catered to someone in their 60’s such as a “walk in” bath tub…. Right?


Once you’ve completed your survey, your account will be credited with earned “points” which can “redeemed” for gift cards or cash to your PayPal account.

How many points can you earn per survey?

This varies from survey to survey but you can expect to get anywhere from 20-100 points per survey.


Every 100 Ipsos iSay points is equal to $1. That means you’ll probably have to take 1-5 surveys to earn $1 of rewards.  Now that may seem like a lot, but you need to remember these surveys aren’t all that time consuming so we think that you’ll find that once you get “pinged” with survey opportunity, it’s not going to be all that hard to just “knock” it out!

From there, you then have a variety of ways to redeem your earning including:
  • Cash in Paypal
  • Prepaid VISA card
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • iTunes credit
  • Amazon gift card
  • Donate to a charity

How long does each i-Say App survey take?

They aren’t longwinded surveys and will probably only take a few minutes at most. But, a few minutes times 5 surveys will equal about 20 minutes of your time for each $1. Hopefully that’s a worst-case scenario (you don’t want to be earning only $5 per hour). Best case scenario is that it will take around 4 minutes to earn $1. That’s a lot more deserving.

How often will you get surveys?

This varies depending on how many surveys you qualify for. For some people, it’s easy to get 4-5 a week. Others may not even get a single one some weeks. Really, it depends and can change week to week.

Referral Points.

Every time you convince a loved one to sign up for Ipsos iSay, you get a 100 point bonus (or $1). This is a great way to boost your points.

Realistic Expectations

Ipsos iSay has a pretty “decent” reward system for getting paid to take surveys, and there is definitely “potential” to earn enough money to pay for a coffee or even a few coffees every month, but that’s probably it.

So if you’re looking for an easy app to have a little fun and get a few extra bucks each and every month, iSay may be the right app for you.

That said however…

It’s fair to say that this is not going to be a good app for you if you are looking for serious ways to make any “significant” income on the side. If that’s what you are looking for, we genuinely suggest you think about a flexible part time job that allows you to be in control of how much extra income you earn.


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