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Instagram [Make Money Online with Amazing, Funny, or Interesting Pics]

how to make money on instagram

Instagram has something like 500 million active users. Figuring out how to monetize your Instagram account can create amazing opportunities to make money online.

You might have heard that people make big bucks with their Instagram accounts: it’s true, but It’s also a bit of work. If you already have thousands of followers, you’ve won half the battle. If you still need to build up your followers, then you have your work cut out of for you, but it’s not entirely impossible. Here’s what you need to do to get started making money on Instagram.

Make Money on Instagram [Users Guide]

Step 1: Get followers.

The main way you’re going to get paid on Instagram is by having a lot of followers. If you don’t have them, now is the time to get them. You can pay for followers, but usually people can tell that your followers are disingenuous because the number of likes per post doesn’t correlate to the number of followers. If you have 20,000 followers but you only get around 80 likes per photo, chances are your followers are fake.

How do I get new followers?

There are a few ways to boost your number of Instagram followers without buying them:

  1. Make sure your account isn’t set to private. If it’s private new followers won’t easily be able to follow you.
  2. Use hashtags. By hashtagging photos, more people will discover you.
  3. Post regularly. If you aren’t regular, it’s going to be hard to get new followers.
  4. Use the power of your friends. If you have friends that have a massive following, ask them to regram your photos, or make sure you get in a tagged photo on your friends account.
  5. Comment on famous people’s photos. Believe it or not, people are often looking for new people to follow. When they see your comments, they may just follow you.
  6. Find a niche. Some people have been successful at creating niche accounts. For example, if you like craft beer, then set up an account fully dedicated to that passion. If you love origami, set up an account full of origami. Some ideas for niches on Instagram include:
    1. humor
    2. celebs
    3. travel
    4. food
  7. Take good photos. Sure, a lot of accounts have tons of followers without having the greatest of pictures, but the truth is, good photos attract followers.

Get paid for posting.

Now that you have followers, it’s time to get paid for posting. To start, you’ll have to do some “cold calling” and email brands. Start by understanding your Instagram account as a “brand”. What does your brand look like? What kind of followers do you think you have? Which brands integrate into your Instagram account easily?

  1. Make a list of brands that might pay you for posting. It’s good to go after mid-size brands to get started. Sure, someday Nike might be paying you to post, but until then, settle for the smaller brands.
  2. Put together a marketing pitch. This should include your number of followers, a snapshot of how many likes and comments you typically get on a photo, sample posts that you might do, and can include feedback from brands you’ve worked with in the past.
  3. Wait for brands to accept your offer!

The rates per post keep changing, but as a benchmark, if you have around 20,000 followers, you can make $20-100 per post.

Affiliate Marketing

You can also become an affiliate marketer. There are websites where influencers like you can find brands to work with.

How does Affiliate Marketing work

You post about the brand and try to drive traffic to their site. In turn, you get a percentage or flat rate for each sale. Depending on the brand, this commission can be as much as 30% per sale.

Affiliate Marketing can be done on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Why is an insurance company writing about how to make money on Instagram?

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You will be surprised at how affordable life insurance can be. If you get one sponsored post a month, you just might be able to pay for your life insurance premium. And that life insurance policy will be there to protect your loved ones even when you are not.

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Thank you for reading our review on how to make money on Instagram. Please leave any questions or comments below.



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