How to Make Money on Fiverr [Top Tips and Gigs for 2018]

how to make money on Fiverr

Nowadays, there are many ways to make money, rather it be online or from home. For many, making money online means starting from scratch in terms of a new website, social media pages, and then offering a particular service or skill. However, this is a tricky way to go because you are starting with no reputation and no clients which can make it a hard grind. There is an easier method – Fiverr.

Making Money on Fiverr

If you have never heard of Fiverr, know that it is a platform for freelance workers who can create a ‘gig’ selling a service or product. Because it is intended for freelance workers, it is mainly made up of services like writing, designing, music production, and more like this as opposed to products.

Essentially, it is a marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together in one place. If you were particularly good at drawing and designing logos, for example, you could create this gig, charge your price, and set a delivery time before then selling to anybody who needs a logo made.

Top 4 Benefits of Choosing Fiverr

A little later, we will show you the most profitable gigs and ways to make money as well as the tips that you will need in order to see success. However, unlike other Fiverr reviews, we will first take you through the main benefits of choosing the site.

Access to Buyers

First and foremost, this removes the problem that we discussed in the introduction because you don’t have to actively search for buyers. At first, you can put in bids for requests that buyers have created but the majority of business will come from people who search for your type of service. If you are providing a popular service and you build up some good reviews, your gigs will appear near the top giving you direct access to the many buyers that use the site.

Set Your Hours

If you just want to earn a little bit of income on the side of your main job, this is a great way to do so because you can choose when you work. At any time, you can pause your gig if your day job is leaving you too tired to work which means that nobody will be able to access your gigs and you can get rest. Equally, you can make use of the ‘vacation’ mode when going away and this will also pull your gigs from the search results. Whenever you are ready to jump back in, simply return from vacation mode and start taking orders.

If you don’t want the hassle of pulling your gigs using the pause function when you get too much work, there is also a ‘Limit Queue’ section for each of your services which means that nobody will be able to order once you have a certain amount of orders. With this, you can work the hours you want without becoming bombarded with work. Also in this setting, you can keep it so regular customers can order regardless which helps to build working relationships.

Set Your Prices

Once you create your service you want to offer, you can then set your pricing. Recently, Fiverr has seen some great updates and one of these has allowed ‘packages’ which means that you can offer different levels of service for different prices. For example, you could offer one logo for $5, three logos for $15, and five logos for $25 and this will encourage bulk ordering. As the name suggests, prices are set at increments of $5 and you can also offer ‘extras’, such as a faster delivery, for an extra fee. When we discuss how to make money on Fiverr, we will explain the importance of your pricing.


Finally, there is real potential to make this a full-time job if you build a solid reputation and offer a high-quality service. Whether you choose to continue your business on the website and increase pricing over time or choose to expand beyond the website and use your name and reputation to try it on your own, there is a chance that you will succeed. When this happens, you can work from home, pay out for an office, build your client list, and employ others who share the same skills as you.

There we have it, four superb benefits to using Fiverr as an extra source of income and a great way to gain experience if you are interested in using a particular skill moving forwards in your career. If you set up a gig and find that your reviews aren’t so good or that the competition is a little better, it can tell you that you might need a bit of improvement before making the jump and changing your career which is a great tool to have. Now we have seen the benefits, let’s take a look at the best practices that you should employ.

Best Practices for All Fiverr Sellers 

Before we head into the different sections and services that you can and should look into, any good Fiverr review will offer some best practices that apply to every single seller that signs up to the site. Regardless of what service you are willing to offer, you will need to pay attention to these tips if you are to see success and make some money on Fiverr.

Gig Details

Just as you would on eBay, Etsy, and any other site where you are offering a product or service, you need to optimise the information found in the gig. Firstly, this starts with the gig title because it needs to tell the story of what you are offering without being too long or complicated. With every gig, Fiverr starts the title with ‘I will’ and then you have to say what you offer. For example, you could say ‘create a fantastic logo for your new business’. Not only is this short, the potential buyers know exactly what they will get for their money.

Once interest has been gained, they will click on your service which is where your gig description comes into play. Essentially, this will be the main focus of your gig where you describe what you offer, what you don’t offer, as well as telling the reader a little bit about yourself. Using the example above, you could explain what you use to make the logos, whether you provide them in colour, how long it takes to return, what information you will need to start the order, and what extras you have available. At the bottom, you can then explain your experience and why they should choose you in some brief sentences.

Gig Category

If you want to see customers for your service, you will need to choose a category for your gig and this is important because some buyers will not look for a service using the search bar. Instead, they will click on the various categories that are available at the top of the page. Although there is an option for ‘Other’, this category should only be selected if there is no other appropriate category for your service because otherwise you will struggle to get noticed.


Also, you should use a relevant image for your service as this will help you to look professional and smart. For the logo example, you could use one of your previous creations or even a clear stock image of someone working at a computer creating a logo. Whatever it may be, make sure it relates to your service and is clear. Over time, you can add more images and you can even add a video which could give you an advantage over the competition. While some people choose to create a short introduction backing up the information found in the gig description, others will have an animated presentation video created for their gig.

With all of these steps we have seen so far, they will all contribute to how high you will appear in the search results. If somebody types, ‘logo creation’ into the search bar, all of these factors will come together, along with some simple SEO, to decide where you stand in comparison to others offering a similar service.

Be Professional

After you have your gig set up and you are happy with how it looks, one of the best practices that you can utilise is professionalism. Whenever you receive a message or an order from somebody, you should always remain professional. Remember, buyers come to the site looking for someone who specializes in their field and you can encourage this perception with how you reply. If someone asks a question, be as informative and polite as you can rather than just giving one-word responses.

Be Adaptable

When talking about a project online, there may be miscommunication or there could be two different visions for how the end product should look between the seller and the buyer. Therefore, you have to be open to change if the buyer requests some edits. Ultimately, you will be providing a service to create something that the buyer cannot do alone and, if you want happy customers, you may have to take some feedback and make changes to your original work. If you are rude and cannot take advice/feedback, you will receive poor reviews and the likelihood of receiving more orders reduces.

Go Above and Beyond

Regardless of what service you are offering, you should always look to go above and beyond the demands. As soon as you provide something that the buyer wasn’t expecting, you have over-delivered and you will be more likely to receive a positive review and create a long-lasting relationship with the buyer. Rather than focusing on what you can gain from an order, put the client first and ensure that they are happy and then the rest will fall into place.

Pay Attention to Time

At first, you may not know how long it will take to complete each order so it might take some time to get used to your timings. However, you should always look to suggest longer than it will actually take. At all times, you need to look at your service from the buyer’s point of view. With this in mind, you would surely prefer something delivered early than late. Therefore, you should quote long and deliver early wherever possible. When this happens, the buyer will be happy and you would have completed your aim. When you promise a quick delivery and deliver late, you aren’t fulfilling expectations. When it comes to delivery times, people would much rather wait a little longer, than expect it and it not come in time.

Treat Everyone Equally

With your service, you will have some buyers that pay $5 for one order and others that come back each week with an order for $20. Even though one is clearly more beneficial to you, there should never be a disparity in your service towards customers. Even if someone comes and spends $5 once, they have still taken the time out of their day to find a service, click on your gig, order your service, and then (hopefully) review your work. On Fiverr, reviews are not weighted which means that, in a year’s time, two reviews on the same day will look exactly the same regardless of how much the buyer paid.

Additionally, you never know what people’s intentions are on Fiverr because sometimes companies will be looking for writers, graphics designers, and professional speakers. Suddenly, one test order of $5 could turn into regular work and you could have yourself a good side-income by building a list of repeat buyers.

Get the Pricing Right

As mentioned previously, pricing can be essential to your success on Fiverr because you need to charge a fee that best represents your service while also trying to compete with everyone else offering the same thing. If you find yourself at a ceiling where you can’t do any more work, try splitting up your service into the main gig and then extras on the side. Now, you will be increasing your earning potential because a good amount of people will be interested in the extras. Once you have built a reputation, you may have an opportunity to increase your pricing while offering a high-quality service.

Work Hard

Finally, we have one last tip for making money on Fiverr and that is to work hard and try your best. As long as you work hard and try your best every single day, you can never have any regrets. Sometimes, there will be buyers that aren’t happy regardless of how much effort you put in but as long as you know that you tried your best, you know that there is nothing more that could have been done. With every single piece of work, you need to give it all your all because if you don’t, someone else will and you could lose valuable business.

Most Profitable Gigs in 2017 

So far in this Fiverr review we have given you some great information to go off and make a success of your service on Fiverr. However, what use is all this if you have no idea what service to offer? Before we give you some ideas for popular gigs that should allow you to supplement your income and be successful on Fiverr next year and beyond, we should point out that something you enjoy will always be best.

 If you become successful, this could be something that you do every single day so you need to choose a service that is enjoyable and that you can complete to a high standard. If you aren’t creative and do not have any experience in creating logos, this might not be where you want to start. With that being said, let’s take a look at some ideas.

Video Testimonials

As long as you have a high-quality camera that you could use to film yourself, this gig is easy to create and easy to do. In recent years, credibility has been a huge talking point for companies online so they are now looking for new ways to boost their profile without spending too much money. Therefore, many choose strangers to film a short testimonial promoting their product/service so that they can use it on social media and their website.

In terms of time, this is incredibly easy since most will give you a transcript; from here, you just need to learn the short speech and perform it convincingly in front of the camera. Considering that this requires very little initial investment and you could complete multiple orders in a single day, this will be a popular option over the next year so you will need to use our previous tips to get ahead of the crowd.

Voiceover Artist

In a similar vein, you could just lend your voice to certain services. At times, people will create YouTube videos, commercials, and even audiobooks but they need somebody to record the audio for this and that is where you come in. Again, you will be given a script to then perform it into a microphone. Arguably, this is easier because you don’t need to be filmed and you can read from the script.

If you choose this one, you need to make sure that you add the required character to your voice rather than just reading dully from the page. If the text requires an upbeat voice for a commercial, you should try and sound excited. If it is for a serious documentary, you will need to create atmosphere and produce impact with your voice. Don’t worry too much, the buyer will normally tell you what style they need when ordering. Also, it will require a high-quality microphone but these are relatively affordable these days.

Social Media Promoter

For small businesses, marketing can be an expensive process which is why recently many have chosen to outsource this section of a business to a cheaper alternative. For example, some businesses will look on Fiverr for people who will not only promote their business to large audiences but also gain interest on their own platforms. By utilising numerous techniques, you can try and build the reputation and social profile of a company for a fee.


For people who write for a living, they may need a second pair of eyes to read over their work just to check for grammatical errors. Over time, you could end up checking blog posts, fictional stories, eBooks, and more for a fee. Normally, this will involve the ‘track changes’ feature on your chosen word processing program so that the original author can see what you have edited. Although each order may take a little longer than the previous suggestions, people who look for this service will normally have large files that need checking which increases your earning potential.

Whiteboard Animation

After investing in a program that will allow you to make these, you will be able to earn good money because many businesses all around the globe are looking for these types of animation. Once you have your characters created and the different scenarios in place, these animations can be made quickly and efficiently which means that you can quickly recoup the cost of the program.

Logo Creation

Finally, we have the example we have been using all the way through. As long as you are creative, you can offer your services for logos, branding, and any other service that is needed. As well as logos, you might be asked to produce illustrations, infographics, and more. If each idea is successful, you might find it profitable to split them up into different gigs.


There we have it, your complete guide to making money on Fiverr. Now, you should have the benefits of using the sites, best practices to succeed, and a host of ideas for gigs that you can use to make money. Above all, remember to offer a professional service for something that you enjoy and at which you can excel!

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